face significant difficulties accessing the treatments they need, the information to decide what is right for them, and the MS specialists who can help. Research by the MS Society last year found 60 per cent of people with MS are not taking a medicine that can alter the course of the condition, despite being eligible for them, and that access to these drugs improves vastly with access to a neurologist, nurse or good information.  There are licensed medicines that can transform people’s lives but they are out of reach for many. That is why the MS Society has launched the Treat Me Right campaign. Please add your support at www.treatmerightms.org.uk. Michelle Mitchell, chief executive, MS Society

DEBRISOFT IS A WOUND DEBRIDEMENT PRODUCT, NOT A WOUND DRESSING In your April 2 edition (News) you highlighted the recent publication of NICE guidance on the Debrisoft monofilament debridement pad, which has the potential to save the NHS about £15 million a year. We are delighted that you are sharing this new development with your readers. However, we need to point out an error in the text that referred to Debrisoft as ‘a new wound treatment dressing’. Debrisoft is actually a wound debridement product and not a dressing, thus it is not left in-situ on the wound as a dressing would be. Debrisoft is used to debride the wound of devitalised tissue and debris at dressing change intervals, to prepare the wound for healing. If your readers are interested in learning more about Debrisoft, they should go to http://www. activahealthcare.co.uk/debrisoft Alex Browning, senior product manager for wound care, Activa Healthcare

HELP ME FIND THE OWNER OF A LOST NURSING REGISTRATION BADGE Several years ago, my nurse partner found a silver nursing registration badge in the car park of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. She brought it home intending to try to find the owner but the badge was

put away and forgotten about until we had a recent clear out. The badge is silver metal, in the shape of a rose, with a circular blue enamel ring with the words ‘The General Nursing Council for England & Wales’. In the centre is a figure in a robe surrounded by a wreath of leaves. There is a registration number on the back that reads: SRN 9526425. If this badge is yours, or you know the owner or their family, please email me at [email protected]  Lee Roberts, by email

SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION ON FRANCIS CYRIL MASON (1907-99) I am researching my family tree and would appreciate some help. I am looking to find more information about my uncle, Francis Cyril Mason, who was a nurse. He was born in February 1907. I would like to know when and where he qualified as a nurse. I know he was in the army and that he served in India. He married a Violet Bedford in India in 1927/28, later married a Joan Deeley in 1946 and died in 1999. I believe he worked in hospitals in Wales and England, and was also the senior nurse for Accles & Pollock, the steel tubing company based in Oldbury in the West Midlands. If you have any information, please email me at [email protected] David Brookes, by email

SET 472 FROM THE ROYAL LONDON IS HOLDING A REUNION IN OCTOBER We are organising a reunion of set 472 from the Royal London Hospital on Saturday October 11 to mark 33 years since the start of our training. The plan is to meet in the Whitechapel area of east London over lunchtime – venue and times to be confirmed. Please contact us for further details: Ruth Groom (née Garner) at [email protected] and Sarah Rogers (née Tindall) at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. Ruth Groom and Sarah Rogers, by email

TWEETS OF THE WEEK Nursing is not defined by tidy uniforms or tidy minds – it is the ability to reach out and give comfort and care to those who need it... @Bartontd

Pt today said nursing care faultless – so lovely 2 get feedback that starting 2 ask 4 it. Good/bad/indiff is all important @acorns47

If you’re a nurse watching #panorama you’ll be angry & upset, but also pls be proud of the excellent care nurses can & do provide every day. @wlasinclair

“spend money wisely in #NHS” says Hunt #marrshow Like adding layers of bureaucracy, sacking nurses & paying private companies for temps? @Sharonavraham

Can you imagine doctors being told they must be less educated to ensure they’re compassionate. it would never happen @archangelolill

When I changed from general to psychiatric nursing I was shocked about the lack of knowledge in recognising physical health problems. @nurse_w_glasses

Worried that bureaucracy could build around nurse staffing when all thats really required is to listen to your Chief Nurse/Nursing Leaders. @BCHBoss

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Debrisoft is a wound debridement product, not a wound dressing.

In your April 2 edition (News) you highlighted the recent publication of NICE guidance on the Debrisoft monofilament debridement pad, which has the po...
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