Something Old, Something New: Message From the President Cindy L. Munro

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Research in Nursing & Health, 2014, 37, 452–453 Accepted 2 September 2014 DOI: 10.1002/nur.21625

Cindy L. Munro President, SNRS University of South Florida

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To insure SNRS's relevance for members, the Board seeks to balance old strengths and new opportunities. To maintain relevance, a successful organization must focus tightly on its core strength (Coerver & Byers, 2013). SNRS's core strength is an unwavering commitment to advance nursing research. Keeping the mission in the forefront guides the Board and Program Committees in developing the annual conference. The Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS) will hold its 29th Annual Conference at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida, February 25 through 28, 2015. It is crucial that SNRS maintain the “old” components of the conference program that align with our mission and goals. Members expect and deserve a conference focused tightly on research. Presentations of completed research projects have formed the foundation of the conference since its inception and continue to be an important venue for dissemination of research. Research Interest Group (RIG) meetings provide valuable opportunities for communication among members. Networking is an important part of the conference as well (Munro, 2014). A reception by the host school is a tradition that members enjoy and provides an opportunity to catch up with old colleagues and meet new ones. However, the Board recognizes that updating old activities and introducing new ones are necessary to maintain vitality and promote continued engagement of members. For example, conference hosts have evolved over time. In the past, schools of nursing submitted proposals to host conferences. Conferences through 2017 have already been planned using this process. Over time, however, given our commitment to serve nurse researchers employed outside academia, hosts have broadened beyond schools of nursing to include other kinds of organizations that support clinical research. In another shift toward the new, at the 2014 conference, the Board discussed a plan to disentangle selection of the conference location from selection of the organizational host. We will continue to engage organizations as


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hosts, but the hosts need not be located in the conference city or state. For conferences beyond 2017, the conference location will rotate among a core of Southern cities where accommodations, ease of travel, and attractions are optimized for SNRS members. We will favor locations where past attendance has been strong. Recognizing that members do want to showcase other locations within the SNRS region, a wild card will be included in the rotation. A third shift will be seen in the program of the conference itself. In previous conferences, competitively-reviewed sessions were for the exclusive purpose of dissemination of completed research. This is a primary goal for SNRS, but we believe that alternative kinds of presentation could further SNRS's parallel goal of facilitating research career development of nurses and nursing students. Presentations that provide a venue for senior scientists to convey strategies for career success, conceptual discussions around Research Interest Group (RIG) themes, and examinations of new methodologies could be valuable to members. Because the current abstract review system is designed to evaluate completed research projects, the Board is conducting a pilot of a new type of session targeted to elicit broader presentations, with its own abstract review criteria. The first General Session will be held at the 2015 conference. Member feedback regarding the General Session will inform the Board's decision about whether we should continue to encourage presentations that go beyond dissemination of completed research projects. The conference is a signature event, and planning for each conference requires year-long engagement of the Board of Directors, the Program Committee, and Local Planning Committee. Dr. Marygrace Leveille, Vice President of SNRS, has provided excellent leadership in planning the conference, and the University of South Florida College of Nursing has worked tirelessly as its host. Dr. Leveille previews highlights of the upcoming conference in the companion SNRS news piece that follows.



This balance between old and new is necessary to achieve our mission and to serve members. We hope that we have struck a good balance of preserving the best of previous activities while adding new mission-oriented sessions. As a Tampa resident, I can attest to the beauty of Saddlebrook—it is a perfect place to “Revitalize Your Research Spirit”! Please join me at the SNRS conference in February 2015!

References Coerver, H., & Byers, M. (2013). Road to relevance: Five strategies for competitive associations. Washington, DC: ASAE The Center for Association Leadership. Munro, C. L. (2014). Message from the president: Making the most of conferences. Research in Nursing & Health, 37, 88–89. doi: 10.1002/nur.21590

Revitalize Your Research Spirit: SNRS Annual Conference Preview The Southern Nursing Research Society Board of Directors, Program Committee, and the University of South Florida College of Nursing Local Planning Committee are pleased to present the program for the SNRS 29th Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida, at the spectacular Saddlebrook Resort, February 25–28, 2015. The theme of our conference is “Conducting Research in Difficult Times: Come Revitalize Your Research Spirit.” At the annual conference, over 500 researchers, clinicians, and students come together to celebrate the science and advancement of nursing and to disseminate research findings through stimulating podium presentations, thoughtprovoking poster discussion sessions, and inspiring poster presentations. This year, the focus of the conference is to renew and rejuvenate the spirit of the culture of scientific inquiry, individually and collectively. SNRS is proud to announce Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN, as the keynote speaker at our opening session. Dr. Woods, Professor of Biobehavioral Nursing and Dean Emerita at the University of Washington School of Nursing, will discuss her research pertaining to women's health and health promotion. She will highlight concepts that have revitalized her research and played a role in her pathway to excellence. As a past president of the American Academy of Nursing and a substantially-funded NIH researcher, Dr. Woods will enlighten the SNRS community and promote the translation of nursing science. A new and exciting addition to this year's conference, designed to facilitate the career development of our novice researchers, is the General Session. In a special call for abstracts, submissions will be sought from our senior and mid-career scientists, clinical nursing researchers, and research interest groups. A General Session abstract need not describe completed research work. This is an opportunity for our seasoned scientists to present methodological topics or studies in progress. The goal of the session is to mentor and support our neophyte scientists, showcasing

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the value of research rigor in building strong nursing science. The General Sessions, symposia, podium presentations, moderated poster discussions, and poster sessions permit attendees to communicate, network, and discuss the cuttingedge information delivered at the conference. In addition, meetings will be scheduled for our ten Research Interest Groups (RIGs): Aging/Gerontology, Biobehavioral, Community Public Health/Health Promotion, Education, Health Systems/Health Policy, Minority Health Research, Parent– Child, Psychiatric/Mental Health, Qualitative Research, and Research in Clinical Settings. These groups offer a range of opportunities for members to engage with other nurses in their areas of expertise and collaborate to promote the advancement of nursing science within their specialties. Saddlebrook Resort offers a stunning, relaxing, peaceful environment conducive to invigorating our research spirit. Imagine: poster presentations and poster discussions outside, as the cool breeze blows through your linen or cotton resort clothes. Imagine: talking to your mentor by the pool and soaking up his/her words of wisdom along with the sun. Imagine: collaborating with a new colleague on a potential research endeavor while your legs are propped up on a lawn chair. If you are a nurse academician or clinical nurse scientist who wants to strive for nursing excellence through the generation of new nursing knowledge, who wants to mentor current and future nurse scientists, who wants to collaborate with other nurse scientists, or who wants to join a community of scholars, put your sandals and sunglasses on and join us in sunny Florida, at the Saddlebrook Resort in February 2015. Come Revitalize Your Research Spirit! Marygrace Hernandez Leveille Vice President, SNRS Baylor University Medical Center Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine E-mail: [email protected]

Something old, something new: message from the president.

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