TOP ABSTRACTS CHOSEN BY THE ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING COMMITTEE In advance of the upcoming annual meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology in Atlanta, Georgia, the program committee wishes to highlight the awardwinning scientific presentations that will take place there. These awardees were chosen using blinded review and are congratulated for their contributions. Overall more than 530 presentations and posters are available, representing 17 countries. Robert J. Lewandowski, MD, FSIR 2015 Annual Meeting Scientific Program Chair

ABSTRACTS OF THE YEAR Best Overall Clinical Abstract

Muliticenter trial of the VenaTech convertible filter: a novel approach to IVC filtration Hohenwalter, Eric J.; Stone, James; O’Moore, Paul; Smith, Steven J.; Selby , J. Bayne; Lewandowski, Robert J.; Samuels, Shaun; Kiproff, Pau; Trost, David; Handel, Jeremy; Gandras, Eric; Madoff, David C.; Vlahos, Athanasios; Rilling, William S.

Best Overall Basic Science Endovascular embolization of aneurysms by interventional MR coagulation Cohen, Ouri; Zhao, Ming; Nevo, Erez; Zurkiya, Omar; Gonzalez, Ramon G.; Yoo, Albert J.; Ackerman, Jerome L.

National trends and outcomes of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt creation Trivedi, Premal S.; Rochon, Paul J. Y-90 radioembolization of hepatic metastases of colorectal cancer using glass microspheres: survival and safety outcomes from a multicenter review of 531 patients Hickey, Ryan M.; Prudhomme, Totianna R. Ehrenwald, Eduardo; Critchfield, Jeffrey J.; Gorodetski, Boris; Geschwind, Jeff H.; Abbott, Andrea M.; Shridhar, Rav; White, Sarah B.; Rilling, William S.; Kauffmann, Shannon; Kwan, Sharon W.; Padia, Siddharth A.; Lewandowski, Robert J.; Salem, Riad Outpatient interventional radiology vein practice: referral patterns and downstream effects Dinglasan, Lu Anne V.; Fan, Chieh-Min; Baum, Richard A. The utility of modified thromboelastography with platelet mapping and functional fibrinogen to predict bleeding during catheter-directed thrombolysis: a pilot study O’Rear, Jamie; Liew-Spilger , Alyson; Hall, Michael; Duprat, Gerard; Graham, Eric; Balint, Bradley; Aversa , John; McDowell, Stacy; Ploplis, Victoria; Castellino , FrancisWalsh, Mark Embolization of uterine AVMs: an 11 year single center experience Vogelzang, Robert L.



Medium and long term outcome of prostatic arteries embolization, for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: results in 460 cases Pisco, Joao M.; Bilhim, Tiago; Pinheiro, Luis C; Pereira, Jose A.; Fernandes, Lucia; Costa, Nuno; Duarte, Marisa; Oliveira, António G. Oliveira

Comparative study of prostate artery embolization (PAE) in small volume (o50cc), midsize (50-80cc) and large volume (480cc) benign prostatic hyperplasia: feasibility, safety and clinical efficacy Smirniotopoulos, John B.; Orlando, Julie C.; Bagla, Sandeep

Selective hypoxia-activated intraarterial therapy in a rabbit liver tumor model Duran, Rafae; Mirpour, Sahar; Pekurovsky, Vasily; Ganapathy-Kanniappan, Shanmugasundaram; Brayton, Cory F.; Cornish, Toby C.; Gorodetski, Boris; Chapiro, Julius; Schernthaner, Ruediger E.; Lin, MingDe; Frangakis, Constantine; Geschwind, Jeff H.

Transradial approach for peripheral and visceral interventions: a single center review of safety and feasibility in the first 1000 cases Posham, Raghuram; Patel, Rahul S.; Kim, Edward; Tabori, Nora E.; Nowakowski, Scott F.; Lookstein, Robert; Fischman, Aaron M.

Assessment of safety of a single vessel runoff “peroneal artery access” during the subintimal arterial flossing with antegrade-retrograde intervention (SAFARI) in critical limb ischemia (CLI) Bhatti, Zagum; Turba, Ulku C.; Arslan, Bulent

10-year clinical outcomes of infrapopliteal drug-eluting stenting for critical limb ischemia in diabetic patients Piliopoulos, Stavros; Theodosiadou, Vasiliki; Diamantopoulos, Athanasios; Katsanos, Konstantinos; Kitrou, Panagiotis M.; Kagadis, George; Siablis, Dimitrios; Karnabatidis, Dimitrios


Top Abstracts Chosen by the Annual Scientific Meeting Committee


Renal artery embolization in vivo using a magnetically assisted remote controlled catheter under real-time MRI guidance Losey, Aaron D.; Lillaney, Prasheel; Martin, Alastair J.; Wilson, Mark W.; Saeed, Maythem; Hetts, Steven W.

Comstock, Christopher; Mu, Zhenyu; Solomon, Stephen B.; Diab, Adi; Durack, Jeremy C.; Maybody, Majid; Erinjeri, Joseph P.; Brogi, Edi; Morris, Elizabeth; Patil, Sujata; Robins, Harlan; Wolchok, Jedd; Hudis, Clifford; Norton, Larry; Allison, James; McArthur, Heather

Angiogenic biomarker response after Yttrium-90 radioembolization þ/- sorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma Andreoli, Jessica M.; Kulik, Laura M.; Hickey, Ryan M.; Salem, Riad; Lewandowski, Robert J.

Image-guided sphenopalatine ganglion blocks: an IR solution for chronic headaches Mandato, Kenneth; Siskin, Gary; Geer, Donald; Tartaglione, Robert; Bolotin, George; Stavrakis, Costas; Englander, Meridith; Keating, Lawrence; Herr, Allen

Hong Kong Liver Cancer staging outperforms Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer staging as a prognostic classification system in patients treated with intra-arterial therapy: a North American study Sohn, Jae Ho; Duran, Rafael; Lee, Howard; Sahu, Sonia; Schernthaner, Ruediger E.; Zhao, Li; Lin, MingDe; Fleckenstein, Florian N.; Zhao, Yan; Geschwind, Jeff H. Tumor and systemic immune responses to pre-operative cryoablation plus immune therapy with ipilimumab in early stage breast cancer (ESBC) Page, David; Yuan, Jianda; Dong, Zhiwan; Ginsberg, Arielle A.; Wong, Phillip; Emerson, Ryan; Sung, Janice;

DNA content in 18G and 20G core needle biopsies: how many cores are needed for molecular testing? Silk, Mikhail T.; Silk, Tarik; Durack, Jeremy C.; Mikkilineni, Nina; Wang, James H.; Zabor, Emily; Ostrovnia, Irinia; Heish, James; Solomon, Stephen B. Does prolonged implantation predict IVC filter retrieval failure? A single center experience in 610 retrieval procedures Desai, Kush R.; Karp, Jennifer; Mouli, Samdeep; Lewandowski, Robert J.; Ryu, Robert

Abstracts of the SIR 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting, February 28-March 5, 2015, Atlanta, GA.

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