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Introduction to the WFSICCM Seoul 2015 Abstracts

The 12th Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine (WFSICCM Seoul 2015) is being prepared under 2 main themes. The first theme is “One Step Further” to bring forward a message that the WFSICCM Seoul 2015 is the place where all participants can improve their medical abilities in a practical manner and further advance mutual understanding with other critical care providers working in different circumstances. In this regard, the Congress sessions will no doubt help enhance participants’ practical skills that can be readily used in the field. Furthermore, 3 networking events that encourage participants’ full involvement will be offered as well. The second theme is “Get Together.” Under this theme, we have supported intensive care providers from the countries with limited medical resources for their participation in the WFSICCM Seoul 2015. Such a support was enabled by the generosity of the invited speakers who have given up the financial support for their flight fares. Consequently, we were able to offset the cost needed to support many intensivists and nurses recommended by the societies from their home countries and reduce the registration fee. Such meaningful results have not been made possible without the contribution and sacrifice of the invited speakers. The Organizing Committee would like to take this opportunity to convey its deep gratitude to all invited speakers for their invaluable support. By the deadline of the abstract submission, a total of 560 abstracts have been submitted. One hundred abstracts among them were selected through a careful reviewing process conducted by the international and domestic reviewers with a detailed and sophisticated scoring system. Our sincere thanks also go to the members of Journal of Critical Care and the chief editor Prof Philip Lumb who are putting their utmost effort to publish the abstracts.

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Chae-Man Lim, M.D., PhD, FCCM Scientific Program Committee Chair Organizing Committee, WFSICCM Seoul 2015

Introduction to the WFSICCM Seoul 2015 Abstracts.

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