Technical Note Effect of the E3 Fitness Grips on Running Economy JULIE A. SZABO*, BRIAN B. PARR‡, JAROD A. HOLT*, and CHRISTOPHER M. DEWITT‡ Department of Exercise and Sports Science, University of South Carolina Aiken, South Carolina, USA *Denotes undergraduate student author, ‡denotes professional author ABSTRACT Int J Exerc Sci 3(2) : 64-67, 2010. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the E3 Fitness Grips (BioGrip, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA) on running economy, as measured by oxygen uptake (VO2), and heart rate (HR) during submaximal treadmill running. Eleven subjects, seven female and four male, completed a submaximal running test on a treadmill while VO2 and HR were measured continuously. After achieving steady-state at a speed and grade that elicited a VO2 equivalent to 70% VO2max, the subjects ran for five minutes holding the E3 Fitness Grips (G) and five minutes without the grips (NG). The tests were counterbalanced so half of the subjects held the grips first and half completed the NG condition first. The difference in VO2 and HR between the G and NG conditions were compared to determine the effect on running economy. The mean VO2 (33.2±4.6 vs. 33.2±4.6 ml⋅kg-1⋅min-1, p=0.96) and mean HR (172.0±8.9 vs. 172.8±8.9 beats⋅min-1, p=0.38) were not significantly different between the G and NG conditions during submaximal running. These findings suggest that the E3 Fitness Grips do not significantly alter running economy, as measured by VO2, or HR during submaximal treadmill running.

KEY WORDS: Running performance, exercise, oxygen uptake, biomechanics INTRODUCTION Running economy is defined as the aerobic demand at a given submaximal running velocity and is determined by measuring oxygen consumption (VO2) during submaximal running. Running economy is related to distance running performance, especially among individuals in which VO2max values are comparable. Running economy is affected by numerous factors including: gender and age, physiological factors like body temperature, heart rate, ventilation, and muscle fiber type (1); biomechanical factors such as stride length, vertical oscillation of body, upper body motion, kinematics, and kinetics (2); and

other factors including air resistance, running surface, and shoe properties (2). The E3 Fitness Grips are manufactured by BioGrip, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA. The grips function as a biomechanical hand positioning system designed to improve athletic performance. The E3 Fitness Grips weight 71 g each and are molded to fit in the hands comfortably. The E3 Fitness Grips work on the basic principle of stabilizing the shoulders, back and hips through the proper positioning of the joints. This creates a stable platform for an optimum range of motion with increased muscular efficiency (3). We are not aware of any published studies that have evaluated the effect of the

E3 FITNESS GRIPS AND RUNNING ECONOMY E3 Fitness Grips on muscular efficiency, running economy, or running performance. However, it is possible that any effect the E3 Fitness Grips have on body motion or muscular efficiency could impact the energy cost of running.

musculoskeletal conditions that would make participation in the study unsafe. Then, height and weight were measured using a physician scale and stadiometer. The subjects then completed a treadmill VO2max test. Before the test the subjects were allowed to warm-up and stretch before being fitted with a mouthpiece, nose clips, and a Polar HR monitor (Polar Electro Oy, Kempele, Finland). The treadmill VO2max test began with the subjects running at 174 m⋅min-1 and 0% grade for 2 minutes. Then, the speed remained constant while the grade was increased 1% per minute to exhaustion. Oxygen uptake was measured continually using SensorMedics Vmax 229 metabolic cart. After the test, the breath-bybreath data were averaged over one minute intervals. Heart rate was measured using a Polar heart rate monitor and recorded every minute. The highest VO2 achieved was taken as the VO2max and all subjects met at least one of the following criteria: a plateau in VO2 (

Effect of the E3 Fitness Grips on Running Economy.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the E3 Fitness Grips (BioGrip, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA) on running economy, as measured by ox...
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