Bibliography of the current world literature This bibliography is compiled by geneticists and developmental biologists from the journals listed at the end of this publication. It is based on literature entered into our database between 1st August 1991 and 31st July 1992 (articles are generally added to the database about two and a half months after publication). In addition, the bibliography contains every paper annotated by reviewers; these references were obtained from a variety of bibliographic databases and published between the beginning of the review period and the time of going to press. The bibliography has been grouped into topics that relate to the reviews in this issue. • Papers considered by the reviewers to be of special interest. • • Papers considered by the reviewers to be of outstanding interest. The number in square brackets following a selected paper, e.g. [7], refers to its number in the annotated references of the corresponding review.

Contents Genomes and evolution Population genetics Retroposition and transposition Horizontal transfer SINEs and LINEs Molecular evolution in single copy sequence and multigene families Genome stability and evolution Position effect and related phenomena

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Chromatin and chromosome structure, and genome mapping Mitochondrial DNA The chloroplast genome Polymerase, reverse transcriptase and virus evolution Population genetics of microbial organisms Selection, mutation, breeding and transgenics Exons and Introns Miscellaneous

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Genomes and evolution Population genetics Related review: Population cytogenetics (pp 844--849)t; Biology and applications of human minisatellite loci (pp 850-856)tt; DNA fingerprinting in non-human populations (857-860) ABADJp, CAKHENAM, 8AM~S. S^UNDEP6ILDC,GLOVER DM, LODENAP, SEN'~SC, "I~'LEF6MITHC, VIIL~&~TE A: Dodeca Satellite - - A Conserved G + C-Rdeh S a t e ~ t e from the CenU'omeHc Heterochromatin of DrosophRa-Mel~nogaster. Proc Natl Acx,d Sci U S /! 1992, 89:4663-~667. ABADP, QUILESC, TARESS, PIOTIEC, CASTAGNONESERENOP, ABADONM, DALM&~SOA: Sequences Homologous to Tc(s) Transposable ~ l e m e n ~ o f CaenorhabcUtist~legans are Widely DisUdbuted ha the Phylum Nematoda. J Mol EvM 1991, 33:251-258. ADKINSRbi. HONEYCLrl"YRL Molecular Phylogeny o f the Superorder Archonta. Proc Naa Acxul Sci U S A 1991, 88:10317-10321. ALATALORV, HOGLUNDJ, LUNDBERG~ I ~ k ~ o g In the Black Grouse - - A Test of Made V ~ b i l l ~ [Le~er]. Nature 1991, 352:155. ALLARDMW, HON~'COTrRI2 Nucleotlde Sequence Variation In the Mltochondrlal 12S RRNA Gone and the Phylogeny of African Mole-Rats (Rodentla, Bathyergidae). Mol Biol Eta! 1992, 9:27--40. ANDERSON~ , ARNOLDJ, BALDWIN[ ~ , BECKENBACHAT, BROWNCJ, BRYANTSH, COYNEJA. HAt~HMANLG, HEED ~ , JEFFEIWDE, KLAC2KOLB, MOOREBC, PORTER JM, POWELLJIL PROUrT, SCHAEFFERSW, STEPHENS JC, TAYLORCE, TURNERME, WIUJ~L~GO, MOOREJA: Four Decades of Inversion Polymoeph~m In Drosoph~a-Pseudoob~ura. p r ~ Natl Acad Sci U S A 1991, 88:10367-10371. A~D~ C, LEVY& WALBOTV: Sm all Repeated Sequences and the Structure o f plant ~ U t o c h o n d r L ~ Gcnomes. Trends Genet 1992, 8:128-132. ANONYMOUS:Ancieot DNA: Stir Busy a~er Death - If not a Dinosaur, a ,Mammoth? Science 1991, 253:1354-1356. ARMOURJ&L, CRG6ERM, JEFFRE~"SAJ: Hu¢~an MIn~atellite &Uelcs Detectable Only a~er PCR AmpHficatinn. Genomics 1992, 12:116-124.

ARMOURJAL CROSIERM. JEFFR~3AJ: Human Mlnlsateifite • Alleles Detectable Only after PCR Amplification. Genomics 1992, 12:116-124. [64tt]. ASNASONE, L~Oh'nN RC: Perturbation-Reperturbation Test of Selection Vs Hitchhiking of The 2 Major ABeles of Esterase-5 In Drosophila. Pseudoobscura. Genetics 1991, 129:145-168. ASAKURAK, IWAGUCHISl, HO,~LAM, SUKMT, H[GASHIDE K, TANAKAK: EJec~rophoretic Karyotypes of Cll~dca~y Isolated Yeasts o f Candida-Albicans and Cd3labrat~ J Gen Microbio11991, 137:2531-2538. ASMUSSENb ~ SCHNABEL~ Comparative Effec~ o f pollen and Seed M~gcation on the Cylonuclear S~uc0ure of Phmt Populations. I. Matern~ Ctop~smic Inhe~tance. Genetics 1991, 128:639-654. A56UMG, FINKT, KLETrC, LENGLB, SCHANBACHERM, UHLS, WOHRG: A New Multisequence Family in Human. Genomic.~ 1991, 11:397-409. ATCHLEY~/R, FWCHX~M:G e n t Trees and the O d g i n s o f Inbred Strains of Mice. Science 1991, 254:554-558. AVARELLOP~ PEDICINIA. CAIULOA. ZUFFARDIO, FRACCAROM: Evidence for an Ancestral Alphold Domain on the Long Arm of Human Chromosome-2. Phtm Goner 1992, 89:247-249. BMAZSl, NEUWEILERJ, GUNNP, KIDDJ, KIDDKK, KUHLJ,LIU MJ: Human Population Genetic Studies Using Hypc~le Loci. I. Analysis o f Assamcse, AustraUan, Cambodian, Caucasian, Chinese and Me~meslan Populations. Genetics 1992, 131:191-198. BALDINI~ ARCHIDIACONON, CARBONER, BO~NO~ SHRIDHAR V, MILLEROJ, MILLERDA, WARDDC, ROCCH[M: Isolation and Comparative Mapping of a Human Chromosome 20-Specific Mpha-Satelllte DNA Clone. Cytogene! Cell Genet 1992, 59:12-16. BALUNGERSW, SCHUP.~TG, TORRON~A. GANYY, HODGEJA, K, CHENKH, WALLACEDC: Southeast Asian MJtochondr~d DNA &n~lysis Revea~ Genetic C o n t i n u l w o f Ancient Mongoloid M~grations. Genetics 1992, 130:139-152. BANFIELDDK, ~L~CGIK~RAyRT~ Patti ~1 Characterhxation o f Vertebrate Prothrombin CDNAS - AmpKfication and Sequence A n ~ y s ~ of the C h i n o f Thrombhn from Nine Different Species. proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1992, 89:2779-2783. BANKRA. HETTEMAEH, MUIJSM~ PALSG, ARWERTF, BOOb~Sm DI, PRONKJC: Var~tion In G~ne Copy Number and P o l y m o r p h ~ m o f the Human

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Salivary Amylase Isoenzyme System in Caucasians. Hum Genet 1992, 89:213-222. BARTONNH. ROUHAhqS: The Probability o f FLxation o f e e a New Karyotype tn a Continuous Population. Evolution 1991, 45:499-517. [42t]. BgSGOZN. QM)pa l, Nm^R~O D, SEAKSA. LEt'~qETTEE. YOUNGBLOMJ, PEREIRAL The Amino Terminus o f Humall Cytomegalovtrus Gly¢oproteln-B Contains Epltopes that Vary Among S / . J Gen i'iro/1992, 73:983-988. BA'rZERM, GUDIV/L MENAJC, FOr2 DW, HERRERARJ, DEININGERpl. Amplification Dynamics of Human Specific (HS) AIU Family Members. Nudeic Acids R~ 1991, 19:3619-3623. BALr~ENSS, VANOOS~IDT P, ENGLERG, VANMONWAGUhi: Distribution of the RDNA and Three CLasses of Highly Repetitive DNA In the Chromatin o f Interphase Nuclei of Arabldopsts-Thalhuza. Cbromosoma 1991, 101:41-48. BE/d.~TP, BOOTHRO~I)JC: Sequence Divergence Among Members of a Trypannsome Variant Surface Glycoprote In Gene Family. J Mol Bio11992, 225:973-983. BECK~NN JS, WEBER JL Survey of Human and Rat Mlcrosatellltes. Genomics 1992, 12:627-631. BEGUNDJ, AQUADROCF: Molecu~r Population Genetics o f the Dbt~l Portion of the X.Chromosome In Drosophila - - Evidence for Genetic Hitchhiking o f the Yeilow-Achaete Region. Genetics 1991. 129:1147-1158. BEUCHMP, MADRIGALJA. HILDEBRANDWH, ZEMMOUR J, WILIJ~LSRC, LUZR, PEVLL-ERLERMl~ PARH~t P: Unusu ~1 HLA-B Alleles In Two Tdbes o f B i a n Indinns [Leuer]. Nature 1992, 357:326-328. BELL~JL BUTUNRK, FERNSC, HE~qTr GM: Asymmetrical e e Homogamy and U n e q u ~ Sex Ratio from Reclpro¢~ Mating-order Crosses Between C~bo~ Parallelus Subspecies. J Hered 1992, 68:345-352. [31t]. BENACHENHOUN, BALDACC[G: The Gene for a H~op~d~c Glutamate Dehydrogenase - - Sequence, Transcription A n ~ y s ~ and PhylogeneOc Imp"cations. Mol Gen Genet 1991, 230:345-352. BERBEEML, TAYLORJ~¢: Two Aacomycete cb,,,~es Based o n Fruiting-Body Characters and ~ b o s o m ~ DNA Sequence. Mol Btol E~11992, 9:278-284. BEUTLERE, GELImRTT, KUHLW, SORGEJ, WESTC: Identification o f the Second Common Jewish Gaucher D~mase Mutation Makes



Genomes and evolution

Population genetics

Passible Population.based Screening for the Heterozygous State. proc Nail Acad Sci U S A 1991. 8&10544-10547. BHATrACHARYAD. STICKELSK. SOGINMI= Molecular Phylogenetlc Analysis of Actin Ganic Regions from Achlya-Blsexualis (Oomycota) and Costarta-costata ( C h r o m o p h y t a ) . J Mol Et~11991. 33:525-536. BIDENNEC, BLONDINB, DEQUINS. VE~JNHETF: Analysis o f the Chromosomal DNA Polymorphism o f Wine Strains o f Saccharomyces-Cerevtsiae. C u r t Genet 1992, 22:1-7. BIJUDLWALC, EN~*NAI-A ' AH, DENNEBOIIYN. MONNEROTM. MIGNOTTEF. SORIGUERRC, EEG,~AIEDt~ EIJIIIJ A. MOUNOLOUJC: Mltochondrial DNA Evolotlon in Lagomorphs - - Origin o f Systematic H e t e r o p l a s m y a n d O r g a n i z a t i o n o f D i v e r s i t y in European Rabbits. J Mo/E~0/1991, 33:92-102. BISERCICM, FELq'PdERJY, RE:EVF~SPR: Nucleotlde Sequeoees of the Gnd Genes from Nine Natural Isolates of Eschcrichla-Coli - - Evidence o f Intragenlc Recombinatiou as a Contributing Factor in the Evolution of the Polymoephic Gnd Lo~us. J Ba¢terio11991, 173:~9`1-3900. BONACCORSlS. bOUlEPc Fine Mapping o f Satellite DNA Sequences Along the Y.Cliromosome of Drosophlla-Melanogaster - - Relationships Between Satellite Seqoences and Fertility Factors. Genetics 1991. 129:177,-189. BON'I~IROND. COLLINST. GRTL';CIIIKKH. V&NROYN, SPELEM,~'~ F: Flatelet-Derived Growth Factor a Chain Confirmation of Localizatloo of PDGFA to Chromosome-7p22 and Description of an Uousual MlnisateUIte. Genomics 1992, 13:257-263. BOW~L~NBH, TAYLORJ~/, BROX~LEEAG, IJ~EJ, I.u SD, WHnZ TJ: Molecular Evolution of the Fungi - - Relationship of the Rasidlomycetes, Ascomycetes, and Chytridlomycetes. Mol Biol E m l 1992. 9:28%296. BOYI.~AL WARDDC: Isolation a nd Initial Characterization of a Large Repeat Sequence Element Specific to Mouse Chromosome-& Genomics 1992, 12:517-525. BROOKF~RI.OJ: Law and Probabilities. Nature 1992, * 355:207-208. [5711]. BRO~X~JW. 1L~.S 1:%.jgMES BD, IlttN'r D& PACE NR: Phylogenetic Analysis aud Evolution of RNaseP RNA in Proteobacterta../Baclerio11991. 173:3855-3863 BRO~X~RP, TltORPEKS. llAEZM: Parallel Within Island Microevolutlon of Lizards on Neighbouriog Islands [Letted. Nature 1991, 352:60~1 BIIDOX~q.RB. CItAKRAI|ORTY R, GEIhW1PcM.ELSENBERGAJ. AIJ~N • RC: Analysis of the ~ Locus DIS80 by the PCR Followed by High-Resolution PAGE. Am J H u m Genet 1991, 48:137-144. [411*]. BIIIX)WLEB, GIIIbT"IPcM.WA'tq~JS. BAECIfYELF~, FOLIRIqF~" • Rbl,ADAXLSDE. PRF_~U:3"[A. DEAl)MAN HA, MO,~gONKI: Fixed-Bin Analysis for Statistical Evaluation of Continuous Distributions o f Allelic Data from VNTR Loci, for use in Forensic Comparisons. Am J H u m Genet 1991, 48:841-855. [50tt]. BIINGE S. WOLTEI¢.SJ, APEI.K: A Comparison o f Leaf T h lonin Sequeoces o f Barley Cultlvars and Wild Barley Species. ,Ih# Gen Genet 1992. 231:460-468. BURGEC. C~|I'BELL AM. KARUNS: Over - - a nd Unde r - - Representation o f Short Oligonucleotldes in DNA Sequences. proc N a t l A c a d S c i U S A 1992, 89:1358-1362. BL~FLINRK, RITCItlE MG. I'[E~TITGM: Comparisons m Amoog Morphological Characters and Between Localities in the ~ b o r t / ~ t n ~ P a r a l l e l u s Hybrid Zone (Orthoptera: Acridtdae). Pbilos Trans R Soc Lond/Biol/ 1991, 334:297-308 [41t]. CACCONEA. GI£ASONJM. POWEU.JR: Comple me nta r y DNA-DNA Hybridization in Drosophila. J Mol P.'t~31 1992, 34:130-140. CALXlBR, HONGTJ, FINDLEYSD. GELIIART"~M: Evidence for a Common Evolutionary O r i g i n o f Inverted Repeat Transposons in Drosophila and Plants - Hobo, Activator, and Tam3. Cell 1991, 66:465-472. C.~MMAR/uNOp, PALMP, CRETI P,, CECCAREI£1E, SANANGELAN'rONIAM, TEIONIO: Early Evolutionary Relationships Among Known Life Forms Inferred from Elongation Factor EF-2/EF-G Sequences - - Phylogenetlc Cohe r e nc e and Structure of the Kechaeal Domain. J Mol EI~11992, 54:396-405. CARUERM, ROUBERTOUXPL, PA.SWORETC: T h e YChromosome Effect on i n t e r m a l e Aggreaston in Mice Depends on the Maternal E n v i r o n m e n t . Genetl~ 1991, 129:231-236. CARRERAp, MART1NF.Z-BAI.BhS/viA,PORTUGALJ, AZORIN F: Identification of Sequeoce Elements Contributing to the Intrinsic Curvatore o f the Mouse Satellite DNA Repeat. Nudeic Acids Res 1991, 19:5639-5644.

