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Drs. Fayrer, J. Mr.

Ewart, and J. Anderson, Sceva,?June 8th, 1870.


An Ophiophagus Elaps, nine feet six inches long, and seven inches in circumference, arrived from Kangoon yesterday. It seemed in

good health,





to bite

when roused; is just about to cast its epidermis. Experiment No. 1.?At 11-50, a pariah pup one-fourth grown, was bitten in the thigh, the snake being made to close its jaws on the part. 11-51.?The dog much excited, but apparently not in any pain. 11-52.?In a state of general tremor; defecation. 11-55.?Fallen over paralysed. 11-56.?Convulsed. 11-58.?? Dead?in eight minutes. The body was examined soon after, death. The blood coagulated in a minute and a half after re moval from the great vessels, into a peculiarly firm clot. The dog never gave the slightest indication of suffering; its death even


very quiet and free from pain. Experiment No. 2.?A full-grown pariah dog bitten on the thigh by the same Ophiophagus at 12. The snake was made to close its jaws as before on the part. 12-2.?Staggers, being weak in the hind leg. 12-4.?Standing up, but seems lethargic; head drooping; no expression or sign of pain; when made to walk, does so with difficulty : limbs seem weak, or to be in a state of ataxy. 12-9.?In the same condition : breathing deep, head drooping to the ground ; seems unconscious of anything; complete locomotor ataxy. 12-20.?Limbs now seem paralysed ; singular freedom from any expression or look of suffering. 12-26.?Slight convulsive movement of muscular system generally. 12-30.?Lies quite motionless; expression of eye natural. 12-31.?Slight convulsions of muscular system generally. 12-34.?Involuntary discharges; heart still beats, no respiration, convulsive waves over the whole body. 12-37.? Appears dead, but the heart still acts irregularly. 12-38.? Dead?in thirty-eight minutes. There was no salivation in either of these dogs. The sympwas

toms, were like those of cobra poisoning; if any difference, death was quieter, and free from suffering. Body examined after death : blood coagulated very firmly on removal from the body. The snako is about to shed its epidermis; it i3 sluggish, and may be sickly, but yet the poison was very active; however, so far as these two experiments show, it is not more active or fatal than that of a full-grown, vigorous cobra. Present: Dr. Fayrer and Mr. Sceva. June 13

Experiments on Snake Poison.

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