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34th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Apheresis tations and more than 800 attendees participated and actively discussed apheresis. This meeting provided information for “Extension and Development of Therapeutic Apheresis”, including innovation and enhancement of the scientific and practical level and quality to the field of apheresis. We believe this meeting benefited participating researchers, clinicians, and public health specialists through an up-todate view of the rapidly expanding knowledge of apheresis technology and its close relationship to clinical disease. At the party for attendees, over 500 attendees were gathered and enjoyed at the party. The party was very cheerful and lively with all the members in the same profession. This meeting was completed successfully with the help of many sponsor companies. We send our sincere gratitude to them. The next annual meeting will be held September 26–28 2014 at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan under the leadership of Professor Michio Mineshima. Information on the congress can be found at the JSFA website available at: We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo at the 35th JSFA Meeting.

The 34th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Apheresis (JSFA) was held at the Karuizawa Prince Hotel West, Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan, from 1 to 3 November 2013. Karuizawa is one of the most famous resort areas in Japan, and is surrounded by greenery, forests, outlet mall shops, restaurants, and many distinct hotels. The main theme of this meeting is “Harmonization and Development of Therapeutic Apheresis.” At this meeting, we had two special lectures, three educational lectures, 14 symposiums, one workshop, three manual lectures, and 112 oral presentations. A special symposium, “Apheresis in Asia” was also held at this meeting with presentations from China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Comprehensive information regarding apheresis in Asia was presented. In total, there were 213 presen-

Shosei (Chang-Sung) Koh, MD, PhD Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, Shinshu University School of Health Sciences, Nagano, Japan Email: [email protected]


34th annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Apheresis.

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