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LU~', Gola36Mm~ El, DEISENHOFER.1, ]~I!TI!g%ON J& C r y s t a l l i z a t i o n a n d P r e l i m i n a r y X.Ray Diffraction Analysis o f P 4 5 0 t e r p a n d t h e H e m o p r o t e l n D o m a i n o f P450BM-3, E n z y m e s I ~ l o n g l n g to 2 D i s t i n c t Classes o f t h e C y t o c h r o m e P450 S u p e r f a m i l y . I'n'~ Nat/..tcad 3c# It S A 1992, 89:5567-5571. BODI ~ G~.'SI.EI~IUNKERA` KOIIU J: A Q u a n t i t a t i v e Assay to Measure C h r o m o s o m e S t a b i l i t y In S c h i z o s a c c h a r u m y c e s P o m b e . Mid Gen G' I t~)l, 229:77~80. BOLL~,GrJ, EtwC,Ol) DR, "['OBINED. CK)DXgqNt~{. LtSKAYRM: F o r m a t i o n o f H e t e r o d u p l e x DNA During Mammalian Intrachromosomal Gene C o n v e r s i o n . Mol Cell Bio11992. 12:t5q6-1552, I~ORRIEU~) F. KRAI-I]~RKS: M u l t i p l e M u r i n e ~ l - p r o t e a s e Inhibitor Genes Show Unusual Evolutionary D i v e r g e n c e . I'n,c Nad Acad Sci U S A 1991. 88:9417 ~121. BOWM~'~ BH. TAYI£)RJW, BROX~,~LEEAG. LEEJ. l,t' SD, WIIla~. TJ: M o l e c u l a r E v o l u t i o n o f t h e F u n g i -- Relationship of the Basldlomycetes, Ascomycetes. a n d C h y t r i d i o m y c e t e s . Mol BRd I:t~d 1992, 9:28~-2~. Bg~,DYJP, RICIIMONI)RC: An E v o l u t i o n a r y Model for t h e D u p l i c a t i o n a n d D i v e r g e n c e o f E s t e r a s e G e n e s in D r o s o p h i l a . . ] Mol Et'oI 1~)2, 34:506-521. BKMININGERA. IIOI.]'RICII U, SlXEIIItARI)TK, RIq~SA.MEN'~gMGM~NNI I: I s o l a t i o n a n d Charaeterizatinn of a Human Gene that Encodes a New Subclass o f P r o t e i n T y r o s i n e Kinases. Gene 1992. 110:20%211. BRENN.~ TJ. CIL~KgMIORTTT. OI.~N EN: M u t a g e n e s i s o f t h e M y o g e n l n Basic R e # o n I d e n t i f i e s an .A2nclent P r o t e i n M o t i f C r i t i c a l for A c t i v a t i o n o f Myogenesis. I ' r ~ Natl Acad Sci t' ,'¢ .-I I ~) I. 88:567~56-9. Br:'AN'T P.]. \Vtx)t z~ DF: A Major P a l m i t o y l a t e d Membt~qe Protein of Human Erythrocytes Shows H o m o l o g y to Y e a s t G u a n y l a t e K i n a s e a n d to t h e P r o d u c t o f a D r o s o p h i l a T u m o r S u p p r e s s o r G e n e [Letter]. Cell 1~)2, 68:621-(',22. BIqT1NG K. GREGERV, ItROXX~bWEINBI I, MOIIR RM, \'£)ICUIJ{~,CI: I, \VIN'I~RPACIH A` 7~a,BEI. B. I]OR.~'IllEMKEI]: A P u t a t i v e G e n e Family tn 15q11-13 a n d 16p11.2 - - P o s s i b l e I m p l i c a t i o n s for P r a d e r - W i l l i a n d A n g e l m a n S y n d r o m e s . I'r(~_"Natl Acad Set I" S A 1992, 89:5.15" 5461 Bt'u.JJ. MOIJNEUX (I, WERRENJH: Selfish G e n e s . Sort,Hoe 1992, 256:65. BULMERM: S t r a n d S y m m e t r y o f M u t a t i o n Rates In t h e Beta-Globin R e g i o n . . / , l l o l Evo/1 ~) 1, 33:305-31 O, Bt'tMEr M: Use o f t h e M e t h o d o f G e n e r a l i z e d Least Squares lo R e c o n s t r u c t i n g P h y l o g e n i e s f r o m S e q u e n c e Data. Mol Biol Et*d lt)gl. 8:8C~4..8J43. Bt!LMEr M: T h e S e l e c t i o n - M u t a t i n n - D r i f t T h e o r y o f S y n o n y m o u s C o d o o Usage. Gt,Hetic.~ I t~)l. 129:897-907 BULMERM, WOIJ:E KI I. SIIAI*J' PM: S y n o n y m o u s N u c l e o t i d e S u b s t h u t l o n Rates in l~,Lammallan G e n e s - - I m p l i c a t i o n s for t h e M o l e c u l a r C l o c k and the Relationship of Mammalian Orders. /'~ NatlAcad Sci t; .%".'1 1991, 88:~974 5978. BUrGE C, CAMPIIEH.t~'q. KARIJN S: O v e r - a n d U n d e r R e p r e s e n t a t i o n o f S h o r t O I I g o n u c l e o t l d e s in DNA S e q u e n c e s . I'r~: Nal[Acad SCi I I S A 1~)2, 89:1358-1362. Bt'RGHN TP~ T h e TEA D o m a i n - - A Novel. H i g h l y C o n s e r v e d DNA-Blodlng M o t i f [Letter]. Cell 19t)l. 66:11 12. Bt'SCtl R. HIU. CM, I L~'*'tlALI.JD, I~LMBJR. rO]]IIIARI)JB: Effect o f N a t u r a l P o l y m o r p h i s m at R e s i d u e - 8 6 o f t h e HI.A-DR Beta-Chain o n P e p t l d e B i n d i n g . J h..llotol 1991, 147:1292-1298. BUSSINK I IJD, BUXTON FP. Vlrk~;ERJ: E x p r e s s i o n a n d Sequence Comparison of the Aspergillus-Ntger and Aspergillus-Tubigeosis Genes Encoding P o l y g a l a c t u r o n a s e - H . Curt 1991, 19:-t67-i7q CA.qOL P, D YF, MACIIE R: C o n s e r v a t i o n a n d E v o l u t i o n of the Nucleus-Encoded and Chloroplast-Specific R i b o s o m a l P r o t e i n s in Pea a n d S p i n a c h . Gene 1991, 103:139-145.

CARILEROVAIENZttEL~RD. Qu&'4 F, IJGHTO~Xl~E~SR. KENNAWAY NG. ~ M, FORTE. M: H u m a n C y t o c h r o m e - c Oxldase Subunit-Vlb -- Characterization and M a p p i n g o f a M u l t l g e n e Family. Getle 1991, 102:229-236. C&'~I"AGNAROA` MAK~NAC. CARBONEROP, GAHCIA'OLMEDAF: E x t r e m e D i v e r g e n c e o f a Novel W h e a t T h l o n i n G e n e r a t e d by a M u t a t i o n a l B u r s t Specifically Affecting t h e M a t u r e p r o t e i n D o m a i n o f t h e P r e c u r s o r . J Mol Bio11992. 224:1003-1009. CA~r,XNEO R: RNA E d l t i n 8 - - In C h l o r o p l a s t a n d R r a i n . Tren¢L~ Biocbem Sci 1992, 17:4-5. CoXVALUSFOR/_&lJ. hlINCH E, NIOth'~rAINJL C o e v o l u t l o n o f G e n e s a n d L a n g u a g e s Revisited. pro~ Nail Acad Sci U S A 1992, 89:5620-562.i. CAk'ENER DR: GMC O x l d o r e d u c t a s e s . A Newly D e f i n e d Family of Homologous proteins with Diverse Catalytic A c t i v i t i e s . . / M o t Biol 1 ~ 2 . 223:81 I ~ l . i . CERt rlql H, [AGENI)ORFAT: N u c l e o t l d e S e q u e n c e o f t h e C h l o r o p l a s t 16S RRNA G e n e f r o m Pea ( P l s u m S a t i v u m L). Pl¢mt .11ol Bio11991. 17:125-126. CIIAK~t',BORI"¢ R: M u l t i p l e Alleles a n d E s t i m a t i o n o f Genetic Parameters -- Computational Equations S h o w i n g I n v o l v e m e n t o f All Alleles [Letter]. Gt,neO~x~ 1992, 130:231-234. CIt~'~ J. wAI"I- VM: e e k a n d Erk, New M e m b e r s o f t h e E p h Subclass o f R e c e p t o r P r o t e i n - T y r o s l n e Kinases. Oncogene 1991, 6:10~7 1061. CILMrl]ETN, CLEMENq|], I'IIIIJPPS G. GIGOI" C: OrganSpecific E x p r e s s i o n o f D i f f e r e n t H l s t o n e H3 a n d H4 G e n e S u b f a m i l i e s in D e v e l o p i n g a n d Adult Maize. I~la~lt Mol Biol IO91. 17:935-940. CllAI'I)ItURI A` I~ARBOI:r K*V. BERGEr FG: E v o l u t i o n o f M e s s e n g e r RNA S t r u c t u r e a n d R e g u l a t i o n In t h e G e n u s Mus - - T h e A n d r o g e n - I n d u c i b l e RP2 M e s s e n g e r RNAs. Mol Biol Etrd I~)1.8:6-ti-O53. CIIEE MS, RIZ(~ II. III!NDI!Ie~)NItR. BAKERR` SI~3X'A~"TS: S u b f a m i l i e s o f S e r i n e T r a n s f e r RNA G e n e s in t h e B o v i n e G e n o m e . . t h d G e , Gene11991. 231:106. 112. CIIEN .iX'(', EVANSBR` YANGSI(, TEl'LOW DB. JAYARA.MM: D o m a i n o f a Yeast Site-Specific R e c o m b l n a s e (Flp) t h a t R e c o g n i z e s Its T a r g e t Site. P r ~ Nail AcadSci U S A 19)1, 88:59-bi 5%i8 CIIEN SIt, ZIIAN(; M, IL1X~RII!N]'.'.v~:,~.ZOYI"CR` I"IIOMI'~)N AR: CG D i n u c l e o t l d e T r a n s i t i o n s in t h e FactorIX G e n e A c c o u n t for A b o u t H a l f o f t h e P o i n t M u t a t i o n s in H e m o p h l l i a - B P a t i e n t s - - A Seattle Series. Ihtm (;e,et 1991. 87:1 ~ 182. CIII!N T. BI'NqlNG M. KARIMIq), "rIII:MMEI.CS: I s o l a t i o n and Characterization of 5 Drosophila Genes that E n c o d e a n Ets-Related DNA B i n d i n g D o m a i n . /h,v Bio/1~)2. 151:176 191 CIIEN ZQ. RFI'/.EI.RG, IJN CC, IIOIX3ETT3RB: S e q u e n c e Conser'vatlon In Avian CRI - - An I n t e r s p e r s e d R e p e t i t i v e DNA Family E v o l v i n g U n d e r F u n c t i o n a l C o n s t r a i n t s . Proc ,\~al Acad Sci I' S ,,I I~)1. 88:~81-I 5HI8 CIIII'EV CC, \'COI.FFliAP: C h r o m o s o m a l O r g a n i z a t i o n o f X e n o p u s - l a e v i s O o c y t e a n d S o m a t i c 5S RRNA G e n e s I n v i v o . . t h d Cell Bio11992. 1 2 4 8 ~5 CItOUDIIARY M. IAI'RIE CC: Use o f in V i t r o M u t a g e n e s i s to Analyze t h e M o l e c u l a r Basis o f t h e D i f f e r e n c e In Adh E x p r e s s i o n Associated w i t h t h e A l l o z y m e P o l y m o r p h i s m in D r o s o p h l l a - M e l a n o g a s t e r . Gt,Hetit~ 1991, 129:-IHI--IV,S CI[YBA C, SAGAN C: E n d o g e n o u s P r o d u c t i o n , Exogenous Delivery and Impact Shock Synthesis o f O r g a n i c Molecules: a n I n v e n t o r y for t h e O r i g i n s o f Life. At¢llllPO ITS)2, 355:12~-131 CLARK AG, KAO T II: Excess N o n s y n o n y m o u s S u b s t i t u t i o n at S h a r e d P o l y m o r p h i c Sites A m o n g S e l f - i n c o m p a t i b l l t y Alleles o f Sofanaceae. I'n~ A'atl Acad ,%i I" S A 1991. 88:9823 982r. CI&RK~AJXI(R GD: C o n t r a s t i n g M u t a t i o n Rates in M i t o c h o n d r i a l a n d N u c l e a r G e n e s o f Yeasts Versus M a m m a l s . C'tffr Gt,~tt,t 1991. 20:195-19H COBll RR. RINCIIIK I{, }IARNEYI"LB. BI RKIIART.IG, LI!WIbSE: A Malic E n z y m e P r o b e D e t e c t s C r o s s - H y b r i d i z i n g S e q u e n c e s Closely L i n k e d to Loci E n c o d i n g O t h e r M e t a b o l i c E n z y m e s . O~t,nomic.~ I¢Y-)2, 12:q05--i08. COOI,ER DN. KRAWt~.~*KM: M e c h a n i s m s o f l n s e r t i o n a l M u t a g e n e s i s in H u m a n G e n e s C a u s i n g G e n e t i c D i s e a s e . [hllH Gt,ltel ](K)I. g7:.t09--115. CrF.~SE T.I, I.YxCII M: R i b o s o m a l DNA V a r i a t i o n In D a p l m i a - P u l e x . Mol Biol Et'ol 1~)1. 8:620-(H0. CREll R` CII'AREIJA F. "I'III()NIO..~ANANGEb~.%'TONIA` PAI2d P. CAMMARANOP: N u c l e o t i d e S e q u e n c e o f a DNA R e g i o n C o m p r i s i n g t h e G e n e for Elongation Factor-lalpha (EF-lalpha) from the Ultrathermophllic Archaeote Pyrococcusw o e s e i - P h y l o g e n e t l c I m p l i c a t i o n s . J ,11ol Evo/ It~l, 33:332-342. CRIBIL~; DL PUt'IT..'viA.jOIINSON D, hL~CZULLAM, KAUFMAN TC: S t r u c t u r a l C o m p l e x i t y a n d E v o l u t i o n a r y Conservation of the Drosophila Homeotic Gene P r o b o s c i p e d i a . F~IIBOJ 1992. l l : l . i 3 7 - l q S 0 .

