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Vascular Medicine 2014, Vol. 19(6) 518–520 © The Author(s) 2014 Reprints and permissions: DOI: 10.1177/1358863X14558360

Dear Fellow SVMers, Welcome to winter and the latest edition of the Society for Vascular Medicine communication page. It has been a busy and productive year for SVM. We had a fantastic annual meeting in June in San Diego, thanks to Dr Jerry Bartholomew and the program committee. It was a beautiful venue, filled with excellent talks, and a good time was had by all! Speaking of great meetings, we are looking forward to an even better one in 2015. Our next annual meeting will be at the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, 11–13 June 2015. Please plan to join your colleagues for stimulating case discussions, state-ofthe-art talks, and the ever-popular Vascular Jeopardy. So you don’t miss out, now is the time to make sure you have renewed your membership. We are also asking all members to make every effort to recruit at least one new member. Many of us work with colleagues who share our passion for vascular medicine or vascular clinical activities. Encourage them to join SVM and take advantage of a network of likeminded clinicians and scientists. Encouragingly, we had more volunteers than positions for committee service. But as the influence of the Society grows, so will the breadth and scope of the committees. SVM leadership is continuing to expand the work of the Society. Everyone who wants to work can be a part of the Society’s success. Among the many advantages of membership is access to our growing library of enduring educational materials. We are soon to debut an iliac artery disease casebased study review, made possible through a generous grant from Abbott Vascular. SVM board member Dr Herb Aronow and his team have done an excellent job creating a very useful document. And we are adding more ‘Hot Topics in Vascular Medicine’ interviews to our website. These interviews of SVM thought leaders, conducted by Dr Aditya Sharma, have covered a variety of timely topics and have featured Drs Herb Aronow, Jeff Olin, Heather Gornik, and yours truly. I would also like to announce that SVM was part of a successful grant application along with the Michigan Clinical Outcomes Research and Reporting Program (MCORRP), which was submitted by Dr Geoffrey Barnes, SVM member and vascular medicine specialist at the University of Michigan. This grant is funded by BristolMyers Squibb and Pfizer for the purpose of creating tools for patients and providers to improve and facilitate shared medical decision-making around anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation. Congratulations Geoff! This is a very exciting time for SVM and its members. The specialty of vascular medicine is clearly coming into its own, as demonstrated by the plethora of active areas of research, partnership, and opportunities for our members. We are increasingly being sought out by other societies, by industry, and by educational leaders for our expertise and unique clinical position in the care of patients. SVM always has, and continues, to champion the promulgation of best science, the sharing of best clinical practices, and the advancement of the interests of patients with vascular disease. We are glad you’re on the team, and we look forward to an even more productive and exciting 2015! James B Froehlich President, SVM Director, Vascular Medicine Frankel Cardiovascular Center Professor of Internal Medicine University of Michigan [email protected]

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Society for Vascular Medicine Communication Page

Society activities Iliac Artery Disease program The Society for Vascular Medicine will soon present ‘Iliac Artery Disease: A Case-based Approach to Stent Selection’ on its website ( The purpose of the multi-media program is to create a common foundation and understanding regarding lower extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD) of the inflow arteries within the extended medical community. Topics covered include the epidemiology, diagnosis, prognosis and medical management of PAD. Appropriate endovascular and surgical revascularization are also discussed. A number of cases managed with an endovascular approach are reviewed. Best endovascular practices, including those relating to stent selection, are shared with the participant. The project was led by Herbert Aronow, MD, FSVM, with committee members Joshua Beckman, MD, FSVM, Mehdi Shishehbor, DO, MPH, Doug Drachman, MD, and Piotr Sobieszczyk, MD, FSVM. The project was sponsored by Abbott Vascular.

SVM to collaborate with University of Michigan MCORRP on anticoagulation decision-making tool The Michigan Clinical Research and Reporting Program (MCORRP), under the direction of James Froehlich, MD, MPH, FSVM, manages multiple registry-based research studies at the University of Michigan. Working with the Society for Vascular Medicine, MCORRP recently received a grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer to develop a shared decision-making tool for anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation patients. SVM member Geoffrey Barnes, MD, will lead the team of researchers and developers in building a program that will help patients and providers identify determinants to guide the best treatment approach.

SVM joins SVS VQI initiative The Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) and the Society for Vascular Medicine (SVM) are pleased to announce the expansion of the SVS Vascular Quality Initiative® to include medical treatment of PAD. Data collection and analysis tools for the VQI® registry are provided through the M2S PATHWAYS cloud-based healthcare performance management platform. ‘This expansion of the VQI enhances SVS’ mission to assist its members in understanding and improving patient outcomes by encouraging the collection, aggregation, and analysis of clinical data,’ said Peter Lawrence, SVS President. According to SVM President James Froehlich, ‘SVM is committed to expanding its efforts through the VQI to assess the efficacy of various treatments for patients with vascular disease.’ The partnership with M2S positions SVM and SVS as leaders in vascular quality improvement by providing a

platform for their members to analyze outcomes, determine best practices, and collaborate on quality improvement efforts across regions. Currently the VQI has more than 280 participating centers across the US and Canada, and more than 2000 participating physicians. Regional quality groups have been established throughout the US to share and analyze the data collected by individual sites and to initiate local quality improvement projects that affect patient care. Greg Lange, President and Chief Executive Officer of M2S, said: M2S has a long history of managing healthcare information for the purpose of improving patient care. We are excited to partner with SVM and SVS to broaden our impact on healthcare quality improvement and clinical outcomes and to ensure the continued success of the VQI through our PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform. We have designed PATHWAYS to meet the critical challenges in healthcare and empower physicians to analyze individual procedure outcomes along with their peers.

SVM website continues to expand The SVM website continues to experience growth (www. There are exciting additions from the SVM Webinar Subcommittee. During the SVM 25th Anniversary and Scientific Sessions, subcommittee chair Aditya Sharma, MD, FSVM, met with and interviewed experts in the fields of: • Fibromuscular dysplasia – Jeff Olin, DO, MSVM, and Heather Gornik, MD, FSVM; • Novel anticoagulants and the treatment of venous thromboembolism – James Froehlich, MD, MPH, FSVM; • Renal denervation – Herbert Aronow, MD, FSVM. PowerPoint presentations from the 2014 annual meeting are posted in the meeting section of the site. Watch for additional recordings of presentations by the Outstanding Young Investigators, experts in venous disease, PAD, lymphedema, carotid artery disease, venous thromboembolism, and more.

Time to renew your membership The fall is the time to renew dues for SVM. The Society is growing in membership and influence, working with other vascular-focused societies to make a difference in our field and in the care of patients with vascular disease. Members of SVM volunteered in high numbers to serve on committees and as representatives of our field. There were more volunteers than positions. SVM leaders are ensuring that these opportunities will continue to expand and they make use of the tremendous talents of our members and practitioners. Renew online today ( and be a part of the growth of vascular medicine!

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Vascular Medicine 19(6)

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Message from the president.

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