K. Shima, A. Tanaka, N. Sawazaki, J. Hamabe, R. Tanaka, Y. Kumahara and N. Yanaihara





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Fig. 1 Panels 1 and 2: PRL response to four 200 ~g pulses of TRH (dotted line). The solid line represents three successive pulses of TRH (400,300 and 200~g). At 135 mins 10mg MET was given. Panel 3: PRL response to four 200~g pulses of TRH in the two females. At 180 mins 0.1 V insulinlkg body wt. was injected. Arrows indicate when pulses were given.

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Horrn. Metab. Res. 11 (1979) 320-321

Hypermotilinemia in Chronic Renal Failure K. Shima. A. Tanaka. N. Sawazaki. J. Hamabe. R. Tanaka. Y. Kumahara and N. Yanaihara Osaka University Medical School, Shizuoka College of Pharmacy. Japan

Motilin was found in enterochromaffin cells of the duodenum and jejunum (Polllk, Pearse and Heath 1975) and also in the circulation of man (B/oom, Ralphs, Besser, Hall, Coy, Kastin and Schally 1975) and dogs (Dryburgh and Brown 1975). Since radioimmunoassay for motilin was established by Dryburgh and Brown(l975), a considerable amount of inforrnation about the physiological regulation of its release has been accumulated using this technique (Mitznegg, B/oom, ChristofuJes, Besterman, Domschke, Domschke, Wünsch and Demling 1976). But, IiUle is known about its precise meehanism of degradation. In order to get a elue to this question we Received: 14 Aug. 1978 0018-5043/79


measured plasma motilin levels in patients with chronie renal failure (CRF) before and after hemodialysis or renal transplantation. Materials and Methods Studies were perforrned primarily in 27 patients (12-66 years of age) with CRF mostly due to ehronie glomerulonephritis attending at the renal c1inies of Terada Hospital and Matsui Hospital, Osaka. Their serum creatinine andlor BUN coneentrations were in excess of 5 mgldl and 50 mgldl.

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Hypermotilinemia in Chronie Renal Failure

Results The fasting plasma IRM levels of 29 normal individuals as controls ranged from 58 to 446 pgJml with a mean of 188 ± 19.8, mean ± SEM. In contrast, those of all 27 patients except one by far exceeded the normal range, the mean value being l300 ± 118 pgJmL This was significantly higher than the normal value (p

Hypermotilinemia in chronic renal failure.

320 K. Shima, A. Tanaka, N. Sawazaki, J. Hamabe, R. Tanaka, Y. Kumahara and N. Yanaihara ~r ' . ...;25 .:"\V/"\NJ! .. -. .. . . "'20 c: ,, ~...
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