CROSSLY" PH. I.rVIIE PFR: A C l u s t e r o f R e l a t e d Z i n c F i n g e r P r o t e i n G e n e s i s D e l e t e d in t h e Mouse E m b r y o n i c L e t h a l M u t a t i o n T w l g . Proc NatlAead Sci U S .-I 1991.88:7923-7927. CROW iF: 25 Y e a r s Ago in G e n e t i c s . I d e n t i c a l T r i p l e t s . Genetic,~ 1992, 130:395-398. CRO\XTA.LDN. JOHN ME. rUK~EU.D, t~MASlNORM: Characterization of a Stress-Induced, D e v e l o p m e n t a l l y R e g u l a t e d G e n e Eamlly f r o m S o y b e a n . Plant ,lloI IJioI 1992. 18:'i59--i66. CUh° P, NtISSLEINVOHARD C. HOPKINS N: H i g h F r e q u e n c y G e r m Line T r a n s m i s s i o n o f P l a s m l d DNA S e q u e n c e s I n j e c t e d i n t o E e r t l l t z e d Zebcaflsh Eggs. /'roc Nat/:1cad 5¢/U S .4 199I, 88:7953-7957. C|ISACK S. IIARTLEINM, I~-;BEI~M?uNR: S e q u e n c e S t r u c t u r a l a n d Evolutionm-y R e l a t i o n s h i p s B e t w e e n Class 2 Aminoacyl-tRNA S y n t h e t a s e s . Nucleic Ac/da Res 1991. 19:3489-3-198. DARR SC, [IRO~,,Nr~v. PACE NR: T h e V a r i e t i e s o f R l b o n u c l e a s e - P . 7)'e,d~ B i ~ e m Sci 1992. 17:178-182. DA~qF_SPI: C o n s e r v a t i o n o f A n t i f r e e z e P r o t e i n E n c o d i n g G e n e s In T a n d e m Repeats. Gene 1992. 112:163-170. DAVIS BK: K i n e t i c s o f Rapid RNA E v o l u t i o n l n v i t r o . J Mol El~l 199!, 33:3q3-380. DIL.~.NGIOI~'TVllM. Ix~CI!RP~XG, Ct~-~TAIJ)OC* CI ffOIL3 R. DI!BONISC, I]IX)NANNOG. CARESqqAC: a l p h a a l p h a a l p h a a l p h a a n t l - 3 . 7 T y p e - i l - - A New Alpha-Globin Gene Rearrangement Suggesting that the Alpha-Globin Gene Duplication Could be Caused by I n t r a c h r o m o s o m a l R e c o m b i n a t i o n . Ihtm Geuet 1992. 89:37 -! I. [)EI~AliRIi I, IJl' L MOENS L VANBEEI!MENJ. GIEI.E.NSC, RICItEH.EJ. TrOTXt~": C, FINCII I, GER53~'3Nhi, PERIrlZ M: P o l a r Z i p p e r S e q u e n c e In t h e Hlgh-Afl3nlty H e m o g l o b i n o f Ascaris-Suum - - A m i n o Acid S e q u e n c e a n d S t r u c t u r a l I n t e r p r e t a t i o n . Proc Naa .-1cad Sci U S A ITS)2, 89:.1638--i6q2. I)EBRY RW: T h e C o n s i s t e n c y o f Several P h y l o g e n y Inference Methods Under Varying Evolutionary R a t e s . . I h d Biol Et.ol 1~)2.9:537-551. I)EEN PM'I', 8LrS.M!MAKEK'~N[IG. I"ERXX~LD. ROt TBI )S FW. ht,',Rll!NS GJM: C o m p a r a t i v e S t r u c t u r a l A n a l y s i s o f t h e T r a n s c r i p t i o n a l l y Active p r o o p i o m e l a n o c o r t i n Gene-A a n d Gene-B o f Xeuopus-Laevis. Mol Biol I:t~11992. 9:-183--11)-I. I)EGR)RGI C. b'd-~A'~liC. hll:SCI hiD. SACCONEC: M i t o c h o n d r i a l DNA in t h e Sea U r c h i n ArbaclaLlxula - - E v o l u t i o n a r y I n f e r e n c e s f r o m N u c l e o t l d e S e q u e n c e A n a l y s i s . . i h d ltitd Et'ol It)~)l. 8:515-529. DELATORREJC, GIACIIEI'YI C. SILMI.ERBL [Iou;L'qD JJ: H i g h F r e q u e n c y o f Single-Base T r a n s i t i o n s a n d Extreme Frequency of Precise Multiple-Base R e v e r s i o n M u t a t i o o s in P o l l o v i r u s . I'roc Naa..Itad 5ci I' S A lt~)2.89:2"$31 2~35. I)EI$)RME MO. I IENAI'I"A: C o d o n Usage is I m p o s e d by t h e G e n e L o c a t i o n in t h e T r a n s c r i p t i o n Unit. Cio-r (;t,~lCl It)91.20:3~3 358. DEMI'I.E l~. I IEI~,L~NT, CIIEN I)S: C l o n i n g a n d E x p r e s s i o n o f APE, t h e CDNA E n c o d i n g t h e M a j o r H u m a n A p u r i n i c E n d o n u c l e a s e - - D e f i n i t i o n o f a Family o f DNA R e p a i r E n z y m e s . Proc A'atl : k a d Sci t' ~ A 1991. 88:1 I-t50.-I l-I%i. I)ENECKEJ. DE RYCKER` BO'VH~I~MANJ: P l a n t a n d b l a m m a l l a n S o r t i n g S i g n a l s for P r o t e i n R e t e n t i o n a n d In t h e E n d o p l a s m i c R e t l c u l u m C o n t a i n a C o n s e r v e d E p l t o p e . FIIBOJ 191~2. 11:23q5 2 3 % I)ENECKEJ. G(IIJ)MAN MI IS, [)EMOIJ)ERJ, Slit 'RINCKJ. BO'IqEIL~UXNJ: T h e T o b a c c o L u m i n a l B i n d i n g P r o t e i n is E n c o d e d by a M u l t l g e n e Family. I~kott C-ell 1991.3:11)25 1035. oE'qt'.W P, S'(¢ll:r S, I]RAND N. [)MglAI)E N, [IAICFON p. :"d~HWOR'nI A: A C o n s e r v e d Family o f G e n e s

Related to t h e T e s t i s D e t e r m i n i n g G e n e , SRY. ,v,cleic :Ic/cL~ Rt~ 1~)2, 20:2~87 I)IiVEAI'X LC, I IOA(;LANI)NA` SMVM G ~ 17 Complementatlon Groups of Mutations D e c r e a s i n g M e i o t i c R e c o m b i n a t i o n in S c h i z o s a c c h a r o m y c e s P o m b e . G'e,etic,~ 1992. 130:251 202, I)L~XIOND.IM: H u m a n E v o l u t i o n : D i a b e t e s R u n n i n g Wild. N a t , r e 19)2. 357:362-363. I)IBEIM } PR` \X'ITIIEKS I)A` BAYER CA, I:RISTROMJXV, GI:IIJ)

GM: T h e D r o s o p h i l a B r o a d - C o m p l e x E n c o d e s a Family of Related Proteins Containing Zinc F i n g e r s . Genetit~ 1991, 129:385-397. DISOTELI. TR. HONE;'CIrlT RL RtrvoID M: M l t o c h o n d r l a l DNA P h y l o g e n y o f t h e O l d - W o r l d M o n k e y T r i b e P a p t o n i n l . ,Ihd Biol Et'o11992, 9:1-13. DJu~m P. GRI!I'~ H: T h e i n v o l u c r i n G e n e o f OldWorld Monkeys and Other Higher Primates -Synapomorphles and Parallelisms Resulting f r o m t h e S a m e G e n e - A l t e r i n g M e c h a n i s m . Mol Biol I:'t*d 1992, 9>117--i32.

