come to the end of their financial resources with the end of their studies, more liberal financial aid during house surgeoncy should be provided for in any plan. A special course in tropical medicine (and preventive medicine) should be made compulsory in all the medical colleges during the period of post-graduate training. Anybody possessing anything like a comprehensive idea of the position occupied by tropical diseases in the larger public health problems of India will readily appreciate this suggestion about the study of tropical diseases.

N. G. PANDALAI, MJ>., D.T.M., M.R.C.P.

Andhra Medical College, Maharanipeta P. O., , (Vizagapatam) 9th August, 1944.


your Sir,?May I request you the courtesy ofmedical educamaking a suggestion or two about forced themtion ? Questions of public health have selves on the attention of the highest authorities in the In solving these it may be confidently expected .

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here. Preventive made Three suggestions are Medicine should receive a far more prominent position curricula of studies. Post-graduate training a* vhouse surgeoncy) extending for a minimum period of 0ne year should be enforced for all new medical graduates before starting any line of work even deluding preparation for higher courses. Without this, graduation should not be regarded as completed. And as the majority of the medical students in the land

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