Current status of the NATA JAMES R. ANDREWS, M.D., Columbus , Georgia


a member of the AOSSM, I would like to bring our society up to date on the organization and current status of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), and stimulate

members to continue their support and involvement with the NATA. It has become apparent and bothersome to some of our society members in the past few years that our support for the NATA has diminished. The NATA Report will be presented in the journal three times a year and will be designed to keep our readers informed about NATA happenings. One report every year will review the Annual NATA Meeting. The other reports will discuss the current structure and function of the NATA, as well as review pertinent articles from the journal of the NATA. We will also attempt to discuss, on a neutral basis, current topics of concern and debate within the organization itself.

of consultants and advisors including physicians, dentists, physical therapists, athletic directors, physiologists, research specialists, educators, and physical educators.



Organization the NATA President is William H. Chambers, A.T., College, Fullerton, California. A fulltime executive director governs over the Executive Council. Otho Davis, A.T., C., trainer of the Philadelphia Eagles, is the Executive Director. Within the NATA, there are four divisions with each division supervising the function of the 16 committees. Geographically, the NATA is divided into 10 districts. Each district has its own governing body and each district holds at least one scientific session each year, which is separate from their national convention. The National Board of Directors is made up of the NATA president along with elected representatives from each of the 10 districts. An Advisory Committee exists, which is composed


C., of Fullerton Junior


Activities is a forthcoming book on the 28-year written by Mike O’Shea, Chairman of the NATA Committee on History and Archives and trainer for the Baltimore Colts. The Journal of the National Athletic Trainers Association is the official publication of the NATA. The Editor-in-Chief is Rod Compton, A.T., C., of East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. This journal is published quarterly as an educational journal for athletic trainers as well as for team physicians. The NATA Annual Convention will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, from June 16 to 20, 1979. Team physicians and orthopaedic consultants involved in sports medicine who annually attend have benefited tremendously each year by the vast practical and scientific knowledge displayed by the athletic trainers at this convention.


particular interest history of the NATA

Membership There are nine membership classes in the NATA. Team physicians and orthopaedic consultants for universities, colleges,

junior colleges, high schools, military schools, preparatory schools, and professional athletic teams who are directly associated with the sports program and providing medical care are eligible under the ADVISORY classification of membership. I am sure that the orthopaedic membership of the AOSSM understands what a trainer can do for us. Perhaps with this brief resume of the NATA, our membership might ponder what

we can

do for the trainer.

Current status of the NATA.

NATA REPORT Current status of the NATA JAMES R. ANDREWS, M.D., Columbus , Georgia As a member of the AOSSM, I would like to bring our society up to...
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