Genomes and evolution Molecular evolution in single copy sequence and multigene families I~DNALIESM, CRANMERM, RINGWALDM, STARZINSKII~rtl'L A: E x p r e s s i o n o f M C a d h e r i n a M e m b e r o f t h e C a d h e r i n M u l t i g e n e Family C o r r e l a t e s w i t h D i f f e r e n t i a t i o n o f Skeletal Muscle Cells. proc Nail A6czd b~i U S A 1991, ~:8024-8028. DREYERC, KR~" (3. KEIJ.ER11, GIVEt. F, I IEIJ'-IV.NBEING, WAIILI W: C o n t r o l o f t h e P e r o x i s o m a l B e t a - O x i d a t i o n P a t h w a y by a Novel Family o f N u c l e a r H o r m o n e Receptors. Cell 1992.68:879-887. DROIqN G: N o n r a n d o m CpG M u t a t i o n s Affect t h e S y n o n y m o u s Codon Usage o f M o d e r a t e l y GCRich S i n g l e Copy Actln Genes. J M o l Emd 1991, 33:237 240. DIIIAC C. TROPAK MIt, CAMERONCIJRIWI), ROSSIEEJ. NIAI~IIAK DR, RODEr J. LE'I)O|IARINNM: M o l e c u l a r C h a r a c t e r i z a t i o n o f t h e S c h w a n n Cell M y e l i n P r o t e i n , SMP - - S t r u c t u r a l S i m i l a r i t i e s W i t h i n t h e I m m u n o g l o b u l i n S u p e r f a m i l y . N e . r o . 1992, 8:323-33"i. DtlRKOP H. bx17_~ U, HIIhLMELM, i:.I1]+LIIACIIF. SEED B, .%'I1!IN H: M o l e c u l a r C l o n i n g a o d E x p r e s s i o n o f a New Member of the Nerve Growth

Factor Receptor

Family t h a t is C h a r a c t e r i s t i c for H o d g l d n ' s Disease. Cell 11~)2.68:421-427. ENIX3W St~ T h e E m e r g i n g Kinesin Family o f M l e r o t u b u l e M o t o r P r o t e i n s . "l'rt,lltl+ IIit~'lx, m Sci 1991, 16:221-225. F.PPI.ENJT: D N A - F i n g e r p r i n t i n g - - A S h o r t Note o n M u t a t i o n Rates - - Reply [Letter]. I/urn C;t,~lt,t 1991, 87:633. l-'-xvosfro .Ff. LEGI1EIJ£C I). lJ ~Q, (3ARRONE1~: S h o r t C h a i n C o l l a g e n s in S p o n g e s a r e E n c o d e d b y a Family o f Closely Related Genes. J Biol Cl~t.m 1991, 266:21923-21928. E't~tEWAI.KERAC: An .Analysis o f C o d o n Usage in M a m m a l s - - S e l e c t i o n o r M u t a t i o n Bias..I .tlol EtYd 1991, 33:.i42-4.i9. FENG Xl I. BOYFINO pJ. KI*NG SD: M o l e c u l a r I d e n t i f i c a t i o n o f a Soybean P r o t e i n K i n ~ e G e n e Family by Using PCR. Plant ,11ol Biu11992. lS:581-58-1. FIEIDIIOI~SI! D. GOIJ)ING B: A S o u r c e o f Small Repeats in G e n o m l c DNA. (;t.ltetic¢ 1991. 129:%3-572 FIORE1"11G. DlLSdqGIOIJ!]'l]M, M~CLMNGEIL) F, IACERIbgG. . ~ I M . ) A, DEBONISC. PAGAN() [~ GUARINO E, I)EROSA 1, SAINAI] F. CArES'hA C: O r i g i n H e t e r o g e n e i t y o f Hb L e p o r e - B o s t o n C e n e In Italy. A m J tlttm f-;ent,t 1992, 50:781-786. FLMIER]N I~ hllk%~ERA. RI:N~IEILIJI, rlNOIIK EM: C h l o t - a m b u e f i - i n d u c e d M u t a t i o n s in Mtee R e c o v e r e d in H o m o z y g o t e s . I'n£ Nail Acad Sci { ' S A 1992. 89:2859 2863 l:lJ~CK O. MICHAELH. }lEt,~l I= T h e S w i 4 + G e n e o f Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Eucodes a H o m o l o g u e o f M i s m a t c h R e p a i r E n z y m e s . Nucleic A¢id~ Rc~. 1992, 20:2271 2278. FONG ,%E,SURZYCKISJ: C h l o r o p l a s t RNA P o l y m e r a s e Genes of Chlamydomonas-Reinhardtii Exhibit an U n u s u a l S t r u c t u r e a n d A r r a n g e m e n t . Curt Genet 1992. 21:-i8S-497. FOtrRY F, VANDEIL~I~I~I'ENS: Yeast M l t o c h o n d r l a l DNA M u t a t o r s w i t h D e f i c i e n t P r o o f r e a d i n g E x o n u c l e o l y t i c Activity. F~llIO./ 1992. 11:2717 2726. FRIEI)MANTI~. BUI,LNI~I'I".[I~, I~-K)I"ENSS. S11[INXL.XNR. \Y-'AIJJtA111 IJ= T h e U r a t e O x l d a s e G e n e o f D r o s o p h i l a Pseudoobscura and Drosophlla+Melanogaster -- Evolutionary Changes of Sequence and R e g u l a t i o n . J Mo/I:t~d 1992, 34:62-77 FRYXI':IJ.KJ, ME~'EROWnZEM: T h e E v o l u t i o n o f Rhodopsins and Neurotransmitter Receptors../ Mtd h'l~d I~)l. 33:367 378. FtTKIPCIII M, SIIIK~NAIT, KOS-',~'KIIVG. YAMADAY: A n a l y s i s o f N u c l e a r S e q u e n c e s H o m o l o g o u s to t h e B4-Plasmld-Llke DNA of Rice Mitochondria - - E v i d e n c e for S e q u e n c e T r a n s f e r f r o m M t t o c h o n d r l a to Nuclei. C . r r Genet 1991,

20:487-494 FUKIIOKASI, FREEDMANSD, y[t H, SI~KIIAI"ME\q), .¢K:IIEEIJ~ GA: G P - 2 / T H p C e n e Family E n c o d e s Selfbinding Glycosylphosphat idylinosliol-anchored P r o t e i n s in Apical S e c r e t o r y C o m p a r t m e n t s o f Pancreas a n d Kidney. ProC Nail tlc~ld SCi I; S .4 1~)2, gg:1189-1193. FUKUOKAS-I, FREI'DM3uNSD, Yt~ II. SUKIIATMEVP, .~CI{EEI~': GA: G P - 2 / T H P C e n e Faintly E n c o d e s S e l f - h i n d i n g Glycosylphosphatidylinoshol.anchored Proteins In Apical S e c r e t o r y C o m p a r t m e n t s o f P a n c r e a s a n d K i d n e y ( C o r r e c t i o n ) . Pn~c Nail Acad Sol U 5":1 1992, g9:3669. GAILYJA. EDEI2dANGhl: E v i d e n c e for G e n e C o n v e r s i o n in G e n e s for C e l l - A d h e s i o n M o l e c u l e s . proc Natl Aex~d Sci U S A 1992, 89:3276-3279. GANTTJS, BALDAUFSL. CAUE PJ, WEEDON NF, PAIAIEH JD: T r a n s f e r o f Rp122 to t h e N u e l e a s G r e a t l y P r e c e d e d Its Loss f r o m t h e C h l o r o p l a s t a n d I n v o l v e d t h e G a i n o f a n i n t r o n . EMBOJ 1991, 10:3073-3078.

GARDINErGARDEN M, FrOMSlmr hh S i g n i f i c a n t CpG-Rtch R e g i o n s In A n g i o s p e r m Certes. J Mol Iro/1992, 34:231-245. GARDINERGARDENM, WED JA. PROMMERM: M e t h y l a t l o n Sites ill A n g i o s p e r m Genes• J Mol Et~d 1992. 34:219-230. GA3V_~YJ, YEDON D, DF~%AIJ.ER, VR~;AES: P h y l o g e n y o f t h e B o v i d a e ( A r t l o d a c t y l a , M a m m a l l a ) Based o n M l t o e h o n d r t a l R i b o s o m a l DNA S e q u e n c e s . Mot Biol Et~11992. 9:'i33-4.i6. GA\qN BJ. MCM?dlON AP: D i f f e r e n t i a l R e g u l a t i o n o f t h e W n t G e n e Family D u r i n g P r e g n a n c y a n d L a c t a t i o n Suggests a Role in P o s t n a t a l D e v e l o p m e n t o f t h e M a m m a r y G l a n d . Mol Cell Hird 1992. 12:2418-2-i23. GI~XRING DP. COSMAN D: H o m o l o g y o f t h e P40 S u b u n i t o f N a t u r a l K i l l e r Cell S t i m u l a t o r y F a c t o r (NKSF) w i t h t h e E x t r a c e l l u l a r D o m a i n o f t h e l n t e r l e u k i n - 6 R e c e p t o r [Letter]. Cell 1991, 66:9-10. GI!OrGE AL KNn'laJ+ TJ. TAMKI~NMM: M o l e c u l a r C l o n i n g o f a n Atypical V o l t a g e - G a t e d S o d i u m C h a n n e l E x p r e s s e d in H u m a n H e a r t a n d U t e r u s - E v i d e n c e f o r a D i s t i n c t G e n e Family. Pr+x" Nat/ Acad .qci U S A 1992, 89:.i893-489~. GI!P~q"JE, ROIYGEI~ 1. RIGGS M, WIGLER M: SNC1, a Yeast H o m o l o g o f t h e S y n a p t i c Vesicle-Associated M e m b r a n e P r o t e i n / S y n a p t o b r e v i n G e n e Family - - G e n e t i c i n t e r a c t i o n s w i t h t h e RAS a n d CAP Genc~s. I'n~C Nat/,'k~td Sc'i I :S A 1992, 89:.i3.a.8--t3-12. GIBSON JB, \VIL~S AV, AGlIOq1St~ M o l e c u l a r R e l a t i o n s h i p s B e t w e e n A l c o h o l D e h y d r o g e n s s e Null-Activity Alleles f r o m N a t u r a l P o p u l a t i o n s o f D r o s o p h i l a m e l a n o g a s t e r . ,11ol Biol Et~o11992, 9:250 260. GIMElYARBA: P l e l o t r o p y a n d M u l t l l o c u s P o l y m o r p h i s m s . Genetics 1992, 130:223-227. GIOrDA R, THIrcco M: Mouse NKR-PI - - A Family o f G e n e s S e l e c t i v e l y C o e x p r e s s e d in A d h e r e n t L y m p h o k i n e - A c t i v a t e d K i l l e r Cells• J Immunol 1991. 147:1701 1708. GfX;IIEI. V, DEIAIIOt)DEA, .IACQ C: C o n n e c t i o n s B e t w e e n RNA S p l i c i n g a n d DNA I n t r o n M o h l l l t y in Yeast M h o c h o n d r l a - - RNA M a t u ~ a n d DNA E n d o n u c l e a s e S w i t c h i n g E x p e r i m e n t s . Mol Cell Ilio11992. 12:61~705. G(X)I)AIJ. GJ, I:llJPO~X~czW: D i f f e r e n t Effects o f I n t r o n Nucleotide Composition and Secondary S t r u c t u r e o n Pre+mRNA S p l i c i n g In M o n o c o t a n d D t c o t Plants. I'~tllJOJ 1991.10:263~-264-1. GOODRIOI J, cARPENWER R, cOEN I{S: A C o m m o n C e n e

R e g u l a t e s P i g m e n t a t i o n P a t t e r n in D i v e r s e P l a n t Species. Cell 1~)2, 68:95~-964. GRAIIAMC. SZPIRI!RC. IJ~.'&N G. CARPI!R D: C h a r a c t e r i z a t i o n o f t h e A l d o s e R e d u c t a s e - E n c o d i n g C e n e Family in Rat. 1991, 107:259-267. (3[~JI(}VAC B, MAYER \\rE, VINCEK V. FIGIIEROA F, OIIITIGIN

C, TICIIY II, KleIN J: M a j o r - H l s t o c o m p a t l b l l l t y C o m p l e x DRB G e n e s o f a N e w - W o r l d Monkey, the Cottontop Tamarin (Saguinus-Oedlpus)..Ihd BlO[ Elld It)92. 9:-10..a~'116. GR~'q)Y DK, ZIL~NG Y, Bot%lEr C, ZllOt' QY. JOIINSON IGX. ~M.LENL BUCK K, Btr,'~Zow JR. SAIA)NJ. CIVEUJ O: Multiple Human-D5 Dopamine Receptor Genes -- A Functional Receptor and Two Pseudogenes. I>~&. Nail Acad Sci [: S :l 199 I. gg:9 ) 7~-91 "9, GRIFFIN I.D, GEIJt ilD, \X'IIEEI.ERI)A, DAVISON1), AD~LMS V, MCCAI|E F.RB: M a m m a l i a n H e x o l d n s s e . 1. E v o l u t i o n a r y C o n s e r v a r l o n a n d S t r u c t u r e to F u n c t i o n Analysis. G'e~tomic.~ 1991, 11:101-1 102-1. GROMIqi M, PIERE'I'Ia M, CA.'4KEYC'I'. B?dJABR) A: T h e S u l f a t a s e C e n e Family - - Cross-Species PCR C l o n i n g U s i n g t h e MOPAC T e c h n i q u e . Gt,nomi~ 1992, 12:755-760. GrCg)T PC. hUgGERWt4, I:RANq.NRR: I n t e r p r e t a t i o n o f P o l y m o r p h i e DNA P a t t e r n s Ln t h e H u m a n A l p h a - A m y l a s e M u l t i g e n e Family. Genomics 1991, 10:779-785. GReY:L'¢MANMJ, I IINTON SM. MINAK.I~ERNErOV, SIALJGIn'ERC, Sq'tEV~2LEl: U n i f i c a t i o n o f t h e F e r r l t i n Family o f P r o t e i n s . proc A'atl ..1cad b'¢i ~! S A I t~)2, 89:2419-2-123. GUIDA S, HEGtrY A. MEIJJ M: T h e C h i c k e n IL-I R e c e p t o r -- Differential Evolution of the Cytoplasmic and E x t r a c e l l u l a r D o m a i n s . Gene 1992, 111:239-2.i3. GYORG'tXYJ. GARl%~R A, NEMFTIHK, ~,UXGYARZ, IlIRT H, 4[EISERLEBORSE, DUDH* D: Alfalfa H e a t S h o c k G e n e s are Differentially Expressed During Somatic E m h r y o g e n e s i s . Pkmt 31ol Bio11991. 16:99t~1007. FIAEFIJGERJA, BRUZZONER. JENKINS NA, GILOERTDJ. COPEIAND NG, PAtti. Dl= F o u r Novel M e m b e r s o f t h e C o n n e x i n Family o f Gap J u n c t i o n Proteins -- Molecular Cloning. Expression, a n d C h r o m o s o m e M a p p i n g . J Biol O>em 1992, 267:2057-2064. HAKANSSONG. GUMEUUSK: E x t e n s i v e N u c l e a r I n f l u e n c e on Mitochondrial Transcription and Genome S t r u c t u r e in Male-Fertile a n d M a l e . S t e r i l e A I I o p l a s m l c N l c o t l a n a M a t e r i a l s . Mol Gun Genet 1991, 229:380-388.

