American Journal of Medical Genetics 37:320-324 (1990)

David Klein: An Appreciation ~



John M. Opitz Department of Medical Genetics, Shodair Children’s Hospital, Helena, Montana; Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine (Medical Genetics), University of Washington, Seattle; Departments of Biology, History and Philosophy, Medicine (WAMI Program), and Veterinary Science, Montana State University, Bozeman; Departments of Medical Genetics and Pediatrics, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

characterized by a high degree of local consanguinity, which made many parts of the Swiss population a living genetics laboratory, frequently with more than one genetic disorder in the same kindred. Indeed, the “Glaser” family, with whom he began his work on Friedreich ataxia, had already been studied by Franceschetti for the independent segregation of macular degeneration. The cosmopolitan and highly cultured nature of David Klein’s personality derives from many sources. Before World War I his birthplace, Falkau, was a peaceable village in the Bukovina which had become a duchy of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in 1849 and acquired a university in its provincial seat of Czernowitz in 1875. It was the cradle of the ancient Moldavian principality and repository of the finest examples of Rumanian art and architecture with its unique painted monastic churches dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. With its mixed Ruthenian, Rumanian, German, Polish, and Jewish population, it became a bitterly contested area at the end of the war before its final incorporation into Rumania. However, the Klein family left before then and settled in Freiburg i. Br. in 1915 when David was a 7-year-old boy, and thereafter had no further contact with Rumania. Even in this part of the former AustroHungarian empire Moses Mendelsohn had had an effect, for, according to David, the Jews of Czernowitz spoke a good German; indeed, his mother recited Schiller’s “Die In 1937 and 1938 David Klein (Fig. 1)published his Glocke” by heart; “famous poets such as Mane Sperber first two papers-both on Friedreich ataxia; in 1988 he and Celan came from this region.” The grievious emopublished his latest book-Genetih in der medizinischen tional pain inflicted on David Klein by the Second World Praxis. These dates bracket a half-century of uninter- War was mirrored in the physical pain of his father who rupted and devoted scientific work and a career that saw was made a permanent invalid during military service and contributed richly to the development of human, in the First World War. In spite of his bravery during the medical, and clinical genetics and genetic counseling, war (two bravery medals) he was later deported, towith emphasis on neuro- and ophthalmogenetics. gether with David’s mother and his whole family, to Klein’s name is an eponymous household word in the Auschwitz in 1942. David began his post-secondary studies in Freiburg in Klein-Waardenburg syndrome (McKusick No. 14882) the Bamatter-Klein-Franceschetti syndrome (geroder- 1927 where he read chemistry, physics, and mathemamia osteodysplastica, McKusick No. 23107), and mandi- tics for 2 semesters before enrolling for another 2 semesbulofacial dysostosis (known in Europe a s F’ran- ters in history, philosophy, and Jewish studies at the ceschetti-Klein-Zwahlen syndrome, McKusick No. University of Berlin. As a Jew (Nichtarier) he was not 15450). David Klein was one ofthe first in our field to do allowed to take his final medical examinations in genetic epidemiology of isolates due to geographical, Freiburg in 1933, but found the Swiss authorities and economic, social, cultural, and religious forces, and faculty of the university of Easel most generous in allowing him to take his final exams there and to attain Received for publication December 30, 1989; revision received his MD degree with a psychiatry thesis begun under April 10, 1990. Kuppers in Freiburg and accepted in Easel a t the strong Address reprint requests to J.M. Opitz, Department of Medical Genetics, Shodair Children’s Hospital, Box 5539, Helena MT recommendation of Alfred Hoche, one of the most renowned psychiatrists of th a t era. 59604. 0 1990 Wiley-Liss, Inc.



