Accuracy in patient setup and its consequence in dosimetry Ponnunni K. I. Kartha, Anthony ChungBin, Thomas Wachtor, and Frank R. Hendrickson Citation: Medical Physics 2, 331 (1975); doi: 10.1118/1.594203 View online: View Table of Contents: Published by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Articles you may be interested in SUD213CD04: Dosimetric Evaluation of HexaPOD as a Tool for Patient Setup Verification Accuracy Med. Phys. 39, 3618 (2012); 10.1118/1.4734689 Sci—Thurs AM: YIS—05: Accuracy of PatientSpecific Dosimetry for Clinical Use in Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Med. Phys. 36, 4315 (2009); 10.1118/1.3244165 SUGGJ88: Evaluation of Patient Setup Accuracy for Targeted Marrow Irradiation with ImageGuided Helical Tomotherapy Med. Phys. 35, 2699 (2008); 10.1118/1.2961638 SUGGJ76: Dosimetric Consequences of Patient Setup Decisions in ImageGuided Procedures Based On SoftTissue Fiducials for Imaging Med. Phys. 35, 2696 (2008); 10.1118/1.2961626 Surface area overestimation within three-dimensional digital images and its consequence for skeletal dosimetry Med. Phys. 29, 682 (2002); 10.1118/1.1470207

Accuracy in patient setup and its consequence in dosimetry.

Analysis of 5575 settings on a computer-monitered Theratron-80 60Co unit demonstrates that human error does occur in treating patients with radiation...
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