Oln. Ph~rmarokl~l. 19 (4): JH-J4(). 1990 OJ 12-S96J/90/OOlo..oHJ/S04.00/O Cl Ad,s Inlem~lIon~1 Llmlled AI! n,hLS «,served. CPKOO336:

Comparative Study of Gentamicin Release from Normal and Low Viscosity Acrylic Bone Cement Laurence Bunerel, Alain Segui, Michel Cormier and Frant= Langlais LaboratOlre de BaCleriologie. Laboratoire de BlOmathematlques.. Faculte de Pharmacle and Service de Chlrurgle OnhopCdique, H6pilal Sud. Rennes. Franee


The pharmacokinetICS of gentamIcin were studIed after total hip JOInt anhroplaslles In 2 groups of 10 patIents. The prosthesIs ..... as performed In the first group wIth 'Palaeos R plus gcntamlcln' (normal vISCOSity). manufactured b) Schenng. and In the second group With 'Cerafix genta R' (low \'iscoslt y) manufactured by Ceraver..()steal. Both ccments Incl uded Similar concentrallons of gentamicin. Unne was collected at 12-hour Intervals for I Sda)s after operallon. and drainage flUIds for 48. 12 or 108 hours. Blood samplcs ..... erc taken J and/ or 5 hours after pumhesls Implantation. In both cases. hIgh conccntrallons of gcntamieln ..... ere found in drainage fluids and urine durmg th e early POStopeT3U\'e period. Mean gentamicin excrelion curves were calcul31ed by a co mputer-aldcd deSIgn program (SIAM) for the 2 cements. The release of gentamIcin was b,phulC m both cases, although the slow elimination phase appeared 10 be longer for ·Cerafix'. In the first postoperat,,'e period. the drug had a beller bioavallabilit y dunng the rapid ehmlnatlon phase In the case of 'Palaeos·. The calculated peak blood coneoo10nl.ll umd,recllOnal lillerro air now

Cli". l'hormacoktnel. 19 (4) 199(1


syst~m. Journ~1

of Sonc and Jo;nl SUllCry - American Vol-

ume 64-,0.: 525·SJ5. 1982

Setu; A . ..... baron J P. Lcv~ R. BIOmedical cnginemnl aj}proach of pharmacoklllclIC probkms: computer aidro desi,n in pharmacoklllcil('S and bIOpr0C'eS5,n&. lEE ProceWinp 1l3. PI 0: 217-223. 1986 Torholm C. Lid,"," l. L, ndbcr& L. Kahlmctcr G. TOlal hip joml ar'lhroplasly Wllh lCnlamicin im~na lcd cement , ClInical OrthopaedIcs 181: 99-106.1983 V'c!peau C. Aubriol J H. Morel C. De"cnif de la Icnl~miclnc melan~ au mfiachl')lalC de methylc. Revue ~ Chiruf'llc OrIhopro,que 66 (Stipp!. 2): 74_78, 1980


Wahh, H . Dinao:l(k.n E. Buchholl H. Buchholz M . Bachman F. Pharmarok,nclIc study of &enlam'on·looded cement In 10lal hip repla«mcnts. Journal of Bonc and JOII\1 SUr&Cr}' - BfllIsh

vatuInC' 66-8: 175·179. 1984 A. The amlnO&l)"cosldn. ClInical Onhopaedtc'S 190: 66-


73. 1984




Dr L Bun('/('I.


de ElK-

lenoloc'e. H6p'tal Sud. 16 Boulevard & Bu1aane. 350022 Rennrs

eMu. F'1lBCI:.


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Comparative study of gentamicin release from normal and low viscosity acrylic bone cement.

The pharmacokinetics of gentamicin were studied after total hip joint arthroplasties in 2 groups of 10 patients. The prosthesis was performed in the f...
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