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Guest Editorial “Electroanalysis with New Electrode Materials and Advanced Electrochemical Devices” The variety of new electrode materials and devices has increased rapidly due to development of nanomaterials and micro and nano electrochemical devices. As new electrode materials, metal nanoparticle-modified electrodes and new carbon-based electrodes (including boron doped diamond-, carbon nanotubeand graphene-based electrodes) have been recently developed for use in electrochemical detectors, and chemical and biochemical sensors. New probe molecules have also been developed for the electrochemiluminescence method, which combines electrochemical activation and high sensitivity optical measurement. Various kinds of devices have been developed as well, such as for scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), or various array technologies such as microarray electrodes, BioFET and BioLSI. Since electrochemical analysis is highly sensitive despite its simple and inexpensive method, it is expected to find applications in many fields such as healthcare devices, and bio and environmental analyses in the near future. In light of these trends, the editorial committee of Analytical Sciences has decided to publish a special issue in July 2015, entitled “Electroanalysis with New Electrode Materials and Advanced Electrochemical Devices”. In this special issue, 20 Original papers and 5 Notes related to recent advancements in these areas will be included. We hope that readers will find the new developments of interest and that that may contribute to generate new ideas in the field of electroanalysis. I would like to extend my appreciation to all authors and reviewers for their contribution to this special issue. Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. Munetaka Oyama, Associate Editor, for his admirable efforts to increase international submissions to this journal and helpful discussions in the review process. I also would like to thank to Mr. Takashi Miura for his editorial support to publish this special issue. Dr. Osamu Niwa Guest Editor, Analytical Sciences Biomedical Research Institute National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology E-mail: [email protected]


"Electroanalysis with New Electrode Materials and Advanced Electrochemical Devices".

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