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Gout Sufferer

TO THE EDITOR: I have been a proven gout sufferer for approximately ten years. I have found the dietary substitution of lamb striated muscle (chops, roasts, etc.) for ALL cellular animal protein has resulted in the absence of gouty attacks and repeated blood uric acid levels have been normal in the last year. I have also noted the new soy bean based meat substitutes have been a source of additional dietary protein without affecting my blood uric acid level. ROBERT A. SILLS, MD Alhambra, California

Ophthalmology and Medical Ethics TO THE EDITOR: At the Sunday, February 23, 1975 Specialty Section of the 104th Annual Session of the California Medical Association Meeting in Los Angeles, the subject of medical ethics and ophthalmology was discussed in detail. The discussion followed a request by several members that something tangible should be done to stop the unethical actions of some members in the various county medical societies. Specifically, members have been photographed holding prosthetic devices and standing next to medical apparatus, extensively and directly quoted in the lay press when they were not representatives of organized medicine, appeared on television without clearance by local medical societies, and other actions which could be interpreted to be advertising and solicitation of patients. It could be stated by some that their actions were accomplished out of ignorance. With this possibility (however remote) the membership had enumerated for them numerous well established codes of ethics concerning our respective societies, state, sectional and national organizations. For example, the Los Angeles Society of Ophthalmology has within its agreement of membership


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that the member shall be "bound to the principles of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association." The Los Angeles County Medical Association has rulings of the Committee on Ethics concerning press releases and endorsements which should be adhered to. The San Francisco, Riverside, and other societies have similar rulings. The State of California Board of Medical Examiners [Business and Professions Code] Paragraph 2380 concerns itself with advertising and what constitutes unprofessional conduct. The Pacific Coast Oto-Ophthalmological Society, Section 9 of its bylaws, states "the code of ethics of the American Medical Association was adopted and made part of the bylaws by the Society." The American Medical Association [Principles of Medical Ethics] section 5, #15 concerns itself with solicitation of patients, while #17 is concerned with the use of proper advertising media. Section 10 importantly covers the relationship of the physician to the media of public information and should be read and understood by all physicians. Number 4 under this section covers advertising in the daily press; #5 concerns medical public relations; #7 covers the release of medical information to the press; #13 relates to the relationship of the physician with communication media. Advances in technology continue in ophthalmology. The CMA Ophthalmology Specialty Section in no way wishes to restrain individuals from advancing our specialty. It does wish to emphasize that there are ethical and unethical means by which information can be disseminated. A unanimous resolution was proposed and passed by those in attendance as follows: "The CMA Ophthalmology Specialty Section resolves and reaffirms that as Ophthalmologists we should abide by the Principles of Medical Ethics-Rules of the Judicial Council of the American Medical Association dated 1969, and to the rulings of our respective medical societies." I hope that you will print this in the Letters to the Editor, so that those who were not in attendance will be aware of our action, and report any violations to their respective medical societies. ROBERT E. CHRISTENSEN, MD Chairman, CMA Ophthalmology Specialty Section 1974-1975

Los Angeles

Letter: Ophthalmology and medical ethics.

LETTERS to the Editor From a Gout Sufferer TO THE EDITOR: I have been a proven gout sufferer for approximately ten years. I have found the dietary...
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