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Predicting fetal distress C. J. Dewhurst To cite this article: C. J. Dewhurst (1976) Predicting fetal distress, Postgraduate Medicine, 59:6, 113-113, DOI: 10.1080/00325481.1976.11714391 To link to this article:

Published online: 07 Jul 2016.

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introduction • One of the mostsignificant advances in obstetrics in recent years has been the development of special methods of obtaining more precise information about the fetus. These various advances have been pioneered not only in the United States and Great Britain, as the articles in this symposium indicate, but in ether countries as weil; international cooperation has, indeed, expedited progress. Sorne of the methods of investigation involve considerable technical expertise, such as that required for the cytogenetic diagnosis of a fatal chromosomal anomaly, or the ultrasonic measurement of various diameters in the very early embryo or, later, in the growing fetus. Others, such as hormone assays, have been available for many years but have become more exact, and new assays have been developed to augment those formerly used. Ali, however, depend for their correct use upon the clinical skill of physiciens and upon their care and attention to detail in looking after their patients. For this reason, the clinical as weil as the technical aspects of the management of high-risk pregnancy are stressed in this symposium. The sophisticated aids discussed are to supplement clinical acumen, not to replace it. Doctors are not dependent on the equipment-its ·correct use is dependent on them. lt is my hope that the balance of the clinical and the scientific in these articles will be of great practical value to the physician likely to encounter high-risk pregnancy problems in practice. •

Vol. 59 • No. 8 • J1.11e 1978 • POSTQRADUATE MEDICINE

predicting fetal distress

C. J. Dewhurst, FRCS(Ed), FRCOG Professer of obstetrics and gynecology lnstitute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (University of London) · Queen Charlotte's Hospital for Women London President Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


Predicting fetal distress. Introduction.

Postgraduate Medicine ISSN: 0032-5481 (Print) 1941-9260 (Online) Journal homepage: Predicting fetal distress C...
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