Position Statement on Professional Laboratory Certification and State Licensure AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL PATHOLOGISTS

1. Certification a. Certification is a voluntary process through which a non-governmental organization awards recognition to an individual who demonstrates a level of professional competence sufficient to justify the public's trust and confidence. The ASCP believes that the purpose of certification can be served best by having on the Board of Registry public representatives as well as representatives from other organizations actively interested in certifying clinical laboratory personnel. The Board's certificate thus signifies that the holder has demonstrated an acceptable level of competence at the point of career entry. In order to maintain its standards of reliability and validity, the Board continually updates its examinations and actively investigates and pursues innovative testing procedures. The time and effort spent in test research and development exceeds by manyfold that of any other allied health certification agency.

of certification of the numerous professionals in the health field is both desirable and necessary. The Society, therefore, supports the concept of the National Commission of Health Certifying Agencies (NCHCA) and has actively participated on the Steering Committee in its development. The Commission must represent a voluntary system of certification, and ASCP believes the standards should reflect broad public and governmental representation but remain uncontrolled by governmental agencies. The Commission's primary responsibility should be that of evaluating and approving the many individual allied health certifying bodies which make application and meet specified standards for such recognition. It should not itself become involved in the actual certification of individuals in specific categories of health care. I. Licensure a. Licensure is "the process by which an agency of government grants permission to persons to engage in a given profession or occupation by certifying that those licensed have attained the minimal degree of competency necessary to ensure that the public health, safety and welfare will be reasonably well protected." 1 The ASCP does not believe that the establishment of national standards and organizational guidelines should interfere with existing or future state licensure requirements for individuals. Professional licensure is a fundamental state prerogative which must not be federalized by the United States Government. Approved:


American Society of Clinical Pathologists March 18, 1978

b. ASCP believes that coordination of the process Reference Address reprint requests to Rex Conn, M.D.: Public Information Committee, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 2100 West Harrison St., Chicago, Illinois 60012.

1. Feasibility Study of a Voluntary National Certification System for Allied Health Personnel (Final Report), DHEW, Contract No. N01-AH-34016, March 31, 1974, p 16

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THE PURPOSE of this paper is to state the position of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) on two important issues: (1) certification and (2) state licensure for professional laboratory personnel. The American Society of Clinical Pathologists represents more than 6,000 physician laboratory specialists in the country and a significant number of other clinical laboratory personnel. The Society was established in 1922 to improve the quality of clinical laboratory services. This is accomplished through extensive programs of basic and continuing education, and through certification of eligible laboratory personnel by the Board of Registry. The Board develops procedures and criteria for certifying clinical laboratory professional personnel who meet specified standards of education, training and experience.

Position statement on professional laboratory certification and state licensure: American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

Position Statement on Professional Laboratory Certification and State Licensure AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL PATHOLOGISTS 1. Certification a. Certifi...
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