EXPERIMENTS ON SNAKE POISON. By J. Fateee, M.D., C.S.I. Present: Drs. Fayrer and Ewart, and Mr. Sceva.? April 23rd, 1870. Experiment No. 1.?The external jugular vein of a dog was exposed, and Liquor Potas; 5ss. water jiii. injected with the

hypodermic syringe at 3-14 p.m. At 3-28, the dog seemingly unaffected by the alkaline injections, two drops of poison, squeezed out of the poison glands of a cobra (Bansbunniah Keautiah,) sickly and casting it skin, were diluted with water and injected hypodermically into the dog's thigh. This suake had been deprived of its fangs, and could not bite. The dose of poison was very mild. 3-35.?The dog seems restless and uneasy?is whining. 3-36. Apparently very slightly affected. 4-10.?Is restless; sits down, looks listless and tired. 4-15.?Liquor Potas : jss. Aq. ji injected into jugular vein; no effect produced, the dog did not seem to feel it in any way. 4-20.?Liquor Potas : 5ss. Aq. ^ii. poured down its throat. 4-26.? Restless and uneasy; is sick, slightly convulsed; respiration hurried; sardonic grin. 4-30. Cannot walk; profusely salivated, defecated; more solution of Liquor Potas : administered. 4-35.?Tries to rise ; falls over, staggers; all the symptoms of snake-poisoning now rapidlyincreasing ; spasmodic action of diaphragm. 4-37.?Much convulsed. 4-40.? Still much convulsed and profusely salivated ; gasping respiration. 4-42,?Respiration ceased. 4-45.?Dead? in an hour and a half.

opened at 5 p.m. Blood in the cavities of the coagulated firmly on being removed. Experiment No. 2.?About half a grain of cobra-poison kept in a glass tube since December, 1869, was diluted with water, and a hypodermic syringeful of the solution (about 20 drops) injected into a fowl's thigh at 3-53 p.m. The poison had coagulated into a white paste; was very foetid, and not readily soluble in water, as the solution, after being well rubbed, was turbid and floculent. 4 p.m.?The fowl is lethargic, and crouches; but easily roused, and runs about looking as bright as ever. Twenty drops of a solution of Liquor Potas: one part to two of water, injected into the fowl's thigh. The legs were sooa observed to bo weak. 4-5,?Cannot stand, the legs are extended and seem almost paralysed. 4-7-?Legs powerless, but its eye is bright, and its head does not droop, as is usual in snake of the Liquor Potas: poisoning. 4-14.?Another syringeful solution injected into the thigh. 4-20.?Lies on its side, legs head raised; it seems quite powerless, but eyes still brighter ; perfectly conscious. 4-30.?In the same condition. 4-40.? Another syringeful of the solution of Liquor Potas : injected? no apparent change. 4-50.?Eyes still bright; head does not droop, cannot move. 5 p.m.?In the same condition. 6-15.? Unable to walk. 7-11.?Attempted to walk, but was unable to do so; fell with legs extended in opposite direction ; remained in this state till 7-41 p.m. 9 p.m.?Lying on its side with only wings extended, and legs out stretched. 24th, 5-30 a.m.?Lying much as it was at 9 p.m., yesterday. 9.15?Convulsive movement. It did not die till 1-35 p.m

Experiments on Snake Poison.

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