I~1£ LR, SINGtt RS: A C o m p r e h e n s i v e Study o f G e n i e V a r i a t i o n in N a t u r a l P o p u l a t i o n s o f D r o s o p h i l a Melanoga.~ter. 4. M l t o c h o n d r l a l D N A V a r i a t i o n and the Role of History Vs Selection

in the

Genetic Structure of Geographic Populations. Genetics 1991, 129:103-117. 4LXI£BG: A d a p t i v e E v o l u t i o n t h a t R e q u i r e s M u l t i p l e Spontaneous Mutations -- Mutations Involving Base S u b s t i t u t i o n s . proc N a t / A c a d Sc/U S A 1991, 88:5882-5~¢6. I IA.MIITVONMJ. HONG G, XXqcIIbL~NHA: i n t r a g e n o m l e Movement and Concerted Evolution of Satellite DNA In P e r o m y s c u s - - E v i d e n c e f r o m I n s l t u H y b r i d i z a t i o n . Cytogenet Cell Genet 1992, 60:40. IIA?.LMONDKOSACKMCU, DOBRINSKIB, IAIRZR. DOCIIER]~t' K, KIIJ+AI"RICKMx*V:"['he H u m a n I n s u l i n G e n e L i n k e d P o l y m o r p h l c R e g i o n E x h i b i t s a n A l t e r e d DNA S t r u c t u r e . Nucleic A¢icL~Rc'.~ 1992, 20:231-236. HANKEL'~T. F~IIMIDT ER: T h e O r g a n i z a t i o n , L o c a l i z a t i o n and Nueleotide Sequence of the Histone Genes o f t h e Midge C h i r o n o m u s - T h u m m L Cbrom&umm 1991. 101:2~-31. HA~NSEN"1~. t~.NDRF~.~ENPIL DRI!ISIG H. liOJRItP P, NIELSEN H, ENGBERGJ, KRIKrlANSENK: T e t r a h y m e n a T h e r m o p h l l a Acidic R i b o s o m a l P r o t e i n L37 C o n t a i n s a n A r e h a e b a c t e r l a l T y p e o f CT e r m i n u s . Gene 1991. 105:1.i3-150. ILkRA Y. ROVF~,kI~ AC, KIM Y, NIRENBEEGM: S t r u c t u r e a n d E v o l u t i o n o f 4 POU D o m a i n G e n e s E x p r e s s e d In Mouse Brain• Proc N a l l A c a d S c i U S A 1992, 89:3280-3284. IIARI)Ir.ON R, KRANE D. V,'dqI)IiNItESGItD, CIIENG JF. .~U'dqSBERGERJ, TADDIEJ, .g,CIIW,LRI'Z.~. |II;ANG X, t~.llll.EII W: S e q u e o c e a n d C o m p a r a t i v e Analysis o f t h e Rabbit A l p h a Like G l o b l n G e n e C l u s t e r Reveals a Rapid Mode o f E v o l u t i o n in a G + C Rich R e g i o n o f M a m m a l i a n G e n o m e s . . I Mol Bio11991. 222:233-2-19. I I,L'~ItlMOTOK, NAIGLNISIIIT, KUROSAWAY: I d e n t l l i c a t i o n of a Shark Sequence Resembling the Major H i s t o c o m p a t t b l l i t y C o m p l e x Class I a 3 D o m a i n . Prt~ A2ttl Acad S¢i I' S A 1992, 89:2209 2212. I'{A.~ITP, RIVEKMtERF~J. BRADLEYA: T h e Role a n d Fate o f DNA E n d s f o r H o m o l o g o u s R e c o m b i n a t i o n in E m b r y o n i c S t e m Ceils. Mol Cell Bto11992, 12:24(~+-2.i74. I~XY:XX.XKAK, ISIIIDAT. IiORAI S: H e t e r o p l a s m y a n d P o l y m o r p h i s m in t h e Major N o n c o d i n g R e g i o n o f M l t o c h o n d r i a l DNA in J a p a n e s e M o n k e y s - Aasoclation with Tandemly Repeated Sequences. .1lo1 Bird Evo11991. 8:399--i15. I bxYIX)CKSF. D O ~ ) N JA, DtllU~ON N+ ROBEgl2~GA, COKla~SJ. [.F.ADI.~,yPF: C l o n i n g a n d S e q u e n c e Analysis o f G e n e s I n v o l v e d in E r y t h r o m y c l n B i o s y n t h e s i s in S a c c h a r o p o l y s p o r a - E r y t h r a e a • S e q u e n c e S i m i l a r i t i e s B e t w e e n Et-yG a n d a Family o f S - A d e n o s y l m e t h i o n i n e - D e p e n d e n t M e t h y l t r a n s f e r a s e s . Mol Gun Gt,tlel 1991, 230:120-128. HAYESJJ, XK'OIJ:FEAP: H i s t o n e s H2A/H2B I n h i b i t t h e I n t e r a c t i o n F a c t o r IlIA w i t h t h e X e n o p u s B o r e a t i s S o m a t i c 5S RNA G e n e in a N u c l e o s o m e . I'roc Nail ..Icad Sci I : S A I ~)2, 89:1229-1233. I II~XDMW. PVT1V.RA. CIAVI'ON P2.1: E v i d e n c e f o r t h e Extralenticular Expression of Members of the B e t a - C r y s t a l l i n G e n e Family in t h e C h i c k a n d a Comparison with Delta-Crystallin During Differentiation and Tmsdifferentlation. D~l~,rt,tt tialiotl i t/x)I, 48: I q 7-15(). IIEARD E. WIILb~MSSV. SIIEER D, FRIED M: G e n e A m p l i f i c a t i o n A c c o m p a n i e d by t h e Losws o f a Chromosome


the Native Mlele and

t h e A p p e a r a n c e o f t h e A m p l i f i e d DNA at a New C h r o m o s o m a l L o c a t i o n . I'rc~ Nail:lead Sci ( r S :1 1991. 88:82-12-82-t6. tIEI)GF2; SB. ib~.s CA, hbLX.~.)N tJt: C a r i b b e a n R i o g e o g r a p h y - - M o l e c u l a r E v i d e n c e for D i s p e r s a l in W e s t I n d i a n T e r r e s t r i a l V e r t e b r a t e s . Pm~: A'atl Acad Sci t: S A 1992. 89:1909-1913. I IEDGLS Sll, hL~xsON lat: 18S-rRNA S e q u e n c e s a n d A m n l o t e P h y l o g e n y - - Reply to M a r s h a l l [Letter]. Mol Biol Et~l 1992.9:37.i-377. HEDRICK PW. WIIITI',LMT~, PAR~LAMP: H e t e r o z y g o s l t y at I n d i v i d u a l A m i n o Acid Sites - - E x t r e m e l y H i g h Levels for HLA.A a n d HLA-B G e n e s . Pro: Naa Acxtd Sci U S A 1991, 88:5897-5901. HEIDECKER G+ CFLM!DIIURI S, MF_~SINGJ: H i g h l y C l u s t e r e d Z e i n G e n e S e q u e n c e s Reveal E v o l u t i o n a r y H i s t o r y o f t h e M u h i g e n e Family. Genomica 1991, 10:719-732. HENDEIL%ONST. PETESTD: I n s t a b i l i t y o f S i m p l e S e q u e n c e DNA in S a c c h a r o m y c e s - C e r e v t s l a e . Mol Cell Biol 1992. 12:2749-2757. HERB A. BUP~NASHEVN, WEI~NERP. SAKMANNB, WISDEN W, SEEBURG PH: T h e KA-2 S u b u n l t o f E x c i t a t o r y A m i n o Acid R e c e p t o r s S h o w s W i d e s p r e a d E x p r e s s i o n In B r a i n a n d F o r m s I o n C h a n n e l s



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58:853-966. (5~]. DAVIk~;ON MT, I.MJJ'Y PA, PETEWSJ, DOOIJTI+LE OP, [ IIU.YARD • AL SE,~I.E AG: Report of th e Comparative Committee for Human, Mouse a n d O t h e r Rodents: Human Gone Mapping 11. Cl,tr~ene! Cell Ge~c.t 1991.58:1152-1189. [71]. [)I-~.XNGIOLI:'YTIM, IACERRAG, C&~I"AIJ~O C, CtTIOID R. DEBONIS C, BtlONA~NNO G. CARF2~,IIAC: aIphaalphaalphaalphaantl-3.7 Type-If -- A New Aipha-Oinbin Gene Re a r r a ng e m e o t Suggesting that the Mpha-Globin Gene Duplication Could be Caused by i n t r a c h r o m o s o m a l Recombinatinn. I h t m Genc.t 1992, 89:37--i1. I)I~IV.CHECM. BIG~.NNANCJ. L.XP~ENA. ADLER,OA, SCHORDERET • O DF. G~XRINGI). COI'EL~NDNG, JENKINS NA. PARKL~: Evolution of the Pseudoautosomal Region: the GM--CSF Receptor Subunit Gene Is on Mouse Chromosome 19. Nature Genet 1992, (i n P re s s ): [9*]. |)OMINGUF]_%TEGUCHM, UCHTER P, CARRIERA. AUFFRAYC. SOl,MID M: Mapping the BetaNGF Gene Insitu to a Mierochromosome in Chicken. Genomic.s 1992, 12:829-832. |'.'ABLEE, SHAFFERLG. K.M/1.~ISp, MCQUIU/uNC. DALES, CLIO0 KI4A:Identification of DNA Sequences Flanking the Breakpoint of Human T(14q21c0 Robertsonian Translocatinns. A m J t l u m Gone[ 1992, 50:717-72q. I:.BERI, DF. PERKINSL~ ENGEL'~TE.'INM, I-IIUJKERAJ. PERRIMON N: Genetic a o d Developmental Analysis o f Polyteoe Section-17 of th e X-Chromosome o f Drosophila Melanogaster. Genetics 1992, 130:~69-583. EIJJSEN l.W. BIRDJ, wEsl" DC, SORENGAL RE~OLDSTC. S.MITtlSD, SKIARJ: TAN-l, the H u m a n H u m • l o g of th e Drosophila Notch Gone, is Broken by Chromosomal Transiocatinns In T-lymphoblastic Neoplasms. Cell 1991, 66:6-i9-~2. FII,L~TNL PRA3MERRS: Genomic Potential in Mammals. D~/ren/t?tlion 1991.48:1-8. FLAtIERTYKM. MCKAYDB. KABSCHW, lloLML~, KC: • 0 Similarity of th e T h r e e - d i m e n s i n n a l Structures of Actin and th e ATPase Fragment o f a 70-kDa Heat Shock Cognate Protein. proc N a d tlcad ~ci U S A 199i, 88:504i-5045. [20]. I:O~.~ I IM, SEIKEREU: Efficient DNA Pairing in a Neurospora Mot.ant Defective In C h r o m o s o m e Pairing. Mol Gen Genet 1991, 231:49-52. FOSTERJ~(/, BRENNANPE, HAMPIKIANGK, GOODFELLOWPN, 0 0 SINCLAIRAH, LO%rELL-BADGER, SELWOOD L RENFREE MB, CCK3PERDW, GRAVESJAM: Evolution o f Sex D e t e r m i n a t i o n a n d th e Y Chromosome: SRYr e l a t e d Sequences in Marsupials. Nature 1992, (in press). [31t1 . GANGULYR, SWANSONKD, RAYK, KRISHNANR: A BamHI Repeat E le me n t is P r e d o m i n a n t l y Associated with the Degenerating Neo-Y Chromosome of Dfosophllin Miranda But Absent in t h e D r o s o p h llla Melanogaster G e n o m e . Pro6 Nail Acad $ci U S A 1992, 89:1340-1344. GtACALONEJP, FRANCKEU: C o m m o n Sequence Motifs at th e R e a r r a n g e m e n t Sites of a ConstitutionalX]Autosome T r a n s l o c a t i o n a n d Associated Deletion. A m J H u m Grazer 1992, 50:725-741.



