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As promised when we became in charge of editing the journal last year, we are going online only with the first issue of 2014. We maintain, however, page numbers for each issue as the manuscripts are already published soon after being accepted, first as “Accepted Articles” (in their original submission form) and then as “Early View” (in their final template but without final corrections) and they can be cited immediately. You will also notice that the articles are more colorful, not only because there are no color charges and the authors are encouraged to submit color figures, but also because the new templates use different colors for the abstract, for titles, and figure numbers. As many of our authors already know, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), which sets the rules for the naming of new species announced last year that it will allow for descriptions of new species in widely accessible electronic copies with fixed content and layout. New animal species will also need to be registered with, the official registry of the ICZN. The International Botanical Congress also endorsed onlineonly publication for new types of plants (Nature 489, 178, 2012). As a recent editorial indicated (Nature 503, 312, 2013) the code requirement that species descriptions must be always “available” is very easily accomplished in the form of a PDF file. Nevertheless, we will print a few copies of the journal for archival purposes, and keep them in the editorial office archives. We have revised again the Author Guidelines Instructions and Checklist for Manuscript Preparation. We are

welcoming Review articles and we start this year with an excellent review by Prof. Helmut Plattner, who has also became one of our new Associate Editors. Profs. John R. Dolan, Edna Kaneshiro, Paul Michels, and Tomoko Nozaki will also join us as new Associate Editors, while Prof. Douglas Chalker, Alastair Simpson, and Michaela StruederKypke will continue their Associate Editor’s work for another period. We are indebted to Profs. David J. Asai, James D. Berger, Melanie T. Cushion, Janet S. Keithly, Francine Marciano-Cabral, Andrew Rogerson, and Robert W. Sanders for accepting to remain as Associate Editors during our first transitional year. We are up to date in awarding the William Trager Award for Outstanding Paper (last awarded was for an article published in 2010) and we will continue to award the prize each year to the original research article that has most citations in the year of, and in the year after, its publication. Finally, in addition to the Associate Editors we would like to thank our Board of Reviewers and other external reviewers for their support over the past year. We look forward to hearing from our membership about better ways to serve them through the Journal.

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