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Published online: 27 May 2015.

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Letter from the Editor

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Dear Reader, In addition to the Special Focus on Asia Endemic Diseases as described on the previous page, we are happy to present two research papers on Hepatitis: a long-term follow-up study of immunogenicity and safety of Hepatitis A vaccination in children (Mitra, p 1146), and a study of immunization of infants born to Hepatitis B-positive mothers (Keeble, p 1152). The Licensed Vaccines section contains six research papers. A report on herpes zoster vaccine effectiveness and prevalence of associated manifestations depending on the vaccination status (Marin, p 1156), a study of adherence to recommendations regarding vaccination before and during pregnancy and postnatally (Wong, p 1164), a case report of four infants with pertussis in Italy (Sali, p 1172), an analysis of brand-mixing for DTaP vaccination in children (Masseria, p 1174), reviews on medically attended injection site events following deltoid intramuscular injection (Cook, p 1183) and a study of cell wall-deficient mycobacterial forms and their persistence in human blood following BCG vaccination (Markova, p 1191). We introduce an Immunotherapy review on checkpoint modulation in renal cell carcinoma (Bedke, p 1200) as well as two reviews and a research paper on Influenza: the development of adenovirus-vectored universal influenza vaccine (Xiang, p 1208) and cell-culture-based vaccine (Hegde, p 1222), and a preclinical study of intranasal, plant-derived H5 HA vaccine (Major, p 1234). The Novel Vaccines section presents optimization of antigen dosing of Middle East respiratory syndrome vaccine (Tang, p 1243), an analysis of product development of human hookworm vaccine and its implications for neglected tropical diseases vaccines (Pearson, p 1250), and a commentary on methodological and ethical issues surrounding Ebola vaccine development and testing (Rezza, p 1258). In addition, this issue features research of the diversity of Pneumococcal CbpA and the implications for future vaccine development (Abry, p 1261), a commentary on the Declaration of Erice and its implications for Public Health (Odone, p 1268), two Technology articles on testing of leptospiral vaccine’s genetic stability (Xu, p 1272) and identification of clinically relevant capsid epitopes—a review (Zhang, p 1277), and a Letter to the Editor regarding suitability of the term ‘maternal immunization’ (Moniz, p 1293). Our monthly News, Policy and Profiles (NP&P) track offers a selection of the latest news in the field of vaccines and immunotherapeutics. In this section we also regularly publish opinion pieces on timely, interesting and controversial topics related to vaccines and immunotherapeutics, profiles of companies and organizations, as well as portraits of distinguished scientists in our field. Please contact Acquisitions Editor Adam Weiss ([email protected]) with your ideas for commentaries, opinion pieces, profiles and portraits. Your suggestions for and contributions to our N&P&P track are always welcome! Sincerely, Ronald Ellis, PhD Editor-in-Chief Adam Weiss Acquisitions Editor

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Letter from the editor.

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