Abstracts / Atherosclerosis 241 (2015) e149ee229

Methods and materials: 120 patients with confirmed ischemicCHF were examined. 50%had permanent AF and 50%had sinus rhythm. To estimate arterial wall status volume sphygmography was done with VaSera VS1000 device (Fucuda, Japan). To evaluate collagen matrix condition of arterial wall plasma level of TIMP-I had been used. Results: PWV both in ankle-brachial segment and in muscle type vessels in patients with AF did not differ significantly from patients with sinus rhythm.PWV in carotid-femoral segment was reliably lower in patients with AF(10,26[6,45;14,22]m/sec vs 8,76[4,21;10,43]m/sec, (p

Morphology and classification of hemocytes in Pinctada fucata and their responses to ocean acidification and warming.

Hemocytes play important roles in the innate immune response and biomineralization of bivalve mollusks. However, the hemocytes in pearl oysters are po...
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