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Materials and Structures for Stretchable Energy Storage and Conversion Devices Keyu Xie and Bingqing Wei*

wide range of applications, from micro- or nano-electromechanical systems to portable electronic devices, and even to hybrid vehicles and renewable energy systems.[3–9] In this process, via sophisticated material design and novel device configuration, most of these efforts are made to increase the energy storage or conversion efficiency and to reduce the cost of these materials and devices.[10–14] Some of the breakthroughs dealing with the fundamentals and technical approaches to achieve the above-mentioned targets have been summarized in the review papers.[15–19] More recently, the development on flexible/bendable energy storage and conversion devices (ESCDs) for specific applications in consumer electronics, such as wearable electronics, electronic papers, mobile phones, and other collapsible gadgets, are of great interest.[20–22] Many ESCD prototypes, including flexible supercapacitors, flexible batteries, and flexible photovoltaic cells have already been achieved.[23–26] However, in these flexible/bendable devices, the strains experienced by the active materials during bending usually remain well below the typical levels required to induce fracture (e.g.,

Materials and structures for stretchable energy storage and conversion devices.

Stretchable energy storage and conversion devices (ESCDs) are attracting intensive attention due to their promising and potential applications in real...
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