Editorial Scope of Clinical research in Dentistry The Discipline of Clinical Dental Research has undergoing changes in scope, methods, instrumentation and technology which is driven by increased awareness of quality health care in developing countries and advanced biotechnological availability in developed world. It includes increase application of computer technology in diagnostic science, molecular methods, and clinical measurements, which in turn will affect clinical decision making with increased accuracy. The changes in pattern of oral disease have further increased the scope of clinical research with shift in focus of research to explore unknown etiological factor and etiopathogenesis. Hence the overall trend is towards the increased demand of trained and experienced clinical investigator in dentistry. An increase in funding for clinical research is inevitably because research funding if used in appropriate direction will reduce significant health care cost for the government and improved quality of life for the patient. Moreover there is scope of improving general health of patients too, if

Dr. Namrata Dagli BDS, PGDCTM (Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Trial Managment)

expansion is done on oral health research. This research includes clinical trials comparing treatment of dental diseases; product quality and functioning, such as that required for biomaterials in orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and pedodontics; oral hygiene materials and methods; studies focusing on quality of health care. Behavioural science studies in clinical dental research, to examine issues such as patient acceptability of dental treatment and/or preventive procedure with health promotion. Focus on control of major etiological factor like plaque control and tobacco de-addiction by appropriate behavioural methods are under major scope of clinical dental research. The principle hurdles are funding in dental research and even more important is identification and appropriate selection of research for funding by government or health agency which are of high public health significance. Last but uningnorable is researches and methods which reduce cost of health care would always receive primary focus by funding body.

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Dr. Namrata Dagli BDS, PGDCTM (Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Trial Managment), Past Member, Clinical Research and Ethical committee, Care Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


Journal of International Oral Health. Sept-Oct 2013; 5(5):i

Scope of Clinical research in Dentistry.

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