THE Society held its eighteenth annual meeting at the Fort William Henry Hotel, Lake George. The Society was called to order at 9.50 A.M., by the President, DR. HENRY D. NOYES, who announced the following committees:

Committee on Membership and Nomination of OfticersDRS. JOHN GREEN, W. W. SEELY, G. HAY, A. MATHEWSON, and C. S. BULL.

Committee on Bulletin-DRS. S. THEOBALD and S. B. ST. JOHN. Auditing Committee-DR. S. F. McFARLAND. The Treasurer, Dr. Richard H. Derby, of New York, read his annual report, which was referred to the auditing committee. On behalf of the Committee on Membership, Dr. Hasket Derby recommended for membership Dr. A. Alt, of St. Louis, Mo. Upon ballot Dr. Alt was elected a member of the Society. The auditing committee reported the Treasurer's state-


Eighteenth Annual Meetitg.

ment correct and it was accepted. The Treasurer moved that the assessment levied for I882-I883 be five dollars. This motion was carried. Dr. Knapp moved that each member of the Society who takes part in the discussion be requested to put his remarks as concisely as possible in writing, with a heading, and hand the same to the secretary before the close of the meeting. Carried. The Secretary announced the- death of Dr. E. Reynolds, of Boston, an honorary member of the Society. Dr. Hasket Derby was appointed by the Chair to prepare for the " Transactions" a notice of Dr. Reynolds. Dr. Green moved that twenty minutes be the maximum time to be allotted to the reading of any paper except by special vote of the Society in each case and by a two-thirds majority. That any paper requiring more than twenty minutes for its reading be presented in abstract under the same limitation to twenty minutes. Carried. Dr. Green moved that this be a standing rule of the Society until rescinded. Carried. The Committee on Bulletin reported, and the first paper was by I. Dr. C. S. Bull: "Pulsating Vascular Tumor of Orbit, Eyelid, Temple, and Forehead, Treated by Electrolysis." It was discussed by Drs. Green, Knapp, H. Derby, and the President. 2.- Dr. Seely: "Atrophied Remains of the Hyaloid System, with Attachment to the Lens and Detachment from the Papilla;" and, 3. " Serous Effusion into the Vitreous causing Total Tem-porary Loss of Vision due probably to Malarial Poisoning." 4. Dr. McKay: "' Apparent Disappearance of Iris after Extraction of Cataract;" and,

Eighteenth Annual Meeting.


5. " Non-Pulsating Exophthalmus, with Recurring ThrombQsis of Orbital Veins."

The Pmsident suggested that the lesion described in the first paper was a case of reduplication of the iris. Dr. Seely and Dr. Buller also discussed this paper. 6. Dr. Norris (read by Dr. Harlan): "Hereditary Atrophy of the Optic Nerves and in Pigmentary Retinitis." Discussed by the President, Drs. Harlan, Kipp, Little, and McKay. 7. Dr.'Little: " The Influe'nce of the Faradic Current' in the Treatiuient of Vitreous Opacities, with Cases." Discussed by Dr. Green and the President. 8. Dr. Merrill: "Glioma occurring in a Patient Twentyone Years of Age." 9. Dr. Green: "A Case of Ruptured Zonula, with Remaining Accommodation." The President and Dr. Hay discussed it, and io. "An Operation for Enucleation, with Removal of Tarsal Cartilage, and Conjunctival Sack." Discussed by the President and Dr. Knapp. i i. " Remarks on Operation for Entropion." Discussed by Drs. H. Derby, Theobald, Hay, Prout, Risley, Pomeroy, Knapp, Buller, Bartlett, and the President.

Upon motion now, it was decided to adjourn at 1.45, and meet again at 4 o'clock P.M. 12. Dr. R. H. Derby "The Use of Nitrite of Amyl in Anaesthesia of the Retina." Discussed by Drs. Harlan, Risley, Knapp, H. Derby, Howe, and the President. Dr. Theobald offered the following motion: "That in future meetings, no paper shall be referred to the publishing committee, unless the paper itself, or an abstract of it, shall


Eighteenth Annual Meeting.

have been presented to the Society at its annual meeting." This motion was seconded and carried. Adjourned.

