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Letter from the Editor Dear reader, The Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics Editorial team would like to wish you a happy and successful year 2016. This year’s first issue starts with a Portrait of tuberculosis immunologist and vaccinologist Dr. Helen McShane of Oxford University (McShane, p 5). We present five research articles on HPV: an analysis of the projected impact of universal vaccination on cancer incidence (Van Effelterre, p 8), a study of long-term immune persistence after bivalent vaccine immunization (Romanowski, p 20), a comparison of  immunogenicity of two and three doses of quadrivalent vaccine (Hernandez-Avila, p 30), and two reports on vaccine perception among Chinese university students (Zou, p 39) and among U.S. parents of adolescent boys (Clark, p 47). The Hepatitis section contains four research articles on health economics of universal childhood vaccination against hepatitis A in Mexico (Carlos, p 52), hepatitis A and B vaccination in patients with chronic liver disease (Ramirez, p 64), stigma associated with HBV infection in rural China and the effect of vaccination (Yu, p 70), and mechanism of action of a therapeutic hepatitis B vaccine (Liu, p 77). We are pleased to introduce five Immunotherapy articles, including a comparison of different mesenchymal stem-cell types in cell immunomodulatory therapy (Wang, p 85), a clinical trial of high-dose dexamethasone treatment of primary immune thrombocytopenia (Guo, p 97), and three commentaries on migratory skin dendritic cells and their role in vaccination and immune regulation (Nirschl, p 104), immunological memory after tumor resection (Tsung, p 117), and the role of mutant cytoskeletal proteins in cancer (Parry, p 120). We present an article on Passive immunization against abrin toxin (Kumar, p 124), a study of immune persistence after administration of quadrivalent Meningococcal ACWY-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine (Vesikari, p 132), an analysis of impact of BCG vaccination on dendrite development in the hippocampus (Li, p 140), and a model of the predicted impact of routine Rubella immunization in Vietnam (Vynnycky, p 150). The Novel vaccines section introduces a review of safety and tolerability of Montanide ISA 51 vaccine adjuvant (van Doorn, p 159) and a preclinical study of a novel Echinococcus granulosus vaccine (Ma, p 170). Two Public Health articles include a conference report from the Perspectives on Benefit-Risk Decision-making in Vaccinology meeting held in France in 2014 (Greenberg, p 176), and a commentary dealing with the challenges of conducting interventional studies in urban slums of developing countries (Mahapatra, p 182). Commentaries discuss a potential link between Influenza vaccine Pandemrix and narcolepsy (Verstraeten, p 187), how to overcome serotype specificity of Pneumococcal vaccines (Pichichero, p 194), and potential benefits and risks of reduced PCV13 dosing (McLaughlin, p 206). We present a meeting report from the 13th Annual Meeting of the Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (Kranz, p 213) and a commentary on the development — or lack thereof — of HIV vaccine (Verma, p 222). We regularly publish Meeting Supplements from the National Immunisation Conference for Health Care Workers (NIC) held in Manchester, UK. We are happy to present seven articles written by speakers of 25th NIC. You will find out more about the content in Dr. Martin Guppy’s Editorial overview (Guppy, p 225). Our monthly News, Policy and Profiles (NP&P) track offers a selection of the latest news in the field of vaccines and immunotherapeutics. In this section we also regularly publish opinion pieces on timely, interesting and controversial topics related to vaccines and immunotherapeutics, profiles of companies and organizations, as well as portraits of distinguished scientists in our field. Please contact Acquisitions Editor Adam Weiss ([email protected]) with your ideas for commentaries, opinion pieces, profiles and portraits. Your suggestions for and contributions to our N&P&P track are always welcome! Sincerely, Ronald Ellis, PhD Editor-in-Chief Adam Weiss Acquisitions Editor



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Letter from the Editor.

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