Aqueous dispersions … … of multivalent glyco–gold nanoparticles featuring mixed thiolated ligands, glycan and an amphiphilic linker are not only stable at high ionic strength, but are also highly resistant to nonspecific protein adsorption. These features establish a simple but powerful lectin sensing strategy for probing the binding of glycans to proteins on boronic acid-derivatized surfaces, namely the GOAL assay that permits nanomolar level detection of model plant lectins by the naked eye. For more details, see the Full Paper by C.-C. Lin et al. on page 3956 ff.

A Fluorescent Indicator for Imaging Lysosomal Zinc(II) with Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)-Enhanced Photostability and a Narrow Band of Emission.

We demonstrate a strategy to transfer the zinc(II) sensitivity of a fluoroionophore with low photostability and a broad emission band to a bright and ...
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