Genomes and evolution Genome stability and evolution GIE.~E K, COX J. GROgSCHEDLR: T h e HMG D o m a i n 0 0 o f L y m p h o i d E n h a n c e r F a c t o r 1 B e n d s DNA a n d Facilitates A s s e m b l y o f F u n c t i o n a l N u e l e o p r o t e i n S t r u c t u r e s . Cell 1992, 69:18~-195. [301]. GONNET GH, COIIEN MA. BENNERSA= E x h a u s t i v e M a t c h i n g OO o f t h e E n t i r e P r o t e i n S e q u e n c e Database. Scwnce 1992, 256:1443-1445. [131. GRAVF2;JAM, ~:ATSONJM: M a m m a l i a n Sex C h r o m o s o m e s -- Evolution of Organization and Function. O#romosoma 1991. IO1:63~8. GREIDER C~': C h r o m o s o m e First Aid. Cx.I11991. 67:645-647 GIrITENBACtl M, MLIIJ~ERU. ,t~IIMID M: A H u m a n M o d e r a t e l y R e p e a t e d Y-Specific DNA S e q u e n c e is E v o l u t t o n a r t l y C o n s e r v e d in t h e Y - C h r o m o s o m e o f t h e G r e a t Apes. Genomi~( 1992. 13:363-367 PLME DW. HIINT PA. TIICKER PK. EICHER, EM: Synapsls • a n d O b l i g a t e R e c o m b i n a t i o n B e t w e e n t h e Sex C h r o m o s o m e s o f Male L a b o r a t o r y Mice C a r r y i n g t h e Y" R c a r r l m g e m e n t . CylOqe#lt,I ~.ll Genel 19)1. 57:231-239. 164'1. }-IAIZG, ALLENGC, LOER DS, TltOMI.~ON ~rF, SPIKER S: N u c l e a r Scaffolds a n d S c a f f o l d - A t t a c h m e n t Regions in H i g h e r Plants. P ~ - Nail Acad 3"ci U S A 1991.88:9320-932q H2%MV&%RMJ. 7JNN A~ KEER.iT, FISIIER EMC. BEERROMERO P. BROXX,NSDM, PAGE DC: Rps4 Maps N e a t t h e I n a c t i v a t i o n C e n t e r o n t h e Mouse XC h r o m o s o m e . Genomicx 1992, 12:363-36" HARLEY\q~. JAC~gON DI, t IEx'rAu. PJ, HAWKINSJR, BERKOVnZ • GD, SOCKANA'I~4_~,NS, LOVELL-BADGEr, CrCK3DFEIM.)W PN: DNA B i n d i n g Activity o f R e c o m b i n a n t SRY f r o m N o r m a l Males a n d X'Y F e m a l e s . Science 1992. 255:453-q56 [28'1. HIEL~,CIIERK. STUBBEA, 7~RNAIILE K. SANIIAAr: Karyot~rpes and Systemattcs o f Asian H i g h - M o u n t a i n Voles, Genus A l t i e o l a (Rodentia, A r v i c o l i d a e ) Results o f M o n g o l i a n - G e r m a n Biological E x p e d i t i o n s Since 1962. 211.. Cl,tqffenel Cell Go,net 1992, 59:307-310 HOLMGRENA. KUEItN MJ, BRANI)ENC'], HIILTGRENSJ: • • C o n s e r v e d I m m u n o g l o b u l i n - I l k e F e a t u r e s in a Family o f P e r i p i a s m l e Pilus C h a p e r o n e s in Bacteria. F~IIBOJ 1992, 11:161"-1622 [21]. IJIX3JW, BALDINIA. \'6SARDDC, REEDEK~b-]', WEIJ~ Rz~cO r i g i n o f H u m a n C h r o m o s o m e - 2 - - An A n c e s t r a l T e l o m e r e - T e l o m e r e Fusion. Ptvx- Nail Acad .qCi I" S.4 1991. 88:9051-905"~ JIA Z-P. McCuIJDI 'GII N. 1%LM~'EI.R. I IEMMINGSENS. YOUNG PG: G e n e A m p l i f i c a t i o n at a Locus E n c o d i n g a Putative Na+/H+ Ant•porter Confers Sodium a n d L i t h i u m T o l e r a n c e in Fission Yeast. EMBO.I 1992. 11:1631-1640. JONES DT, TAYIDR\%~, THOR~%']'ONJM: A New A p p r o a c h to • 0 P r o t e i n Fold R e c o g n i t i o n . ~\'tllt¢~%'IC~)2, 358:86-89. -



Ji'N Y, BRIDGE PD, Ev,'u~ HC: An Integrated A p p r o a c h to the T a x o n o m y o f the C~nus V e r t l c i l l i n m , ./Gen M/cr0b/o# 1991, 137:1.t3"7- I,i+i. KABACKDB. GI!ACCIV. BARBERD. 1%LMtONJ~V: Chromosome Size-Dependent Control of Meiotic R e c o m b i n a t i o n . Science 1992. 256:22R-232. KAI~N S, B~:~DEL V: C h a n c e a n d Statistical • • S i g n i f i c a n c e in P r o t e i n a n d DNA S e q u e n c e Analysis. Science 1992, 257:39~i9. [14]. K~I~NKA MD. BOURGAINFM: I n t e r s t i t i a l T e l • m e r e s a r e HOtspots for I l l e g i t i m a t e R e c o m b i n a t i o n w i t h DNA M o l e c u l e s I n j e c t e d i n t o t h e M a c r o n u c l e u s o f P a r a m e c i u m - P r i m a u r e l i a . F~tlBOJ 1992. 11:725-732 KEh'rON A: H e t e r o c h r o m a t i n A c c u m u l a t i o n , D i s p o s i t i o n a n d D i v e r s i t y in GIbastsK a r w i n s k y a n a ( C o m m e l i n a c e a e ) . Cbromc~mla 1991, 1OO:467~i78 KE.RREBROCKAW, MIYAT_~KI\XrY, BIILNBYD. ORR~'EAVER1"[= T h e D r o s o p h i l a Mei-S332 G e n e P r o m o t e s Slsterc h r o m a t l d C o h e s i o n in Meiosis F o l l o w i n g K l n e t o c h o r e D i f f e r e n t i a t i o n . Genetic~ 1992, 130:827-8-32. KNOOP V. BRENNICKE,~ A M l t o c h o n d r i a l I n t r o n S e q u e n c e In t h e 5 ' - F l a n k i n g R e g i o n o f a p l a n t N u c l e a r Lectin G e n e . C u r r Genet 1991. 20:423--i25. K(3OP~L~N P. GIJISBAYJ. VIVIANN, CK)ODFEUD'0.'P. LO%q!IJ. • • B~IX;E R: Male D e v e l o p m e n t o f C h r o m o s • r e a l l y F e m a l e Mice T r a n s g e n i c for Sty. Natltre 1991. 351:117-121. (27f]. KRICKERMC. DRAKEJW, RADSt~N bl: D u p l i c a t i o n - t a r g e t e d DNA M e t h y l a t i o n a n d M u t a g e n e s l s In t h e E v o l u t i o n o f E u k a r y o t l c C h r o m o s o m e s . Proc Nail AcadS"ci H S A 1992.89:1075-1079. LAtl Y.F C. YANG-FENG~ ELDER B, FREDGA K, WIBERG • UH: U n u s u a l D i s t r i b u t i o n o f Zfy a n d Zfx S e q u e n c e s o n t h e Sex C h r o m o s o m e s o f t h e W o o d L e m m t n g , a Species E x h i b i t i n g X'Y Sex Reversal. Cyloge#let Cell Gettet 1992, 60:48-54. [61']. LAURSENHB, JORGENSENAJ~ jONES C, BAK A]= H i g h e r Rate of Evolution of X Chromosome Alpha-Repeat

DNA in H u m a n T h a n In t h e G r e a t Apes. F~IIIJOJ 1992, 11:2367-2372. LEII"Ctl AR..~CI~'AR72%CHERT. I\]OSCd~IJ~R\V. BENNE7T MD, HESIOPIIARRISONJS: Pagengai G e n o m e s a r e S e p a r a t e d T h r o u g h o u t t h e Cell Cycle io a P l a n t H y b r i d . CJ~romosoma 1991. 101:206-213. IJN R, COOK RG. AILISCD: P r o t e o l y t i c Removal o f C o r e HIstone Amino Termini and Dephosphoryiatlon o f H l s t o o e H1 C o r r e l a t e w i t h t h e F o r m a t i o n of Condeused Chromatin and Transcriptional S i l e n c i n g D u r i n g T e t r a h y m e n a lt,L a c r o n u c l e a r D e v e l o p m e n t . Genes Dev 1991.5:1601-1610 LII'KO\gTVZS, GARRY\rF, KIR.%CH[R: I n t e r i o c u s V-J Recombination Mcasures Genomic instability In A g r i c u l t u r e W o r k e r s at Risk for L y m p h o i d M a l i g n a n c i e s . p r ~ Nail Acad Sci l/S :1 1992, 89:5301-5305. D~.2KWOOD SF. DEP~qJN: I n t r a s p e c l f i c a n d I n t e r s p e c t f i c G e n o m e - S I z e V a r i a t i o n In t h e S a l m o n l d a e . Crtogenet Cell G e . e t 1992, 59:303-306. IL)RD~L%MNCHEZJ, BINKERTF, MAECIILER1%1..qg:ltlNZEI.A= A M o l e c u l a r Study o f X - I s • c h r o m o s o m e s - Parental Origin, Ceotromeric Structure, and M e c h a n i s m s o f F o r m a t i o n . A m J Ilttm G e . e ! 10~)l, 49:103-i-1(H0. Lot!Is El, HABERJE: E v o l u t l o n a r i l y Recent T r a n s f e r o f a Group-I M l t o e h o n d r i a l I n t r o n to T e l • m e r e R e g i o n s in S a c c h a r o m y c e s - C e r e v i s l a e . Curs ( ; e . e t 1991.20:41 I - I I 5 IJ l 1%1.ZIULqG N. RAh~IONDIS, HO AD: S1 N u d e ase H y p e r s e n s i t i v e Sites in an Oltgopu r i n e / O l l g o p y r t m l d i n e D N A f r o m the T(10, 14) B r e a k p o i n t C l u s t e r Region. Nucleic ..IcirZ~ Res 1992, 20:263-266 1%LA.A.¢A%qNrKEL-MOOIJPD, V.*~'~ZXXaEI~NP, MOLLERV*MNGERP, \'&N • Noogr F.. BV.~ZP~I'OCKG: A Girl w i t h 71, XXXXY K a r y o t y p e . Clin Genet 1992, 41:96-99 [ 6 0 % MADAJqK, MENKO FH: l n t r a c h r o m o s o m a l I n s e r t i o n s - - A Case R e p o r t a n d a Review. H u m Gt'#t¢'t ItY-)2, 89:1-9.

gL,%F_'~'RINI1"],RI\q'.'IJAS. TRIBIOIJ C. ROCCH[ 1%1,CAAIERINOG. SANq'ACHIAKMIENERECE'FTIS. P?J{OIJNI O, NOTAK.S.NGEIO IJ), TONI•U• D; I d e n t i f i c a t i o n o f Novel RFLPs in t h e V i c i n i t y o f CpG I s l a n d s in Xq28 - A p p l i c a t i o n to t h e Analysis o f t h e P a t t e r n o f XC h r o m o s o m e l n a c t i v a t i o a . A m / ] h t m GeHt,I 1992. 50:1 e-,6-163 MAKO~ M, NEIJCJN BD, LERI~E~NMI, IAllF F. ZBAR B. I"IAYIJN SB: D i s t i n c t H y p e r m e t h y l a t l o u P a t t e r n s O c c u r at A l t e r e d C h r o m o s o m e Loci tn H u m a n L u n g a n d C o l o n C a n c e r . proc Natl A6ad Sci~ t 5"A 19)2, 89:1929-1933.

1%[ATAIJA.NAE. ]:RA~NCO].. PEREZORllNJE: C h r o m a t i n S t r u c t u r e o f t h e Yeast SUC2 P r o m o t e r in R e g u l a t o r y M u t a n t s . Mol Gen Genet 1992, 231:39~,--4OO 1%L'xl".~.-gSlG. MEIJS R, MAC2%YAG, BERNARDIG: C o m p o s i t i o n a l Blmodality of the Nuclear Genome of Tobacco. Nt4deic :lc/ds Rt~ 1991, 19:5561-5567 MAVP~AGANla~;RIIDOt~P, SCOtIRA.~ZG: D e v e l o p m e n t a l C h a n g e s In Fat B o d y a n d M i d g u t C h r o m o s o m e s o f D r o s o p h l l a - A u r a r i a . C1)romrx~oma 1991. 1OO:q~t3-q52 MCIL~CHEaN MJ, HICK-hJB: D o s a g e o f t h e S m a l l e s t C h r o m o s o m e Affects Both t h e Y e a s t - H y p h a l Transition and the White-Opaque Transition o f C a n d l d a - A l h i c a n s WO- 1..I ISacterio1199 I. 173:7436-7qq2 MERRIAMJ, ASIII|I.II~NERi%1,HAft11. I)L KAI:A10:~FC: oo Toward Cloning and Mapping the Genome of DrosoptMla. 3~:/c.nce 1991, 254:221 225 [41]. 1%III2~ER-WIII]XEJ. COGGINSJR, A*XrlONIA: E v i d e n c e for a n • 0 A n c e s t r a l C o r e S t r u c t u r e in N u c l e o t i d e - B l n d i n g P r o t e i n s w i t h t h e T y p e a Motif. J Mo/ltio/19)1, 221:751-75q, [19]. MITCIIEU.MJ+ \VOOI)S DR, ~'ll£t)X S~t GRA~xsJAM, BISIIOP • • CE: T h e M a r s u p i a l V C h r o m o s o m e E n c o d e s a Homologue of the Mouse Y-linked Candidate S p e r m a t o g e n e s l s G e n e U b e l y . Naltlrt, 1992. 359:528-531 [17t]. MI17XVOCIt IJ. MAILM)EVALMISK: U n p a i r e d C h r o m o s o m e s • at Meiosis: Cause o r Effect o f G a r n e t • g e n i e I n s u f f l c l g n c y ? C;,togenet (~,/I Genet 1992. 59:27~ 279


