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Abstracts of the 7th Cachexia Conference, Kobe/Osaka, Japan, December 9–11, 2013 (Part 2)

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1–26 C-terminal Agrin Fragment as a marker of muscle wasting in patients after acute stroke during early rehabilitation Nadja Scherbakov1, Nicole Ebner2, Michael Knops1, Miroslava Valentova2, Anja Sandek2, Pius Dahinden3, Stefan Hettwer3, Stephan von Haehling2, Michael Joebges4, Wolfram Doehner1,2 1 Center for Stroke Research CSB, Charité University Medical School, Berlin, Germany, 2Applied Cachexia Research, Department of Cardiology, Charité University Medical School, Berlin, Germany, 3Neurotune AG, Wagistrasse 27a, Schlieren, Switzerland, 4 Department of Neurology, Brandenburgklinik Bernau, Germany Background: C-terminal Agrin Fragment (CAF) has been proposed as a potential marker for sarcopenia caused by degeneration of the neuromuscular junction. In patients with ischemic stroke muscle wasting is a common observation. We aimed to evaluate plasma level of total CAF and the sub-fragment AgrinC110 in relation to parameters for physical performance in patients during early rehabilitation after acute stroke. Methods: 101 patients with acute ischemic or haemorrhagic stroke (age 70±11 y, BMI 26.7±5.7 kg/m2, all mean ± SD) admitted to hospitalized rehabilitation centre and 15 healthy controls of similar age and BMI (64±8 y, 25.0±3.5) were studied. Base line (BL) physical examinations performed at admission (23±18 days after acute stroke) followed by follow up (FU) examinations (27±5 days, 50±18 days after acute stroke) included functional assessment (3 m walk test) and maximum hand grip testing and body composition analysis by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). CAF concentrations were measured by Western blotting. Results: In patients serum levels of total CAF and AgrinC110 were elevated at admission and at discharge (total CAF 545.3± 175.2 and 541.8±159.9 pM; AgrinC110 405.5±133.0 and 417.4±127.5 pM, respectively) compared to healthy controls (total CAF 425.5 ± 77.0 pM, p

osaka, Japan, december 9-11, 2013 (part 2).

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