GUEST EDITORIAL It may come as a surprise to many members that the IADR has not endorsed fluoridation earlier. Considering the fact that the scientific basis for fluoridation was established by members of the Association, and that members in many countries have worked arduously for its adoption, one would expect that the IADR would have been among the first of the numerous professional organizations to endorse it. This slow response reflects the lack of machinery within the Association for taking a stand on scientific issues and for disseminating information both to divisions and to the public. In an attempt to correct this situation the president last year appointed an ad hoc Committee on Health Promotion (CHP) charged with the task of promoting the use of measurers to prevent oral disease and of helping to make the aims and results of dental research understandable to the public. The Committee included experts in education and public relations from research, business and academic communities in North America. Among the initiatives of the CHP was the presentation to the Council of a statement to endorse Fluoridation of Water Supplies which was unanimously approved. During its first year the Committee also sponsored a symposium on prevention technology for the annual IADR meeting and arranged for a symposium at the FDI Congress in Hamburg in 1980. At the Council meeting in New Orleans the new Committee was commended for its activities in assisting in the development of a climate of public opinion that recognizes the importance of preventive dentistry. At the present time the CHP has four objectives: to arrange symposia related to prevention, to establish liaison with other health organizations, to work with national and international dental associations to stimulate organization of scientific sessions dealing with prevention, and to prepare news releases on prevention research. Wishing to extend the usefulness of the CHP, the IADR Council has recommended that the Committee include from each division members who would in turn form subcommittees within divisions. This would provide an opportunity to create an international communications network for the promotion of those particular preventive measures suitable for each country. The subject of preventive dentistry is often in the delicate area where science and politics meet. Our primary objective is the advancement of science, but with our specialized knowledge and worldwide organizational network, we have not only the ability but also the responsibility to inform statesmen and voters on developments in our field which can improve the quality of life. It is exactly this gigantic task which the CHP is tackling and this hard-working Committee deserves assistance and cooperation from the divisions and gratitude from us all. -Finn Brudevold


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IADR and fluoridation.

GUEST EDITORIAL It may come as a surprise to many members that the IADR has not endorsed fluoridation earlier. Considering the fact that the scientifi...
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