WEBWISE Patient Safety in the NHS The Department of Health has launched a patient safety section on the NHS Choices website, the official site of the English health service. It publishes data on how hospitals across England perform on a range of patient safety indicators such as staffing levels on wards, incident reporting levels, incidence of pressure ulcers and falls, and how hospitals are complying with patient safety alerts. This data has been made public because analysis of incident reporting revealed that 29 out of 141 trusts were not registering the expected number of safety incidents. The government says this is a sign of a poor safety culture. The site gives ratings for open and honest reporting, and those trusts scoring poorly will be investigated by NHS England. There is information on how hospitals perform on patient safety, a glossary of patient safety indicators and links to the Care Quality Commission’s acute hospital inspection model. Clicking on the link ‘Find out how your local hospital performs’ allows you to compare hospitals in terms of cleanliness, infections such as MRSA, preventing blood clots and reporting incidents. It also shows if a hospital has enough nursing and midwifery staff to provide safe care to patients. I keyed in my local postcode and up popped page after page of information. The London Chest Hospital, for example, scores ‘among the best’ on infection control and cleanliness but only scores 80 per cent for safe staffing levels. Roger Evans is assistant editor, Nursing Standard www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/thenhs/ patient-safety See www.nursing-standard.co.uk for previous website reviews


TV :: radio :: books :: websites :: apps Mental Health Nursing – Case Book ★★★★★

Editor Nick Wrycraft makes the point in his introduction that mental illness is an intensely personal experience. He emphasises recovery-focused practice, as opposed to traditional attitudes to mental health care that tick the boxes of diagnosis and the identification of illness. Recovery embraces a positive philosophy that focuses on an individual’s coping resources and strengths. Part of a new Case Book series from the Open University Press, the

27 case studies in this book range from depression and anxiety in childhood, and behaviour problems in children and within families, to alcohol and substance misuse, schizophrenia, and caring for people who have dementia or bipolar disorder. There are excellent chapters on the carer’s perspective and how to support carers, which address the concept of burden, managing issues of confidentiality, and the help that is available. I recommend this excellent and informative book to all nurses and nursing students for its person-focused, rather than illness-focused, perspective.

Nick Wrycraft (Ed) | Open University Press | 272pp | £19.99 | ISBN: 978 0 3352 4295 5 Reviewed by Shelagh Daly, a volunteer at Mind, the mental health charity

The Introductory Guide to Art Therapy – Experimental Teaching and Learning for Students and Practitioners ★★★★★ This new book provides a starting point for people interested in art therapy, as well as an educational guide for practitioners, managers, teachers, allied health professionals, students and trainees. It is co-written by Susan Hogan, professor of cultural studies and art therapy at the University of Derby, and Annette Coulter, an art psychotherapist trained in the UK and now based in Australia. There are sections on tuition and learning, concepts and practice,

becoming a practitioner and teaching art therapy to other practitioners. The authors look at models of art therapy, supervision and working with children, offenders, couples and families, group working with adults and the co-facilitation of art therapy groups. There are interesting sections on guided fantasy, cultural issues, working with images, domestic violence from a child’s perspective and women’s issues. The book defines art therapy, looks at teaching strategies and helps customise tuition for a wide range of people and groups. Complex topics are made comprehensible, with an international perspective, excellent diagrams, a good index, up-to-date references and a glossary of key terms regarding art therapy.

Susan Hogan and Annette M Coulter | Routledge | 256pp | £29.99 | ISBN: 978 0 4156 8216 9 Reviewed by Natalie Shaw, contemporary art and illustration student at the University of Huddersfi eld, who has undertaken a work experience placement at Nursing Standard

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