Meeting called to order, 4.20 P.M. The President in the chair. The minutes of last session read, and after correction, accepted. The order of the bulletin was resumed. 13. Dr. S. Theobald: " Circumscribed Absorption of the Lens apparently of Traumatic Origin, without the Remainder of the Lens becoming Opaque," and I4. "A Fragment of Glass in the Eye, probably in the Ciliary Body for Ten Years without producing Serious Consequences." Dr. Green discussed this last paper. Dr. Pooley further spoke to the paper last read by Dr. Theobald, as did Drs. Knapp and Kipp, and the President. Drs. Knapp and Kipp spoke upon the subject of Dr. Theobald's first paper. I5. Dr. Hay: " A case of Extensive Hemorrhage between the Choroid and Sclerotica." Drs. Knapp, Pooley, and the President spoke upon such cases. The President invited Dr. Hasket Derby to take the chair. i6. Dr. Little: "Remains of a Persistent Hyaloid Artery attached to Crystalline Lens." 17. Dr. Buller described " A Case of Alopecia of the Upper Eyelids," and showed drawings and microscopical specimens of the diseased hairs. The chairman pro tem. suggested the possible value of pilocarpine in such a case. i8. Dr. H. D. Noyes: "1 Aids in the Removal of Foreign -Bodies from the Cornea." Drs. Seely, Hutchinson, Kipp, McFarland, Theobald, and Buller spoke on the subject, and I9. " Penetration of a Foreign Body into the Orbit: Probable Wound of the Brain and Total Amaurosis." Adjourned to 9 A.M. of Thursday.

Eighteenth Annual Meeting.3 Yuly


27, 1882, 9 A. M.

Meeting called to order. Minutes of last session read and approved. The discussion of Dr. Noyes' paper on foreign body in the orbit, taken up by Dr. McKay. 20. Dr. Noyes: " Reduction of Size and Tension of the Eyeball by Total Avulsion of Iris and by Neurectomy." Discussed by Drs. Little, Hay, Risley, Harlan, and Theobald; and 21. " Three Cases of Tumor of the Eye." Discussed by Drs. Buller and Prout. 22. Dr. Knapp: " Contributions to the Clinical History of Metastatic Choroiditis." Discussed by Drs. McKay, Hutchinson, and the President. 23. Dr. Halrlan: "A Simple Test for Simulated Monocular Blindness," and 24. " Sarcoma of the Lachrymal Gland, Dislocating the Eyeball Downward, Forward, and Outward." Discussed by Drs. Theobald, Kipp, and Knapp. Dr. H. Derby moved that the Business Committee make their report. This was- carried. The Chairman of the Business Committee, Dr. Green, nominated the following officers for the ensuing year: President-DR. HENRY D. NOYES, of New York. Vice-President-DR. WILLIAM F: NORRIS, of Philadelphia. Recording Secretary and Treasurer-DR. RICHARD H. DERBY, of New York. Corresponding Secretary-DR. JOHN S. PROUT, of Brooklyn. Publishing Committee-DR. E. G. LORING, DR. D. B. ST. JOHN RooSA, of New York. These gentleme1i were all duly elected.


Eighteenth Annual Meetiug.

The Chairman of the Committee reported that in regard to a place of meeting for next year, the Committee was uniable to decide between Lake George and Newport, and they preferred to leave the choice to the Society. The Secretary moved that to this list of places from which the Society should select, the Catskill House, Catskill Mountains, be added. Vote upon place of meeting was now taken and resulted as follows: For Newport, four votes; for Catskills, fifteen votes; for Lake George, two votes. It was decided then to hold the nineteenth annual meeting at the Catskills, and Drs. Harlan and Little, together with the Secretary, were appointed a Special Committee to make -arrangements for holding the meeting there. Dr. Hasket Derby moved to amend Section 3 of the ByLaws, by substituting in line two for the word " fourth," the word " third." Recess was taken and thereafter the meeting called to order. Dr. Hasket Derby's amendment was then carried. The order of the bulletin was again resumed. 25. Dr. Harlan showed improved trial frames. 26. Dr. Kipp: " A Case of Acute Inflammatory Glaucoma, followed by Cerebro-spinal Meningitis." Discussed by the President. 27. Dr. Mittendorf: " Embolism of the Central Artery of the Retina." (By title.) 28. Dr. St. John: " A Case of Double Glaucoma Fulminans," and 29. " Extraction of Chip of Iron from the Lens by means of Gruening's Magnet." Dr. Prout discussed the first paper.

By motion of the Secretary, permission was given the stenographer to furnish the Philadelphia Medical News with an abstract of papers read before the Society at this meeting.

Eighteenth Annual Meeting.


In the absence of Dr. Thomson, the Secretary showed his new test-type disk.

Adjourned at 10.50 A.M. RICHARD H. DERBY, Secretary. Present at the eighteenth annual meeting: DR. E. W. BARTLETT. DR. C. S. BULL. DR. H. DERBY. DR. R. H. DERBY. DR. J. GREEN. DR. G. C. HARLAN. DR. G. HAY. DR. L. HOWE. DR. E. HUTCHINSON. DR. C. J. Kipp. DR. H. KNAPP. DR. W. S. LITTLE. DR. S. F. MCFARLAND.


Present by invitation: DRS. J. A. LIPPINCOTT, Pittsburg, E. E. HOLT, Portland, Me.


Recording Secretary.

Minutes of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting.

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