Brain Tumor Pathol (2015) 32:1–2 DOI 10.1007/s10014-014-0209-x


Preface to special issue Takanori Hirose

Published online: 24 December 2014 Ó The Japan Society of Brain Tumor Pathology 2014

It is my great honor and pleasure to contribute to the special issue of ‘‘Brain Tumor Pathology’’, volume 32, issue 1, which includes review and original articles presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Brain Tumor Pathology. The meeting was held at Awa-Gin Hall (Tokushima Arts Foundation for Culture), Tokushima on May 23 and 24, 2014, with the great help of professors Shinji Nagahiro, vice-president, and Teruyoshi Kageji, chief of secretariat, and all staff members of Department of Neurosurgery, Tokushima University Hospital. To decide the treatment of brain tumors appropriately, accurate diagnoses of them are crucial. To achieve correct

T. Hirose (&) Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine and Hyogo Cancer Center, Hyogo, Japan e-mail: [email protected]

diagnoses, it is important to make a comprehensive approach to brain tumors with not only pathologic but also clinical, radiological and molecular analyses in this era. From these aspects, the meeting took ‘‘To achieve appropriate diagnoses of brain tumors’’ as the main theme. The meeting had four special lectures and four symposiums. Special lectures: 1. 2.


Adults gliomas of ‘‘lower grade’’: classification and grading, by professor Caterina Giannini, Mayo Clinic. An idea of therapeutic strategy for brain tumors, based on molecular analyses of brain tumor stem cells, by Professor Hideyuki Saya, Keio University. Update of meningioma classification and grading, by Professor Arie Perry, UCSF.




Brain Tumor Pathol (2015) 32:1–2

Radiological diagnoses of brain tumors: recent topics, by Professor Kei Yamada, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine.

Pathologic diagnoses of malignant gliomas, chaired by Drs. Komori, Nagane and Shibuya. Molecular diagnoses of brain tumors, chaired by Drs. Ichimura and Ueki. Radiological findings of gliomas treated with newly introduced therapeutic agents: comparison with pathological findings, chaired by Drs. Sugiyama and Iwaki. Memorial symposium for the late Dr. Bernd W. Scheithauer, chaired by myself.

posters. Among the oral presentations, several excellent papers were recommended to submit their articles to Brain Tumor Pathology by chairpersons and the educational committee of the society. From the posters, a poster prize of the meeting was given to three senior authors. Lastly, on behalf of the organizing committee of the meeting, I would like to express special thanks to all members of the society and participants to contribute the 32nd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Brain Tumor Pathology and the authors who submitted their articles to this special issue. I also hope this issue will contribute to further advance the understanding of brain tumor pathology and to develop better treatment for patients of brain tumors.

There also were eight case presentations at the section of clinicopathologic conference, the educational lectures including 11 topics as well as 102 oral presentations and 84

Takanori Hirose, M.D. President, the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Brain Tumor Pathology.

Symposiums: 1. 2. 3.



Brain tumor pathology. Preface to special issue.

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