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Appreciation: Judy Johnson

Every journal requires a group of hard-working individuals to ensure its success. While some members of the team are more recognisable than others, those working behind the scenes play a vital role and one which may not be fully acknowledged. And so it is with Judy Johnson who, after working tirelessly for IJOA for over 20 years, has now stepped down as our Proof Editor, a role in which her excellent work has without doubt, significantly improved the quality of the journal. Judy first became involved with obstetric anaesthesia when, in the late 1960s, she started working as a research assistant in Sol Shnider’s laboratory in San Francisco. The unit had an international reputation attracting many fellows who would become leading figures in obstetric anaesthesia such as Gersh Levinson, Sam Hughes and Mark Rosen. Judy helped with laboratory studies on pregnant sheep, maintaining and calibrating instruments, ordering supplies and animals, and most notably clearing up the mess made by the research fellows. In addition, she helped to co-ordinate and collect data for clinical studies including some of the early work on epidural morphine. Judy would also type manuscripts and find references (in the days before this was easily done on computers!). One of her obvious strengths, which would subsequently become so useful for IJOA, was

her ability to proof-read papers. She carried out all her duties with supreme efficiency which in no small part led to the success of obstetric anaesthesia at UCSF. The annual obstetric anaesthetic meeting in San Francisco, started by Sol Shnider in the late 1970s and now run by SOAP, allowed Judy another opportunity to display her obvious organisational ability. She helped prepare abstract books, print and mail brochures, oversee registration, hire helping hands and organise expenses. When Sam Hughes was appointed Co-Editor of IJOA in the early 1990s, Judy took on a major role with the journal’s administration. She distributed manuscripts to reviewers with strict instructions of when the review was to be returned. A firm reminder was sent should the review be late as I, like many others, was soon to find out. Once all reviews were returned, Judy would distribute all relevant correspondence to the reviewers for feedback purposes; helpful information that was always well received. With her experience in manuscript preparation, Judy’s talents as a proof reader were soon utilised and were a great benefit as she spotted errors missed by the rest of the team. To say she was thorough would be a massive understatement; no punctuation error was allowed to pass unnoticed and each reference in the final proof was checked on PubMed for accuracy. Although Judy retired from UCSF nearly 10 years ago, she continued to work for IJOA, primarily as the Proof Editor. Since taking over as Editor-in-Chief, I have found it tremendously reassuring to have Judy check each manuscript before publication. Despite health problems, she has always been punctual with her corrections and never ceased to find mistakes which I have missed. She will be greatly missed by the Editorial staff and we wish her a happy retirement. I am most grateful to Mark Rosen for his help preparing this appreciation of Judy Johnson’s career. Robin Russell Editor in Chief IJOA E-mail address: [email protected]

Appreciation: Judy Johnson.

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