Letter to the Editor Psychiatric Manpower in Canada

of 'satisfactory learning', eradicate from Dear Sir: The author of any published statement scholarly, scientific reporting the perpetuaplaces himself/herself in a vulnerable tion of fallacies, and dwell on veracity. In position, " ... for the reviewers are lined determining the superficiality of others we up in position, ready to strike if they think should look upon the consequences of our themselves chanced at a challenge." (2). own superficial thinking and pallid inconDr. Thomson has placed himself on the dais gruences. of vulnerability through the sophistry, Finally, I would like to quote a syllogistic arguments and unsubstantiated conversation which took place between H. postulates in his Letter to the Editor, G. Wells and R. N. Tagore, the Nobel "Psychatric Manpower in Canada" (4). Laureate (3). It is apparent that he subscribes to the TAGORE: Physical science of the contention that 'foreign' students are nineteenth century probably incapable of sustaining levels of perforhas created this spirit of race mance exhibited by 'indigenous' students, superiority in the West. When primarily as a reflection of 'unsatisfactory the East assimilates this physilearning'. Although the article presents a cal science, the tide may turn Western elitist view, if the reasoning were and take a normal course. developed systematically and logically I Modern science is not exactly would have commended Dr. Thomson on his WELLS: European. A series of accischolarship, while disagreeing with the dents and peculiar circonclusion. 'Satisfactory learning' supcumstances prevented some of poses thorough investigation, logical the eastern countries from sequencing of material and lucidity of applying the discoveries made presentation, and the conclusions drawn by humanists in other parts of should be well substantiated. I fail to the world. They themselves recognize any of these attributes in Thomhad once originated and deson's article. What warrants the inclusion of veloped a great many of the statistical data from studies in the United sciences that were later on Kingdom, and where is the evidence that taken up by the West and supports the conclusion? given greater perfection. ToMills (I) on the "Politics of Responsibilday, Japanese, Chinese and ity" makes the following statement: "What Indian names in the world of I have been trying to say to intellectuals, preachers, scientists - as well as more science are gaining due recognition. generally to the public - can be put into one sentence; drop the liberal rhetoric and TAGORE: India has been in a bad the conservative default; they are now parts situation. of one and the same official line; transcend that line." Yes, we would indeed indicate WELLS: When Macaulay imposed a sophistication of thought and an illuminathird-rate literature and a poor tion of attitudes if we, as cultured persons system of education on India, 53



Indians naturally resented it. No human being can live on Scott's poetry. I believe that things are now changing. But remain assured, we English were not better off. We were no less badly educated than the average Indian, probably even worse. Indrajit Ray, M.D. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Vol. 21, No.1

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The test ofevery religious, political, or educational system is the man that it forms.

Henri Frederic Arnie! 1821-1881

Letter: Psychiatric manpower in Canada.

Letter to the Editor Psychiatric Manpower in Canada of 'satisfactory learning', eradicate from Dear Sir: The author of any published statement schola...
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