1%IOGI!NKL SIEGEl.MR. ~CIIARI)I,Cl= L i n e a r DNA p l a s m l d s of the Perennial Ryegrass Choke Pathogen, E p l c h l o e - T y p h i n a ( C l a v l c l p l t a c e a e ) . Curs Genet 1991, 20:519-526. MO,~q'GOMERYEA. HUANG SM. L~NGLEYCH. JUDD BH: C h r o m o s o m e R e a r r a n g e m e n t by Ectoptc R e c o m b i n a t i o n in D r o s o p h l l a - M e l a n o g a s t e r G e n o m e S t r u c t u r e a n d E v o l u t i o n . Geneti~ 1991. 129:1085-1098 MC~3RE SP, ERDILE L KELLYT. FISIIELR: T h e H u m a n H o m o l o g o u s P a i r i n g P r o t e i n HPP-I is S p e c i f i c a l l y S t i m u l a t e d by t h e C o g n a t e SingleS t r a n d e d B i n d i n g P r o t e i n HRP-A. proc Nail Acad S O / U S A 1991. 88:9067-9071,

MORISHITAK, PARG~"~ E, WIIJ.M~N CI. \VHnq'AKER MH. DRMIKIN H, OVAl.J, TAffr~ R. VALENq3NEMB, Iltt~. JN: A c t i v a t i o n o f EVIl G e n e E x p r e s s i o n tn Human

Acute Myelogenous



T r a n s l o c a t i o n s S p a n n i n g 300--400 Kllobases o n C h r o m o s o m e B a n d 3q26. 1'1~ N a a Acad Sol U S A 1992> 89:39.57-3941. 1%IOFfl'ONNE, ~,[ACPHEKSONJN: P o p u l a t i o n G e n e t i c s o f t h e Fraglle-X S y n d r o m e : M u l t i a i l e l i c Model for t h e FMR1 Locus. proc N a t l A c a d S c i U S A 1992, 89:4215--1217 1%iUH.ERF. WICKYC. SRICHERA, TOBLERH: N e w T e l • m e r e Formation after Developmentally Regulated Chromosomal Breakage During the Process of C h r o m a t l n D i m i n u t i o n In Ascarls Lumhrtcoifies. Cell 1991.67:81%,822. N.MJ~;I~ll [..'S:S e q u e n c e I n s t a b i l i t y a n d F u n c t i o n a l Irmctl~,~ation o f M u r i n e V - C h r o m o s o m e s c a n O c c u r o n a Specific G e n e t i c B a c k g r o u n d . Mo# Biol /:'t~d 1992. 9:331-365 NASRIN N, BUGGSC. KONG XF, CARNATY.AJ, GOEBL M. • AleXANDER-BRIDGES1%1:D N A - b i n d i n g P r o p e r t i e s o f the Product of the Testis-determining Gene and a Related P r o t e i n . Natltre 1992. 354:317-320. [29*]. NEUFELDTP, CARlllE',V R\V, RUBINGM: E v o l u t i o n o f Gene Position -- Chromosomal Arrangement and Sequence Comparison of the DrosophilaMelanogaster and Drosophlla-Virilts-Stna a n d Rh4 G e n e s . Prc~: Natl Acad M i U S A 19)1, 88:10203-10207. NEV,',I,~NNPE: D o e s Sex o f t h e O f f s p r i n g I n f l u e n c e T r a n s m i s s i o n Ratio [Letter]. Genetic.s 1992, 130:[email protected] NEX%lONCS, [JPCIII]-Z LR. COIJJNS l, DE.~;HPANDEA, DEVENISIt RJ. GREEN RP. KIJ~IN HL PAL2J¢.ILLTG, REN R. S'¢NN S, \Vtx3DY ST: A n a l y s i s o f a C i r c u l a r D e r i v a t i v e o f S a c c h a r o m y c e s - C e r e v l s i a e C h r o m o s o m e . 3. A P h y s i c a l Map a n d I d e n t i f c a t i n n a n d l.o~atlon o f Ass E l e m e n t s . Genetic.~ 1991, 129:343 3~7. NORRIS l:. SANDER2~M, CRUMkT"YV. TSUIIOTASI: T h e Identification of the B(S) Breakpoint and o f 2 P o s s i b l e Bar G e n e s . Mo/Gen Genel 1~)2, 233:106-112 O'BRIliN SJ, GRAVESJAM: R e p o r t o f t h e C o m m i t t e e • on Comparative Gene Mapping: Human Gene M a p p i n g 11. Cylqqenel G, II Genet 1991, 58:1152-1189.

18% OGATAT, 11A%%~KINSJR. TAYLOR;L MAI'SIIO N. HATA.[, 0 • GOOI)FEIJ.OW,PN: Sex R e v e r s a l In a C h i l d w i t h a 46,X, Yp + K a r y o t y p e : S u p p o r t for t h e E x i s t e n c e o f a G e n e , L o c a t e d in Distal Xp, I n v o l v e d In T e s t i s F o r m a t i o n . J Med GeHet 1992. 29:226-230 [58*]. OIJXI~RSG. ET tM.: T h e C o m p l e t e DNA S e q u e n c e o f 0 • Yeast C h r o m o s o m e HI. Nature 1992, 357:3E--i6 [391. • lAIn E: G e n o m e V a r i a t i o n s in t h e T r a n s i t i o n f r o m A m p h i b i a n s to R e p t i l e s . J Mot I:t¢d 1991, 33:68-7~ PAQI'IN CE. DOILSEY1%1.CRAIIIJ~S, SI'RINKEI.K, ,t~)NI)EJ 1%l. WIIJ.I&'~L'~)N~1: A S p o n t a n e o u s C h r o m o s o m a l A m p l i f i c a t i o n o f t h e ADH2 G e n e in S a c c h a r o m y e e s C e r e v t s l a e . Genetic.¢ 1992. [email protected] I. PARDllE bib D y n a m i c I n s t a b i l i t y o f C h r o m o s o m e s a n d G e n o m e s . Cell 1991.66:427-i32 PARK VM, GIIS'I'&~ItAWKM, XVA']'IiENTM: T h e P r e s e n c e o f I n t e r s t i t i a l T e l • m e r l e S e q u e n c e s In C o n s t i t u t i o n a l C h r o m o s o m e A b n o r m a l i t i e s . Am J I l u m Genel 1992, 50:9iq-923. [)EARI.MtMNRF, TSAO N. MOENS PB: S y n a p t o n e m a l C o m p l e x e s f r o m D N A s e - t r e a t e d Rat P a c h y t e n e C h r o m o s o m e s C o n t a i n ( G T ) n a n d LINE/SINE S e q u e n c e s . Genetics 1992, 130:865~B72. PEIJICINI A. CAMERINOG, AVAJO{LJDR, GIIIOIJ S, ZUFPARI)IO: • P r o b e S135-239 (DXYS64) Reveals H o m o l o g y B e t w e e n t h e Distal E n d s o f Xq a n d Yq. Genomic.~ 1991, 11:482--t83. [4']. PRIXO10 AA. KIACZKOiJ~: L i n k a g e D i s e q u i l i b r i u m Analysis o f C h r o m o s o m a l I n v e r s i o n P o l y m o r p h i s m s o f D r o s o p h i l a . Genetics 1991, 129:773.-777. PERRETC, IJtORSET F, THOM&%~ETM: DNase lH y p e r s e n s i t i v e Sites a r e Associated, in a Tissue.Specific Manner, with Expression of t h e C a l b l n d i n - D 9 k - E n c o d i n g G e n e . Gene 1991, 108:227-235 P1~11" N1.'A, Mlk'bL~JM, NOIROT P, MOREI..DEVIIJ.I{F, EtIRLICII SD: I n d u c t i o n o f DNA A m p l i f i c a t i o n in t h e B a c t l l u s S u b t i l i s C h r o m o s o m e . 15HBO J 1992, 11:1317-1326. PUCK JM. S3~w~atT CC. NUSSlIAI1MRI: M a x i m u m L i k e l i h o o d Analysis o f H u m a n T-Cell X Chromosome Inactivation Patterns -- Normal W o m e n Versus C a r r i e r s o f X - L i n k e d S e v e r e C o m b i n e d I m m u n o d e f i c l e n c y . A m . I H u m Genet 1992, 50:742-748. PU~LM~NNL. PLASSC, GRUNEBERGM. WINKING H, TRALrTW: A L o n g - R a n g e Repeat C l u s t e r in C h r o m o s o m e -

Genomes and evolution Position effect and related phenomena 1 o f t h e H o u s e Mouse, Mus-Musculus, a n d Its Relation to a Germline Homogeneously Staining Region. Genomics 1992, 12:80-88 RASHEEDBKA.WHISENAN*rEC. FERNANDEZR, O~WRER14. BHATNAGARYM: A Y-Chromosomal DNA Fragment is Conserved In Human and Chimpanzee. Mol Biol Et~o11991, 8:,116--t32. RATrNERJB: Integrating Cbromosome'Structure with Function. Cbromosouta 1992, 101:259-264. RJGGSAD. PFEWERGP: X.Chromosome Inactivation and Cell Memory. Trends Genet 1992, 8:169-17.L ROCI~MII£B, ROEDERGS: A Meiosis-Specific Protein Klnase Horn•log Required for Chromosome Synapsis and Recombination. Genc~ DeE 1991. 5:2392-2,10.i. SANOERC. SCHNEIDERI~ Database of Homology-derived • • Protein Structures and the Structural Meaning of Sequence Alignment. Proteins 1991.9:56-6~ [12l. SCHERFA. CAffI'ERI~ PETERSENC. AtANOP, NEI.~C)NR. tMKAWA M. MA'VI~A D, PEREIRADA SILVAI. LEECHJ: Gene Inactivation of Pfll-1 of plasmodinm Falclparum by Chromosome Breakage and Healing: Identificatinn of a Gametocyte.specific Protein with a Potential Role in Garnet•genesis. F~ilBOJ 1992. 11:2293-2302. .~CHERFA. MATTEID: Cloning and Characterization of Chromosome Breakpoints of Plasmodinm Falciparum: Breakage and New T e l • m e r e Formation Occurs Frequently a nd Randomly in Subtelomeric Genes. Nttdeic :1¢i¢L~Res 1992, 20:1491-1'i96, SCHINZELAA. ADEL~BERGERPA. BINKERTF, BASAR~ S. ANTONARAKISSE: NO Evidence for a Paternal i n t e r c h r o m o s o m a l Effect from Analysis of the Origin of Nondisjunctlon in Down Syndrome Patients with Concomitant FamUlal Chromosome Rearrangements. :lm J Httm Genet 1992. 50:2~ 293. SOt,MIDM, S]]!INLEINC; Chromosome Banding in Amphibia. 16. High-Resointinn Replication Banding Patterns in Xenopus-Laevis. C~.DT)IIIO.~MtI(I 1991, 101:123-132. SCH~.RDTM, DU SART D, KAuTSIS P, [.EAq!I~IIA M, D?a£ S, • SHEFFIELDL TONI•L• D; Duplications of the X Chromosome in Males: Evidence that Most Parts of the X Chromosome can be Active in Two Copies. Httm Genet 1991, 86:519-521, [571]. ,q~HROEDERAL RAJLINB: reel-2, a Mutagen-Sensitive Mutant of Neuroopora Defective In C h r o m o s o m e Pairing and Meiotic Recombination. Mol Gen Gene! 1991. 231:41-48. SEGARKAC. AGUADEM: Molecular Organization of the X-Chromosome in Different Species of the Obscura Group of Drosophila. Genetics 1992, 130:513-~21. SMITHKA, STARKMB, GOld,tAN PA. STARKGR= Fusions Near Telomeres Occur Very Early in the AmpHficatinn of CAD Genes in Syrian Ha mste r Cells. ProC Nail Acad Sci U S A 1(Y)2. 89:5,i27-.3431. S.~'I~ DR= Cbromoooma Focus - - Dispersed Repeats in Plant Genomes. Ommto~Ymu* 1991, 100:355-359. SOHNJJ: Does Xmrk an Interesting Spot [Letter]. Genetic~ 1991. 128:655. SPENCERJA, SINCLAIRAH, WAIW,)NJM. GRAVES.JAM: Genes on • • the Short Arm of the Human X C h r o m o s o m e arc not Shared with the Marsupial X. Genomic.~ 1991. 11:339-3q.3. [18t]. SPRINGERMS, DA~qDSONEH, BP~'IEN RJ: Calculation of Sequence Divergence from the T h e r m a l Stability of DNA Heteroduplexes. J Mol Evot 1992, 34:379-382. STALLINGSRL DOGGE-Iq"NA, OKUMUK~K, WARI)DC: Chromosome-16-SpecUic Repetitive DNA Sequences that Map to Chromosomal Regions Known to Undergo Breakage - - Re a r r a nge me nt In Leukemia Ceils. Gt,ttomics 1~)2. 13:332-33B. SI"INGO V, ROCCO I; Chondrtchthyan Cytogenetles - A Comparison with Teleosteans. J Mol Et~/1991. 33:76~2. SULffrONJ, DU Z. TIIOM&~K, WIL~ONR. I|IIJJER L STADENR. I t • HALI~RANN, GREENP, THIERRY.MIEGj, Qiu I~ /~TA/.: T h e C E l e g a n s G e n o m e Sequencing Project: A Beginning. Nature 19¢)2,356:37--i1 [40]. TAKARIIZOT, SP&NGENBERGG. SUGINOBUK, POI"RYKUS h I n t e r g e n e r i c Somatic Hybridization in Gramineae -Somatic Hybrid Plants Between Tall Fescue (Fesinca-Arundlnacea Schreb) and Italian Ryegrass (Lolinm-Multlflorum Lain). Mo/ Gen Genet 1991. 231:1-6. TALBOTNJ. OIJVERR~. CODDING'I'ONA: Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis Reveals Chromosomes Length Differences Between Strains o f Cladosporinmfulvum (Syn Fulvla-fuiva). Mol Gen Genet 1991, 229:267-272 TA't3L)R GW, WOI-~E KH, MORDEN(.'~/ DEPAMEHIIJSCW. PALMERJD: Lack o f a Functional Plastld T r a n s f e r RNA(Cys) Gene is Associated with Loss o f

