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report for tlie Session 1876-77 has quite recently reached and the report of anus ; and, although it is nearly a year old, other Session is now nearly due, a short precis of the facts contained in it will be of interest. Tiie most conspicuous tlie Session were the apchanges in the College staff during H. W. Kean, M.D., (by whom the of Surgeon-Major pointment is submitted) to act as principal, and the retirereport present ment of Surgeon-Major Paul, M.D., Professor of Surgery, after The Principal alludes in a service in the College of 16 years. liis report to the high estimation in which Professor Paul ?was held by his brother professors for the cordial assistance he, at all times, rendered, and the warm interest he took in the The



Annals of the General




also record the valu-

able services he rendered to that institution."


report of

the Director of Public Instruction also alludes to the eminent

position he held in his profession. The Madras Medical College comprises for teaching purposes three departments; a senior department in which students are prepared for the degrees and licenses of the University ; a second department for the training of Military, Civil and Colonial Hospital Apprentices for the apothecary class and female students ; and a junior department for native medical pupils (hospital assistant class) and Mysore pupils. The curriculum, course of instruction and standard of examination in each department differ. At the commencement of the Session,



28, 37

departments. Of these nine of the second department and 36 of the junior department passed the final examination successfully. Owing to the demand for apothecaries and hospital assistants caused by the famine, G-overnment resolved to suspend admissions into the senior department, but the restriction is only temporary. In future, students entering this department are to be required to pay fees, and free scholarships are to be substituted for stipendiary scholarships. This is a healthy sign and 82 students in the several

of medical education in Madras.

It appears that students are

in the habit of

attending classes in this department with a view to ultimately obtaining degrees and qualifications in England. Although we should prefer to see our Indian Medical degrees and licenses take their place as of equal value with English degrees and licenses, still it is satisfactory to find that Indian Medical Colleges are fulfilling the useful and creditable function of enabling students to study in this country with a view to obtaining English qualifications. It would be interesting to know what proportion of students proceeding to England for that purpose succeed in obtaining Home degrees and licenses. Inquiries made during a recent furlough induce us to believe that failures are very exceptional, and that students educated in India take a verv respectable place in English examinations. This is most satisfactory and encouraging, and we are inclined to think that the Medical Colleges of the three presidency towns are among the soundest and most successful educational institutions which have been established in India. The examinations of the two junior departments are con-

by a committee of medical officers unconnected with College. This system has its advantages, and it has been recently adopted, as far as possible, in conducting the medical examinations of the Calcutta University ; but the system ducted tlie

1. 1878-



advancement of Medical Education in this


marking pursued in Madras appears to be a loose one. are registered as very good, good, fair, indifferent, baJ, very bad, and, contrary to usage elsewhere, the higher marts are attached to the worse results, a certain numerical maximum being fixed as a limit. The svstem is, we observe, about to be revised, and no doubt the change will bring it into consonance with usage elsewhere. It is creditable to the College that all the senior students in the two junior departments were found fit to obtain the college pass certificate. The female students in the second division were four in number. They are reported to have acquitted themselves with great credit at the test examination. Difficulties are experienced in teaching the junior (hospital assistant) department, on account of the low standard of preliminary qualification required more particularly in English. It is creditable to Madras that this class is capable of being instructed in English at all ; but where an English qualification is required, it ought to be a real one and sufficient to admit of students taking an intelligent hold of the instruction conveyed to them in that language. This important question is, we are glad to see, to be taken into early conOn the whole, the report indisideration by Government. cates good sound work, and gives promise of progress, and we congratulate the Madras Government and the Principal and Results

Professors of the Madras Medical School their labours.


the success of

The Madras Medical College.

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