Canadian Pharmacists Conference 2014 Keynote Speaker: Michael “Pinball” Clemons Sunday, June 1


Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Vice-Chair, Toronto Argonauts Football Club

ichael “Pinball” Clemons is a remarkable athlete, outstanding sportsman and committed community supporter. As a former all-star running back, Grey Cup‒winning coach, president and CEO, and now the vice-chair for the Toronto Argonauts, Clemons is a man of unquestionable character and spirit. Mike Clemons’s football career was characterized by incredible perseverance and great skill. Born and raised in Florida, Clemons graduated with a degree in economics from William and Mary University and began his CFL career in 1989 after a brief stint in the NFL. At just 5 feet 6 inches and 170 pounds, Clemons’s stature was seen as a significant barrier to success as a football player. Yet his determination and drive helped him succeed where many predicted failure. In 12 seasons with the Toronto Argonauts, Clemons left a brilliant legacy, amassing a profootball record of 25,396 career combined yards, 3 Grey Cup championships and 12 all-time team records. He hung up his Argos jersey in 2000 to take the reins as head coach, where he led the

Argos to an additional Grey Cup win in 2004. Known for a personality that is as electric as his style of play, Clemons has an incredibly generous spirit and a quiet dignity that shines on and off the field. He has been recognized by many organizations for his tireless work with a variety of charities, schools and community groups. The Canadian Pharmacists Conference 2014 is excited to welcome Pinball Clemons as our keynote speaker. His presentations are at once captivating and empowering, as he encourages audiences to use teamwork to achieve their goals and shares the story of how his upbringing shaped him, how his steadfast faith guides him and how his commitment to his team and his community is much more than just a professional veneer but a deeply held feeling of true spirit and belonging. Pinball’s autobiography, All Heart, was published in 1999 and tells the story of a young man guided by a fierce determination to succeed in the face of adversity. He was awarded the Order of Ontario in 2001.

Meet Our Diamond Sponsor Teva Canada: A proud pharmacy partner


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