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HOSPITAL-BASED STUDIES ON ACUTE RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTIONS IN YOUNG CHILDREN Etiologic and Clinical Evaluation of Acute Lower RespiratoryThact Infections in Young Argentinian Children: An Overview Mercedes Weissenbacber, Guadalupe Carballal, Maria Avila, Horacio Salomon, Julia Harisiadi, Mariana Catalano, M. Cristina Cerqueiro, and Patricia Murtagb

From the Department oj Microbiology, Faculty oj Medicine, University oj Buenos Aires; Ricardo Gutierrez Hospita~' and Bernardo Houssay Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Acute lower respiratory tract infection (ALRI) is recognized as one of the main causes of mortality in children throughout the world, particularly in developing countries. Infant mortality due to ALRI is >10 times higher in Central America than in North America [1]. However, data on the etiology and epidemiology of ALRI in South America are limited. Currently, the population of Argentina is 1'\132 million and 36070 of the inhabitants live in or around the city of Buenos Aires. The overall infant mortal-

The protocols for these studies were approved by the research committee of each participating hospital. Informed consent was obtained from all parents or guardians. Financial support for this research was provided by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council by means of a grant from the Office of the Science Advisor, Agency for International Development. The authors thank P. Charache, S. Berman, B. Selwyn, H. Pastides, and M. Grandien for their invaluable scientific advice and B. Ebekian and C. Juarez for technical assistance. Please address requests for reprints to Dr. M. Weissenbacher, Departamento de Microbiologfa, Facultad de Medicina, Paraguay 2155, Piso 11, (1121) Buenos Aires, Argentina.


ity is 27 deaths per 1,000 live births, with a considerable geographic variation. In Argentina during 1981, the latest year for which figures on specific causes of death are available, 1,801 infants

Etiologic and clinical evaluation of acute lower respiratory tract infections in young Argentinian children: an overview.

This paper summarizes the first study on clinical, etiologic, and epidemiologic features of acute lower respiratory tract infection (ALRI) in children...
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