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Published online: 01 Oct 2009.

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ON LOOKING BACKWARD TO BALTIMORE AND PROCEEDING TO PRAGUE fascinating evening at the B & O Railroad Museum (complete with Dr. Currie's incomparable guitar playing) and another at the spectacular National Aquarium. What a pleasure it would be if we could eliminate the problems of travel expense and have all EACE members attend the AACE Annual Meeting and likewise have all AACE members at the EACE Annual Scientific Meeting. Now there would be a United Nations of Cancer Education unmatched in history!

With the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Education having been held in December, 1991, two months later than usual, and the Fifth Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Education being almost upon us (April 29-May 2, 1992 in Prague Czechoslovakia), this issue of the Journal of Cancer Education finds itself looking both backward and forward in its editorial and special coverage of the meetings. The emphasis should be on the upcoming EACE meeting, the fifth in the series, which is an important milestone in the life history of any organization—an emergence from infancy, so to speak. The reader is referred to the interesting "Comments from the EACE Executive Director," in which Dr. Milly Haagedoorn reminds us of the educational and cultural treasures to be had by attending the Prague meeting. No cancer educator can afford to miss the stimulating and informative atmosphere that will pervade the EACE discussions of medical, nursing, and public cancer education. A feature shared with the AACE meeting held in Baltimore in December, 1991 will be a report on the Survey on Undergraduate Cancer Education, sponsored by WHO and the UICC-172 medical schools participated in this project. At the AACE meeting, the AACE Cancer Education Survey II, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, was presented to the membership, and its interesting findings will appear in the next issue of the Journal.

NCI cancer training program Another item on this Editor's "wish list" (written, by coincidence just before Christmas) would be a Cancer Education Grant program for medical, nursing, and dental schools associated with EACE, similar to the 25-year-old United States National Cancer Institute Cancer Training Program. The current status of that latter program is reviewed in this issue, by two of its leaders, Drs. Cairoli and Adams of the Cancer Training Branch. The general tone of their report is one of optimism that opportunities for funding by the various components of this Program have not looked this good for almost a decade, thanks to the encouragement and support of Dr. Samuel Broder, Director of the NCI. The AACE Cancer Education Survey II reported at the AACE meeting demonstrates the importance of the availability of a Cancer Education Coordinator and a multidisciplinary Cancer Education Committee in creating an effective cancer education program. If only there were such grant programs in each of the European nations, or under the direction of a multinational organization—perhaps the European Community, or the World Health Organization—student cancer education would be greatly enhanced everywhere. Perhaps the information obtained in the WHO/UICC Survey on Undergraduate Cancer Education

A feature of the Prague meeting, which can never be matched at an AACE meeting, is an opportunity to see the Mozart opera Don Giovanni in the very theatre in which the opera had its premiere two centuries ago. Despite this it should be quickly pointed out that the AACE meeting, with astute planning by Local Arrangements Chairperson John L. Currie, MD, did treat its registrants to one


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will serve as a stimulus to providing the necessary catalytic support for interdisciplinary coordination. Along similar lines of the results of such grants, the AACE meeting featured a symposium on nutrition education, presented by the six of the recipients of NCI Cancer Education Grants specifically designated for development of curricula in nutrition as it relates to chronic diseases, with emphasis on cancer. The combined experiences of these six schools, plus another recently awarded grant, should be very useful to cancer educators in other schools, through publications which will appear in the Journal soon. The coordinators of those grants are currently developing evaluation tools that should be useful for other schools in assessing their nutrition curricula. This reflects a definite and far reaching contribution of the NCI Cancer Education Grants to the cancer education community in general. It is hoped that more schools will take advantage of this program by assessing their own cancer education programs and submitting a grant application. The Journal With this being the EACE Annual Scientific Meeting Issue of the Journal, it is particularly appropriate that three articles are from European or Middle Eastern authors, namely Dr. Soubeyran and associates from Bordeaux, France, Dr. Chaitchik and associates from Tel Aviv, Israel, and Dr. Criss from Ankara, Turkey. It would be a pleasure if each year this issue could be entirely filled by authors from the EACE. This represents an invitation and a challenge to all those presenting papers at the EACE Annual Scientific Meeting to transform their presentations into publishable manuscripts (following the "Information for Contributors" found at the end of each issue of the Journal). The brief meeting presentations themselves are usually not entirely sat-

isfactory for publication. There needs to be an initial abstract, sections of the paper entitled "Materials and Methods," "Results," and "Discussion," and a bibliography in order to properly present data in a satisfactory format. However, "Brief Communications" of two or three double-spaced typewritten pages should also be considered for preliminary studies, or expressions of opinion. Those do not generally require extensive editorial review, and they can usually appear in print within six months. The Editorial Board would like to assure the readership of the Journal that quality will not be sacrificed in preparing issues, and that in general rigorous review will be observed. Authors should not be discouraged if the reviewers have suggested revisions, sometimes extensive ones, including significant shortening of a manuscript. Such revisions generally result in a final product of which the author can be even more proud in subsequent years. Remember that these published articles will bear the authors' names forever into the future. The Editors therefore urge all EACE presenters, as well as AACE presenters, to submit their work in manuscript form as soon as possible. It is likely that the majority of such papers can be published, some within six months, and most within a year. All European writers are asked to send a separate copy to Wim Bender, PhD, EdD, Secretary of the EACE, at his address in Groningen, The Netherlands, in addition to the three copies sent to the Journal editorial office in Denver, Colorado. A final note is to remind the readers that another AACE Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching, in Buffalo, New York, October 1-4, 1992. Please notice that the Deadline for Abstracts is almost upon us—April 15, 1992. Best wishes for 1992! R.F.B.

American Association for Cancer Education, 26th annual meeting. Buffalo, New York, October 1-4, 1992. Abstracts.

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