the Moot Widely Utilized Sources of Alien Chromatln In Wheat Varieties. CIJromomma 1991. 101:1-10. BAt~'E.,N.~;S. V&NOOSTVEIJ)TP. ENGLERG. VANMONTAGUM: Distribution o f th e EDNA a nd T h r e e Classes of Highly Repetitive DNA in t h e C h ro m a t i n o f i n t e r p h a s e Nuclei of Arabidopsls-Thallana. Chromos•ran 1991, 101:41-48. BECKEt PB. WU C: Ceil-Free System for Assembly of T r a n s c r ip tio n a lly Repressed C h ro m a t i n from Drosophila Embryo•. 31o! Cell Blot 1992. 12:2241-2249 BELYAEVAES, ZHIMULEVIF: Cytogenetic a n d Molecular • Aspects o f Poaltlon Effect Variegation in D r o s o p h i l a 111. Continuous and Discontinuous Compaction of Chromosomal Material as a Result of Position Effect Variegation. O)romo5ott/a 1991. 100:453-466. [131. Bl~'&xq- 1•. BRIERLEYC. FIAVELLAJ, SINCUdRJH: Th e Retrotransposon Copla Regulates Drosophila (7.ene Expression Both Positively a n d Negatively. Nucleic Acids Res 1991. 19:5533-5.336. Btl X. ROITErJl: X Cbromosome Linked a n d Mltochondrtal Gene Control of Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy: Evidence from Segregation Analysis for Dependence on X Chromosome Inactivation. prr~ Nail Acad Sci U S A 199 I, 88:8198-8202. BURKIIOLDER GD. IAllMER LJP, LEEJS: l m m u n o f l u o r e s c e n t Localization of T r i p l e x DNA in Polytene Chromosomes of Chfronomus and Drosophila. C0romo.umta 1991, 101:11-18. ClIAMPUN DT, FRa~CII M. SAUM~IIEBERH, IJS JT: Characterization of a Drosophila Protein Associated w i t h Boundaries o f T ~ p t i o n a l l y Active Chromatln. Genc.~ DeE 1991, 5:1611-1621. CONCONI A. ~ JM, RY,~NC& Ribosomal Geoe Clusters a r e Uniquely P r o p o r t i o n e d Between Open a n d Closed Ch r o ma tin Structures in Both Tomato Leaf Cells and Exponentially Growing Suspeooino Cultures. proc Nail Acad Sci U S A 1992. 89:'3256-5260 DEEN PMT, ROLIP,OS E~ r, MAKrENS GJM: Presence o f VI-Transposon.Llke Elements in t h e P r o • p l u m e [ a n n e • t r i o Gene-A o f Xenopus*Laevis Does not Affect E.ene Activity. Mol Gen Genet 1991, 230:-t91~93. DEPERDIGOA. GABRIELROBEZO. RUMPLERY: Analysis of Synaptonemal Complexes in a Heterozygous Human Male C a r r i e r of a Reciprocal Translocatinn Involving an Acrocentric Chromosome - - Heterosyoapsis Without Previous Homosynapsls. [qlOtl Genet 1991. 87:602~.06. [)t36HI P, KAtJSHALS, BENYAJAT1C. Wit CI: Molecular Analysis o f th e Responder Satellite DNA in Drosophtla-Melanogsster - - DNA Bending, Nucleosnme Structure, and Rsp-Binding Proteins. Mol Biol EVO/1991.8:721-741. DROUIN R, LEMIEUXN, RICIIERCL C h r o m o s o m e Condensation from Prophase to Late Metaphase -Relationship to C h r o m o s o m e Bands and T h e i r Replication Time. CvIogenet Cell Gene11991, 57:91-99. DUBAND.GOULET1, CAROTV, ULYANOVAV. DOuc-P~w S, PRUNEU. A: C h r o m a t i n Recoootltution on Small DNA Rings IV. DNA Supefcoiling and Nucleosome Sequence Preference. J Mol Biol 1992, 224:981-1001, Position effect and related DURRIN LK, NL~NNRK, GRUNS'I~IN M: Nucleon•me Loss phenomena Activates CUPl a n d HIS3 p r o m o t e r s to Fully Review: (pp 907-912) Induced Levels in th e Yeast SaccharomycesCerevtslae. Mol Cell Bin/1992.12:1621-1629. I)tTTON FI. JR, CIIOVNICKA: T h e 1 ( 3 ) S 1 2 Locus o f ADLEr DA. BRF~%%LEESL CHAPerONVM, PAGE DC, [)IS1ECHE • Drosophila Melanogaster: H e t e r o c h r o m a t i c CM: Inactivation of the Zfx Geoe on the Mouse X P o s i t i o n Effects a n d S t a g e - s p e c i f i c M i s e x p r e s s i o n c h r o m o s o m e ( c o r r e c t i o n ) . proc ~:,tl Acad Sci I r S o f th e Gene in P E le me n t Transpositions. ..1 1991, 88:'3937. Genetics 1991. 128:103-118. [151. ALBERTP, "rOilBlahN B, LACORREARE-~-~d-DINOl: Change EIK~;ENBERGJC, ELGINSC~ Boundary Foncttons in t h e in C b r o m a t i n Organization Related to Invivo Control of Gene Expression. Trend.~ Genet 1991, T r a n s c r i p t i o n a l Activity and Hlstone Synthesis 7:33.'3-340. I n d e p e n d e n t o f DNA R e p l i c a t i o n D u r i n g EISSE,NqtERG JC, MORRISGD. REtrI'ERG, HAIG'NETTT: Th e Differentiation ( G e r m i n a t i o n ) of Physarum • H c te r o c h r o ma tin - a s s o c la t e d p r o t e i n HP-1 is an Spheroles. Rou.x~ Arch I~.v Bio11992. 201:148-150. Essential Protein in D r o s o p h i l a w i t h DosageALItIGW. KARDAIJNOtlE, DRABE,'¢rB, ZIMMERt~ DOENECKED: d e p e n d e n t Effects o n Pooltinn-effect Variegation. Isolation a n d Characterization o f TwO Human Genetic~ 1992, 131:345-352. [24]. H1 HIstone Genes Within Clusters of Core FABERS, [P T, GRINNERD, CHALKLEYI~ T h e i n t e r p l a y o f Histone Genes. Genomic-~ 1991, 10:940-948. Ubiquitous DNA-blnding Factors, Availability AUEVA[B, VOROI~IEVL~ I n d u c tio n of Multipolar Mitoses o f Binding Sites in t h e C h r o m a t i n , a n d DNA in Cultured Cells - - Decay a n d Restructuring Methylatinn in th e DLfferential Regulation o f of th e Mitotic Apparatus a n d Distribution o f P h o s p h o e n o l p y r u v a t e Carboxykinase C~ne Centrtoles. Cbromosoma 1991, 100:532-542. Expression. Ntldeic Acids Re• 1991, 19:4681-4688. AI'ARICIO OM, BIIJJNGTONBL GOI"]~CHUNGDE: Modifiers FEP~NANDF2.PIQUER&~J, LUDEFIAP. DECABOSF, VELAZQUEZ • • of Position Effect a r e Shared Between T e l • m e r l e M, SEN'I3SC: Longitudinal D i ffe re n t i a t i o n o f t h e a n d Silent Mating-type Loct in S. Cerevislae. Cell H u m a n Yq H e t e r o c h r o m a t i n as Revealed by t b e 1991, 66:1279-12~7. [43]. Restriction Enzyme Taqi. Cytogenet Cell Genel 1991, BAUMM, APPEL~R: T h e Cytogenetlc a n d Molecular 57:78-81. A r c h i t e c t u r e of Chromooome-lR - - O n e o f

Photosynthesis in a Lineage o f Parasitic Plants. Cu rr Gen et 1991.20:.315-518. THORNEMI4, SHELDONBL Cytological Evidence o f • 0 Maternal Meiotic Errors in a Line o f Chickens with a High Incidence of Tripinldy. Cytogenet Cell Genet 1992, 57:206-210. [561]. WALTERRB, I'L~LKSSJ. SXE,'e:6ONRT. KAI.LMANKD. MORIZOT DC. NAIRNR=~:Linkage Assignment o f a DNA Sequence (ERCC2L1) Homologous to a Human DNA Repair G e n e in X l p b o p h o r u s Fishes Implications for the Evolutionary Derivation of Human Chromosome-19. Genomic.~ 1991. 10:]083-1086. ~.~tATSONJM, SPENCERJA. R]GGSAD, GRAVESJAM: Sex • • Chromosome Evolution: Platypus Gene Mapping Suggests that Part o f th e Human X Chromosome Was Originally Autos•real. Proc Nail Acad Sci I j S A 1991.88:11256-11260. [19t]. XgIEIERIIUG, LtICA'~JN, POGGENSEEM, SEGRAVESR. PINKEL D. G~VcJW: Two-Color Hybridization with High Complexity Cbromosome-Speclfic Probes and a Degenerate Alpha Satellite Probe DNA Allows Unambiguous Discrimination Between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Traoolocatiooo. a)romo$oma 1991, 100:371-376. XVEIMERR, HAAFT, KRUGERJ, POnT M, SCHMID M: Characterization of C e n t r u m e r e Arrangements and Test for Random Distribution in GO, G1, S, G2, GI, and Early S" Phase in Human Lymphocytes. H u m Genet 1992, gg:673-4~82. WEL~ENBACIIj, GOODFELLOWPN: Report of th e • Co m m itte e on th e Genetic Constitution of th e Y Chromosome: Human Gene Mapping 11. C;,Iogenet Cell Genet 1991, 58:967-9~L [14t]. WlIJJA~S~ KR, HERRICKG: Expression of the Gene Encoded by a Family of Macroouclear Chromosomes Generated by Alternative DNA Processing in Oxytrtcha Fallax. Nucleic ticia~ Re~ 1991, 19:4717~)72q. WOLF KXV,MERTLIIG, TRAtrrW: Structure, Mitotic and Meiotic Behaviour, a n d Stability of CentromereLike Elements Devoid o f Cbromosome Arms In th e Fly MegaseUa-Scalarls ( P h o r i d a e ) . Cbromoxoma 1991. 101:99-108. YEN PH. TSAIS-P. WENGERSL STEELEM~7. MOIt.~'4DASTK, • Sl~J'tao LJ: X/Y Transloeatiooo Resulting from Recombination Between Homologous Sequences on Xp and Yq. pro~ N a t l A c a d S c i USA 1991, 88:89.i4-8948. [31]. Yv GL BLACKBURNEH: Developmentally Programmed Healing o f Chromosomes by Telomerase in T e t r a h y m e n a . Cell 1991, 67:823~q32. YI! S. MtlIJ~:YJ, LOF_%CIID, TIIPaNERG. DONNEIJNA. GEDEON t~ IIIIJJ{N D, KREMER E, L~,'NCIt M, I)RITCHARDM, SIr]~ERI?-ND GR. RICtlAm3SRh Fragile-X-Syndrome: Unique Genetics of the Heritable Unstable Element. A m J H u m Gmwt 1992. 50:968-980 ZENZIL';MT, CASPER R]:: Cytogenetics of Human Oocytes, Zygotes, and Embryos after Invttro Fertilization. HIt/tl Ge)lel 1992, gg:367-375. ZIEMI[N-VA2qDER POELS, MCCABENR, GIlL IIJ. ESIqNOSA R Ill, PAl"El.Y, HARDENA, RLrBINEILIF. SMITIISD, LEBE~U MM, ROXX'LEYJD. DIAZMO: Identification of a Gene, MLL, that Spans the Breakpoint in 11q23 Translocatinns Associated with Human Leukaemlas ( C o r r e c t i o n ) . proc Nail Acad Sc'i U S A I'Y')2.89:~220.



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for Site-

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Genomes and evolution.

Bibliography of the current world literature This bibliography is compiled by geneticists and developmental biologists from the journals listed at the...
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