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For example, a study in the area of palliative care sedation examined the beliefs and attitudes of nurses. The ethics surrounding palliative care sedation raise many challenges. The research found that nursing in this area is difficult because of the pressures of end of life care and administering medication. It found that nurses feared hastening death and this had a psychological effect on them.

Training in research

Nursing research A CPD article enhanced Emily Goss’s understanding of the role and nature of nursing research The importance of evidence-based practice to nursing is emphasised in the first year of nursing education. After reading this continuing professional development (CPD) article, I now better understand the nature of research and which nursing roles are involved in research. During nursing education, students are introduced to evidence-based practice, its importance and its links to research. As a nursing student, I did not know how or if it was possible for me to take part in research. However, after reading the CPD article, I now know that I can undertake an active role in research and know how to become a clinical research nurse, thereby improving the evidence on which patient care is based. It is important to reinforce the habit of questioning both why we practise as we do and the research underpinning that practice. It can be easy, particularly as a student, to accept a qualified healthcare professional’s practice without

question. But it is important that our practice is evidence-based; therefore, practices should be questioned to improve care and outcomes for patients. The CPD article reaffirmed how important it is not to lose sight of patient-centred care. It should be at the heart of everything we do as nurses, whether that is clinical practice or research. A common misconception is that research focuses only on the medical model of health. However, this is not the case – nursing research is consistent with the nursing philosophy of holistic care and explores many areas of care.

This reflective account is based on NS734 Fawcett TN, McCulloch C (2014) Pursuing a career in nursing research. Nursing Standard. 28, 28, 54-58.

The recommendation was that nurses need extra support – particularly during the night, when fewer medical staff are available. The best care cannot be provided to these patients if the nursing challenges are not understood and addressed effectively. Research is integral to good nursing practice and should be part of every nurse’s agenda. Inspiring and supporting nurses to undertake training in research to realise their potential is important and will benefit patient care. I hope that I can find ways of taking part in research as my career develops. The way in which nursing is creating more opportunities to combine clinical and academic work is exciting. Nursing involves lifelong learning; I hope that I continue to develop my knowledge and skills and become the best nurse I can, by implementing evidence-based practice and always putting the patient first NS Emily Goss is a nursing student at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

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