Thereafter David apparently had only two jobs. Be- ing The Alfred Vogt Prize (1942 and 1959);the Medal for tween 1934 and 1945 he worked first under Dr. Gehry Scientific Merit from the University of Liege (1964); and then under Professor Binder a t the Cantonal Psy- the opportunity to present the Bjerrum Lecture, chiatric Clinic RheinautZiirich, where he began his ge- Copenhagen (1970); honorary membership of the netic studies; and between 1945 and 1978 a t the Univer- French and Italian Societies for Neurology; Membership in the Board of Governors of the University of Haifa; in sity of Geneva where he now is emeritus professor. The story of David’s professional life between 1945 1987 he was made laureate of the Franceschetti-Prize of and now is told in his Living History-Biography which the German Ophthalmological Society and in 1977 he I a m happy to offer to the readers of the American was made Doctor honoris causa of the University of Journal of Medical Genetics. We North-Americans fre- Lyon. However, during his long and productive professional quently forget the European roots of our specialty, what part of this Old World heritage perished under Hitler, life David has mostly honored himself with his unimand to what extent we were enriched by the many gifted peachable integrity and honorability; his dedication to emigrants who found the New World ready to become highest standards of quality in clinical and research the recipient of their personal and professional patri- work; his generous devotion to friends, collaborators, mony. In his neutral refuge i t was safe for David to and students; and above all his warm humanity and care weather the storm, to grow in wisdom and experience for his patients. It is hard to imagine our field without and to occupy, in 1955, the first Chair for Human Ge- the contributions of David Klein. netics in Switzerland and in 1970 to become the first professor of that speciality in that country. Only 4 paACKNOWLEDGMENTS pers were written during the period ofthe Holocaust, but I am deeply grateful to Ms. Vicki L. Smith and LaVelle beginning in 1946 David Klein commenced on a scholarly career which continues with unabated vigor to this Spano for expert secretarial collaboration and to the day. A bibliography of David’s writings was published State of Montana Department of Health and Environby the Journal de GCnetique humaine (17-3/4:207-222) mental Sciences for a grant under HB 430 to support the in 1969 citing 175 publications and 42 theses prepared Montana Medical Genetics Program. under his direction (including those of Goldenhar [19521, Ammann [19661, and Irene Hussels [19671).His LIST OF DAVID KLEIN’S PUBLICATIONS: bibliography since then, reaching a total of almost 300 1969-Present publications, is appended to this Appreciation; by now 56 doctoral dissertations have been prepared under his Klein D (1969): Les consultations genetiques en ophtalmologie. Ophthalmologica 158:521-540. direction. David has been visiting professor and lectured D (1969): Aspects genetiques de la sterilite chez I’homrne. Med in numerous universities throughout the world. In 1963 Klein Hyg 27:1356-1360. he was, for example, visiting professor for 2 months a t K, Ammann F (1969):Clinical variability and genetic epidemiolthe Neurology Institute of the NIH, in 1964 a t Liege and Klein ogy of the Bardet-Biedl syndrome in Switzerland. In “Progress in Ghent, in 1965 in Antwerp a t the occasion of the inauNeuro-Ophthalmology,” volume 2. Second International Congress on Neuro-Genetics and Neuro-Ophthalmology (Montreal, Sept, guration of the Institut Bunge, and in the same year in 1967). Excerpta Med Int Congr Series no 176. Cincinatti, and in Honolulu in 1966, and Sao Paul0 in Klein D, Ammann F (1969): The syndrome of Laurence-Moon-Biedl 1976; between 1955 and 1961 he was guest lecturer in and allied diseases in Switzerland. Clinical, genetic and epidemihuman genetics a t the University of Basel. ological studies. J Neurol Sci 9:479-513. One of David’s most important activities has been his Andrade C, Canijo M, Klein D, Kaelin A (1969):The genetic aspect of the familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy. Portuguese type of paralong period of distinguished service to the World Federamyloidosis. Humangenetik 7:163-175. tion of Neurology (WFN) a s Chairman and Secretary of the Research Group on Neurogenetics which worked in Klein D, Ionasesco V, Gauthier G, Simora B (1969):Considerations sur un cas presentant un syndrome de Marfan atypique avec epilepsie, closest relationship with that on neuro-ophthalmology. oligophrenie et colobome irien. Rev Oto-Neuro-Ophtalmol 41: As such David organized the combined meetings on neu413-424. rogenetics and neuro-ophthalmology in Albi (19651, Klein D, Boreux G, Tajrnirova 0,Gauthier G, Felgenhauer W-R (1969): Deux cas de syndrome de Klinefelter en mosaique (46,XY/47,XXY), Montreal (1967), Brussels (19701, Rome (1973), Nijdont I’un associe a une protanopie et l’autre a des opacites cormegen (19771, Zurich (1981), and Antwerp (1984). Beneennes unilaterales. Arch Klaus-Stift Vererb Forsch 44:55-64. cause of his outstanding service to the WFN the Re- Bamatter F, Klein D, Tabibian Y, Tajmirova 0, Boreux G (1969): search Committee and Council of Delegates of the WFN Constitution 48,XXXY chez un enfant de 7 rnois dont le pere presente des cassures chromosomiques. Arch Klaus-Stift Vererb appointed him in September 1985 a n Honorary Life Forsch 44:64-68. Member of the Research Committee. Equally important has been David’s work as member Klein D, Tajmirova 0,Laut J, McGilvray E (1969):Concomitance dans une famille d u n rnongolisme en mosaique (trisomie 21) chez le frere of the Expert Commission of the WHO, where he peret d’un syndrome triplo-X (XXX) chez la soeur. Arch Klaus-Stift formed important pioneering work as co-founder and Vererb Forsch 44:68-78. driving force behind the Club europden de conseil gCnd- Bovet-Dubois N, Pilloul P, Tajmirova 0, Klein D, Megevand A (1969): Le problerne genetique, nosologique et psychologique d’un cas de tique founded in Lyon in 1971, and as founder and editor pseudo-hermaphrodisme masculin. Arch Klaus-Stift Vererb Forsch for almost 30 years of the Journal de GCnCtique hu44:78-87. maine. Boreux G, Klein D, Dolivo G (1970): a s u l t a t s preliminaires d’une David’s modesty has prevented him from mentioning investigation sur les thalassemies en Suisse romande. Arch KlausStift Vererb Forsch 45:56-69. the many honors he has received over the years, includ-



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David Klein: an appreciation.

American Journal of Medical Genetics 37:320-324 (1990) David Klein: An Appreciation ~ ~ ~~~~ John M. Opitz Department of Medical Genetics, Shodair...
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