BIOMICROFLUIDICS 9, 022301 (2015)

Preface to Special Topic: Select Papers from the 8th IEEE International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering Held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Da-Jeng Yaoa) and Chao-Min Chengb) Institute of Nanoengineering and Microsystems, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan (Received 10 April 2015; accepted 12 April 2015; published online 28 April 2015) []

Traditional boundaries between materials science, nanoengineering, and life sciences are rapidly disintegrating as interdisciplinary research teams develop new micro-/nano-engineering-based tools for exploring fundamental issues in both medicine and biology. In particular, the means for achieving accurate clinical diagnoses via cellular- or molecular-based assays have been a longstanding but interesting research and clinical issue. With recent technological advances in multiple research fields such as materials science, cellular and molecular biology, micro-/nano-technology, and bioengineering, considerable attention is shifting toward evaluating the functional advantages of using nanomaterials and nanofabrication, at both cellular and molecular levels. This shift, directed specifically toward the development of biomedically relevant applications, has broad application, but an inherently small, i.e., nano, focus and is termed “Nanomedicine.” Endeavors in this shift enhance the understanding of the mechanisms of, and therapeutic potentials for, some of the most lethal diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, organ fibrosis, and cancers. This interdisciplinary approach has generated great interest among researchers working in a wide variety of communities including industry, universities, and research laboratories. We have collaborated with Biomicrofluidics to prepare a Special Topic that focuses mainly on nanomedically relevant issues, using the high standard peer review process for papers selected from IEEE NanoMed 2014. This Special Topic, we believe, covers a wide range of topics in nanomedicine involving the fluidic aspects. We initialized discussions with Professor Leslie Yeo and Professor Hsueh-Chia Chang, the Editors of Biomicrofluidics, regarding the organization of this Special Topic at the end of 2013. The topics regarding nanomedicine in this Special Topic are associated with 7 original articles that we have addressed covering the following: (1) small-scale devices for investigating both human and mouse embryos—related to the reproduction medicine;1,2 (2) the development of the thread-based diagnostic tool for the detection of both blood urea nitrogen and glucose in human whole blood;3 (3) a biophysically relevant study of the optically induced electric field4 and an interesting application of using electric stimulation for drug delivery at the small scale;5 and (4) the promising breakthrough of the micro-/ nano-fabrication.6,7 Here, we would like to express our deep appreciation to all authors and reviewers. Without their full support, this Special Topic would probably not be published on schedule. This Special Topic may not cover all topics in this emerging field, the development of practical tools and approaches for nanomedicine, but we surely believe that our efforts have the potential to provide highly impactful innovations and interesting discussions in relevant academic and commercial communities. 1

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Molecular Medicine and Engineering Held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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