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Society for Vascular Medicine Communication Page

Message from the President

Vascular Medicine 246 2014, Vol. 19(3) 244­–248 © The Author(s) 2014 Reprints and permissions: sagepub.co.uk/journalsPermissions.nav DOI: 10.1177/1358863X14535545 vmj.sagepub.com

Fellow SVMers: Membership on society committees and participation in society activities is the lifeblood of the Society for Vascular Medicine. We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic, active society membership, which has made an impact on the specialty of vascular medicine and the care of patients with vascular diseases. The theme of this edition of the Society for Vascular Medicine Communication Page is participation. A number of important committees of SVM are looking for members to participate in the activities of running the society and to contribute to the care of patients with vascular disease. If you have ever had any interest in improving the care of patients with vascular disease, or in participating in the growth of the specialty of vascular medicine, or in improving medical knowledge about clinical vascular disease, then participation in a society committee is right for you! There are many benefits of society committee work in addition to those listed above. Committees are a great opportunity to meet more like-minded colleagues, and to share ideas about the future of vascular medicine, as well as contribute to shaping it. At the heart of our mission, as a society and specialty, are the activities of the Education Committee. This committee is tasked with the all-important goal of developing and disseminating information about vascular disease for our members as well as interested colleagues in the vascular community. Please read about this and all of our committees below and consider volunteering to be a part of this important process as you participate in the Society for Vascular Medicine. And remember, the Society for Vascular Medicine needs you. Your interest, perspective, and enthusiasm will drive the further development of our specialty and our society’s success! Sincerely,

Jim Froehlich, MD, FSVM President, Society for Vascular Medicine

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Society for Vascular Medicine Communication Page

Report of the SVM Education Committee The Education Committee is charged with guiding and developing the educational programming of the Society to: • Raise awareness of vascular medicine in the general physician population • Provide basic information as well as covering emerging topics of interest to healthcare providers in diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases • Collaborate with physicians with an interest in vascular medicine and in joining a vascular society The Education Committee is responsible for development of a strategy for the education program, including identification of topics, delivery methods, timeline and implementation. The committee is co-chaired by Dr. Rob McBane and Dr. Diane Treat-Jacobson. The committee has been divided into three subcommittees: The Vascular Day Subcommittee, chaired by Dr. Laith Alsayegh, is developing vascular day programs using grand rounds speakers who focus on vascular medicine. The team will expand the program to include discussions of difficult vascular cases and presentations on specific vascular topics. These half-day or day-long programs will be designed to engage the medical community, showcase expertise of SVM members, and open the door to membership in SVM. The Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Subcommittee is co-chaired by Dr. Peter Mason and Dr. Ramin Artang. This group has developed a series of questions that can be used for Maintenance of Certification for vascular medicine physicians. They work with the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Vascular Medicine. More questions will be created over time. The Webinar Subcommittee is chaired by Dr. Aditya Sharma. The subcommittee is developing a series of webinars to cover complicated and emerging topics of interest to vascular medicine practitioners. The first will be a podcast on How to Set Up a Venous Disease Practice. Sessions will be posted on the SVM website for SVM members to review and make recommendations for topics for the future. This is an important effort on behalf of the society and its members. Watch for further developments soon.

Join an SVM Committee: SVM will be recruiting and adding to its committees for 2014-2015. If you are looking for a place to share your vascular medicine experience, this is it! If you are interested in volunteering, let SVM know where your interest lies by emailing [email protected]. The deadline for receipt of the email is August 29, 2014. A brief description of the SVM standing committees follows: Audit and Finance Committee has oversight of the Society’s income and expenses; plans and implements internal and external audits of financial information and is responsible for the Donor Program. Chair is Dr. Raghu Kolluri.

Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee is responsible for the Society’s bylaws and policies and procedures manual - reviewing and keeping them relevant. Chair is Dr. Peter Angelopoulos. Communications Committee synthesizes medical information received by the Society for review, assisting the leadership in communicating positions to SVM membership, as well as other professional and lay audiences. Chair is Dr. Reena Pande. Education Committee, as described above, develops and guides the educational programming of the Society including identification of topics, delivery methods, timeline and implementation. Co-chairs are Dr. Rob McBane and Dr. Diane Treat-Jacobson Industry Committee is charged with developing collaborative relationships between the Society and industry. Chair is Dr. Josh Beckman. Intersocietal Relationships Committee is in charge of developing collaborative efforts and providing oversight and coordination with other societies and organizations. Chair is Dr. Natalie Evans. Membership Committee develops plans and implements strategies and programs to encourage membership in SVM and advises the Board on member needs and benefits. This committee also reviews the credentials of new applicants to the Society and decides on member status. Chair is Dr. Heather Gornik. Nominating Committee is responsible for identification and recommendation of officers and trustees for the Board of Trustees. This committee also makes recommendations for honorees of the Master of the Society for Vascular Medicine and the Jess R. Young Outstanding Educator Award. Chair is Dr. Joshua Beckman. Scientific Program Committee develops the program and the moderators for the annual scientific sessions, conducts other business connected with the program and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding educational initiatives of the Society. Chair is Dr. Jerry Bartholomew. Subspecialty Status Committee is responsible for guiding the effort to have vascular medicine recognized as a subspecialty by the American Board of Internal Medicine and other organizations. Co-chairs are Dr. Suman Rathbun and Dr. Joshua Beckman. Training and Certification Committee is responsible for the development of SVM programs to encourage training in vascular medicine and the societal support of training program directors. Chair is Dr. Robert Eberhardt. Web Site Committee is responsible for the SVM Web Site and charged with providing content and overseeing that the appropriate infrastructure for SVM web based operations and activities is in place. Chair is Dr. Esther Kim.

Outstanding SVM Member Ambassador Winner Congratulations to Dr. Maria Teresa (Tess) Abola who won recognition as an outstanding recruiter for SVM and a free registration to the SVM 25th Anniversary and

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Vascular Medicine 19(3)

Scientific Sessions. Dr. Abola, a long-time member of SVM, is the Head of the Division of Education, Department of Education, Training and Research at the Philippine Heart Center, Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and Consultant, Section of Cardiology at Philippine General Hospital. Dr. Abola trained in vascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and is a former President of the Philippine Heart Association. Congratulations, Dr. Abola, and thank you for your ongoing commitment to SVM. Growing the membership of the Society is central to our mission. Watch for more Ambassador program activities in the near future. Any active SVM member can become an SVM Member Ambassador. Log on to the member homepage at www.vascularmed.org and use the interactive membership recruitment form.

What’s Circulating – SVM’s Updated Newsletter The SVM newsletter introduced a new look and a new name with its March 2014 edition. What’s Circulating still has news about SVM activities and advocacy that you expect. Watch for new editions in July, September and December.

Submit Your Most Interesting Cases to the SVM Interactive Case Study You are invited to submit a case study for consideration for inclusion in the online SVM Interactive Case Study. Your case should be an unusual or difficult case. Format your case so that your colleagues can make the diagnosis, choose from among possible treatment options. Images and videos are encouraged as part of your submission. This is an excellent opportunity for fellows and residents to showcase their work. See the Case Study Archive at tinyurl.com/SVMCase. See the SVM website for details or contact SVM Communications Manager Patricia Sullivan at psullivan@ vascularmed.org for more information.

Free Resume Posting and Discounts on Job Ads SVM Members can post their resumes for free on the Job Bank and get a $100 discount when they post ads on the SVM Job Bank. Visit www.vascularmed.org/jobs to post your job or to learn more.

SVM and Social Media SVM has a robust and growing presence on social media. Our LinkedIn Group has grown to more than 1,900 members and more people join every week. We are also on Facebook and Twitter. Pick one forum or pick them all, but be part of the conversation:

Join our LinkedIn Group Connect with more than 1,900 people interested in Vascular Medicine in our robust and growing LinkedIn Group. This is an excellent forum to discuss and learn about developments in vascular medicine, and learn about SVM activities.

Like SVM on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VascularMed Share SVM’s Facebook status updates with your colleagues.

Follow us on Twitter — @SVM_ Tweets Retweet our tweets and share your news with us. Use hashtag #VascMed or #SVM2014.

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Message from the President.

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