June, 1940]

This applies to narcotic drugs as other commodities and manufactured articles, and those which were originally used almost exclusively in one country or area are now obtainable anywhere. The prevention of the traffic in narcotics is a large and important problem in most countries and one on which



Indian Medical Gazette JUNE

as to


the problem of drug addiction


of addiction are those which are liable, of time, to take control of the individual who has become habituated to their use inasmuch as all his social and business obligations become subservient to obtaining a regular supply of his pet narcotic, and then continued use, generally in increasing quantities, to obtain the desired effect eventually leads to complete moral and physical degeneration and even death. This practice of taking drugs, not for the cure of disease but for their euphoric andstimulating effects, is one of importance as we of considerable interest on account of the numerous problems involved. The habit is so ancient and so widespread throughout the human race that it almost seems that man has an innate need for stimulo-sedatives of some kind. This is suggested by the fact that when European explorers first made contact with races who had been, as far as we completely out of touch with other laces for immeasurably long periods of time, most o them were found to be using regularly some form of narcotic or stimulant drug. For example the natives of the South American jungles were accustomed to use cocaine in a crude form, an

The Problem of Drug Addiction.

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