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keynote of the four-year-old Ealing Association for Mental Health is friendship. Members are truly the friends of patients and their relatives, and friendship binds the of members the association and extends into the community through many social and educational activities. Twice every week a coach is hired to take members of the Association and patients' relatives to Springfield Hospital. While relatives visit, five to eight members of the Association escort parties of 15 to 30 patients who have been carefully selected by the nursing staff, back to the coach for an alternate On afternoon's outing. weeks in the summer months, the party may go for a drive in Richmond Park. Special permission has been given for the coach to drive through the Royal park and when the weather


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winter, shopping expeditions in are greatly enjoyed and the esc?l then treat the patients to tea in a cr.. Always the waitresses are except1^, ally attentive and kind, and someti^, public interest is aroused. When ^ lady asked questions about the

and heard about the Association j its work, she spontaneously made' donation to the funds. k{i

On Sundays, the coach again friends and relatives to visit while it is also used by a members of a local church to taK party of men out and about. seeing and watching football among the favoured excursions. 1( Friendly visits are paid lonely patients while they are in tal and then continued when PatlLs return to their homes. Many let








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