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European Academy of Neurology: The first steps European Academy of Neurology : les premie`res e´tapes The European Academy of Neurology (EAN) was founded in June 2014. With this step a new era of European neurology has started as all neurologists of this part of the world have now a unified representation. This new society is serving more than 25,000 neurologists. The organization has a long tradition of the two parent societies, the European Federation of Neurological Societies and the European Neurological Society. They held two very successfully annual congresses, they had developed guideline programs; held teaching courses Europewide, a spring school, web-sites and journals and many other services for neurology in Europe. This has been handed over to the new EAN. We have our head office in Vienna and are a society established according to Austrian law. Our purpose is to promote ‘‘Excellence in Neurology in Europe’’ and detailed aims and realisations have been defined in the bylaws ( Neurology is a scientific discipline with a long tradition in Europe and the first neurology book ever was written 1840 by a European. Our member societies are relying on a long tradition and some of their national schools of neurology have been exported in the last two centuries to many countries worldwide. While neurological diseases are the same everywhere, the health system organization may be very different and indeed the richness and diversity has developed into several different cultures of practicing neurology. These will all be respected and integrated in this new society. We consider such diversities of neurological cultures to be a strength of European neurology. On the other hand, we move forward together to develop similar quality of care within all countries. Diagnosing and treating neurological diseases needs minimum standards which can be objectively defined on the basis of sound scientific evidence. This will help to define the standards on a European level and the member societies can take them to negotiate for appropriate financial resources in their respective countries. Europe is underway to come closer together. The EAN is enthusiastically supporting this move. It is our purpose to bring European neurologists together. We will have our EANCongress annually and all new developments in the field of science and healthcare development will be covered by these

congresses. Our first congress will be in Berlin, June 20–23, 2015. We are looking forward to welcome you there. The board is composed by elected members by the general assembly and is coming from different European countries:         

President: Pr. Gu¨nther Deuschl, Germany; Vice President: Pr. Franz Fazekas, Graz, Austria; Secretary General: Pr. Didier Leys, Lille, France; Treasurer: Pr. Marianne de Visser, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Member at large: Pr. Per Soelberg Sorensen, Copenhagen, Denmark; Chair Scientific Committee: Pr. Antonio Federico, Siena, Italy; Chair Liaison Committee: Pr. David Vodusek, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Chair Programme Committee: Pr. Paul Boon, Ghent, Belgium; Chair Education Committee: Dr Hannah Cock, London, UK.

Who are the members of this new society? The EAN is an umbrella organization for all 45 Neurological Societies in Europe but at the same time a member society which has individual members who are interested to take part personally in the exciting events of the neurological development on our continent. We very much encourage neurologists or neurologists in training to become full members and to benefit from the many services which our society has already developed and will develop in the future. We also have a membership category ‘fellow of the EAN’ (FEAN) which is available on special application for eligible persons. We also have categories for residents, students and other health professionals. Membership application forms can be downloaded ( 1642.0.html). What is the benefit that French members can have from belonging to the EAN? The EAN is a connection of each neurologist to Europe. The EAN will develop European guidelines to be used as standards. As a member you have


revue neurologique 171 (2015) 201–202

Fig. 1 – Logo of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), founded in June 2014. President: Gu¨nther Deuschl, Secretary General: Didier Leys.

access to the European Journal of Neurology and to eBrain, a powerful resource for education. You have access to all the training programs of the society. At the congress members have a 150 s reduction which fully compensates the costs for membership. We are representing the interests of neurology and all clinical brain sciences in Brussels trying to convince the parliament that brain diseases are highly prevalent, they cause most of the disability in the society and research and new structures of health care can improve these conditions. In essence if you strengthen neurology in Europe you will also strengthen neurology in your own country. The young generation of neurologists and neurologists in training are heavily represented in the society and the Young Neurologists group (EAYNT) is supporting them. Adopt this society (Fig. 1) as yours and make it strong by getting involved.

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European Academy of Neurology: The first steps.

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