A school for training nurses lias recently been at Colombo under an experienced lady from England, and a lying-in home has been erected


through the liberality of Mr. Charlrs deSouzA. Altogether the report of the eighth session indicates progress. It is unsatisfactory, however, to observe that the students are inclined to neglect their hospital work. This is alluded to both by the Principal and Principal Civil Medical Officer. It is assuredly the most fatal serious mistake a medical student can commit, when he fails to avail himself of every opportunity and



itself of

seeing patients



their cases, the treatment applied, and its result. Nowhere and nohow else can a real acquaintance with disease MEDICAL EDUCATION IN CEYLON. "We


to observe that the



School continues to prosper. It was established in 1870 by Sir Hercules Robinson and opened on the 30th of June of that year. The school has therefore been in existence for nearly nine years. We have before us the Report for the eighth session (1877-78) by the Principal, Dr. Vanderstraaten. Up to the close of the session 131 names had been enrolled :

and its




The immense

superiority of knowledge derived from cases over book knowledge is very soon discovered by a young medical man on entering practice. The comfort and satisfaction and confidence experienced in approaching a case or performing an operation from having seen a similar case, or having assisted in doing or done the operation, contrasts most vividly with the bewilderment, doubt and uncertainty felt in attempting to establish a diagnosis from recollections of written descriptions, or perform an operation according to printed directions. Students who shirk hospital

belonged to the primary class and 25 most serious and unwarrantable responassume a secondary. 29 of the former class after comand the day will inevitably come when sibility, were examined course of study pleting the required will bitterly rue it. The Principal's report and obtained licenses to practise. The great majori- 1 they records two incidents of a painful character?the death " as of them have been Sub-Assistant employed ty from a dissection wound of his predecessor Dr. Koch, Colonial Surgeons," and Dr. KiNSEY,the Principal Civil who appears to have been much respected and beloved, Medical Officer, testifies to their merits and ability.

of these 106 to the

Secondary class is only taught for two years with a view to serving in subordinate capacities as vaccinators, dispensers and dressers. 6 students of the primary class and one licentiate had proceeded to Europe to complete their studies. Three had obtained diplo-


Dr. Vanderstraaten

is sanguine that the certificates of the school-will be recognized by "the new Conjoint Board of Examiners in England and by the University of Calcutta." At present the certificates mas.

University of Madras, and one University of Aberdeen. The year's certificates by Medical Authorities are adopting the very best means of attaining that end, namely, raising the standard of preliminary education and professional instruction.


recognized by



The curriculum has been extended from three to four These are signs of vitality, and it is also, we observe, intended to abolish free scholarships ?altogether. This is a sure sign that Medical Educasessions.

tion is

being appreciated and sought in Ceylon. A building for the accommodation of the school provided in 1876 by Sir William Gregory,

suitable was

whose interest in medical institutions and education is warmly acknowledged in the Principal's report.

and of Dr. F. C. Tillaimutto Evart, Demonstrator of Anatomy, from the same cause. We recollect this young man in 1874 as a most intelligent and diligent student. He obtained his degree in the University of Calcutta in 1877 after a very brilliant and successful career.

Medical Education in Ceylon.

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