MEDICAL ETHICS. To the Editor of


The Indian Medical Gazette."

permitted to record my appreciation of tho by Dr. P. S. Chandra Sekar, m.b., to newly in your issue for March qualified medical men which appeared of tho medical 1899. As one of nearly forty years' experience not and military, only throughout tho greater profession, civil but many other parts of the world besides, I can part of India, Sik,?May I be admirable address

never read an address more useful and more say that I have as far as I can see, left thoroughly to the purpose.I Dr. Sekar has, and congratulate him on an address which no point untouched, inscribed in of gold for tho of letters being I think is worthy I benefit, not only of the Native Indian profession for which of assumo it is specially intendod, but for tho medical profession

the world.

Yours J. ALEX.

Nahan, Sirmour State, Panjab, April 1899.

faithfully, SCOTT,


Lieut.-Col., a.M.S., Retired,




Sirmour State,

Medical Ethics.

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