2013 annual congress of the European Respiratory Society Published Online September 20, 2013 S2213-2600(13)70181-4 For the current guidelines published by the IDSA/ATS see uploadedFiles/IDSA/GuidelinesPatient_Care/PDF_Library/ CAP%20in%20Adults.pdf For the latest results from the U-BIOPRED study see http:// projects-and-research/projects/ u-biopred/home For the TIOSPIR study see N Engl J Med 2013; published online Aug 30. DOI:10.1056/ NEJMoa1303342 For the UK Biobank Resource see

Simplifying pneumonia guidelines Current criteria for severe communityacquired pneumonia (CAP) can be simplified without affecting prognostic accuracy, according to researchers from the University of Dundee. Current guidelines published by the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the American Thoracic Society (IDSA/ATS) use nine criteria (including multilobar infiltrates, confusion, and uraemia) to define severe CAP. “Using a combination of meta-analysis of data from over 6000 patients with pneumonia and a well established database of patients with pneumonia in Scotland, we showed that the criteria could be simplified by excluding predictors such as thrombocytosis and hypothermia”, explains James Chalmers (University of Dundee, UK), one of the study authors. All nine criteria were statistically significantly associated with mortality and admission to an intensive-care unit (ICU); however, leucopenia (

2013 annual congress of the European Respiratory Society.

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