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Letter from the Editor Stephen E. Bialkowski Published online: 01 Apr 2014.

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Letter from the Editor

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Dear Readers, I was writing up a short summary of Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry for an internet information page and I wanted to get a sense for the history of the journal and its Editors so I endeavored to do a small retrospection. Luckily, my university library has the print journal starting from the 2nd volume. This is pretty good considering that Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry has been published since 1970. 2014 marks the 35th year of continuous publication. The Editor and Editorial Advisory Board page placement has varied through the years and there are issues without this information. But these are the Editors I was able to find: Volumes 1–2, 1970–1971: Louis Meites, Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, NY. Volume 3, 1972–1973: Donald E. Schuele, Bell Labs, Columbus, OH and Richard W. Hoffman, Department of Physics, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH. Volumes 4–14, 1974–1983: Bruce H. Campbell, J.T. Baker Chemical Company, Phillipsburg, NJ, and later, American Cyanamid, Stamford, CT, with Louis Meites, later listed as “Editor Emeritus”. Volumes 15–22, 1984–1991: Walter L. Zielinski, National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD. Volumes 23–24, 1991–1994: David M. Coleman and Patricia B. Coleman, Co-Editors-in-Chief. ¨ Volumes 25–43, 1995–2013: Charles Lochmuller, Editor in Chief, Duke University, Durham, NC. The journal underwent a name change in 1989. From 1970–1989 the full journal name was CRC Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry. The CRC was dropped but the journal has continued since that time. The cover listed 23 CRC Critical Reviews journals in 1987. Four of these CRC Critical Reviews journals are published by Taylor & Francis to date (without CRC in the title). Some of the other journals listed are still published by other companies. Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry has always been a quarterly journal. But although publication frequency is not high, it is highly respected. The 2012 Journal Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters, 2013) lists the 2012 Impact Factor at 2.892 with a ranking of 20/75 in the “Chemistry Analytical” subject. The 2012 5-Year Impact Factor was even higher, 3.690 with a corresponding ranking of 11/75 in “Chemical Analytical.” The better 5-year rank is probably due to the longevity of review articles. The journal continues to do well. There are many of what I feel to be excellent review articles to be published in the near future. Sincerely, Prof. Stephen E. Bialkowski Editor-in-Chief


Letter from the Editor.

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