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Trevor Bagust—an appreciation Janet Bradbury, Richard Jones, Jagoda Ignjatovic & Amir Noormohammadi Accepted author version posted online: 12 Mar 2014.Published online: 01 Apr 2014.

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Avian Pathology, 2014 Vol. 43, No. 2, 107,

EDITORIAL Trevor Bagust—an appreciation

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From the Editor-in-Chief The sudden and unexpected death of Trevor Bagust has saddened the entire World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) community and we feel it appropriate for Avian Pathology, as the official journal of the WVPA, to pay tribute to Trevor as a good friend, a loyal supporter of the journal, a member of our Advisory Board and an untiring promoter of avian disease research and education. A full obituary will be published in the next issue of Avian Pathology. As soon as Trevor took the Chair of WVPA he offered his support and advice to the journal in a generous and helpful manner and he took a great deal of interest in its success. At the WVPA congresses, despite his arduous schedule, he always made time to attend the meetings of the Avian Pathology Advisory Board, where he brought his unceasing enthusiasm and extensive experience to our discussions. Of his many scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, Trevor published a large proportion in Avian Pathology. The journal has lost a great mentor and friend, and his contribution will not be forgotten. Janet Bradbury

From the Chair of the Houghton Trust From the start of his WVPA presidency, Trevor always sought closer ties with the Houghton Trust, which has been very much to the Trust’s benefit. The Trust provides travel grants to young scientists and promotes the Avian Pathology Lecture, which is an established feature at WVPA international congresses. Trevor, in his constant wish to promote up-and-coming poultry experts, took a great interest in these activities.

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In a similar spirit, Trevor’s leadership and intimate knowledge of South East Asia was instrumental in allowing the Trust to sponsor the Avian Pathology Asian Lecture at the newly-initiated WVPA Asia meeting. The first of these lectures was delivered in Bangkok in 2012 and, in keeping with Trevor’s aspirations, it is hoped that the lecture series will bring greater awareness in Asia of the activities of the WVPA and of Avian Pathology. The Houghton Trust wishes to acknowledge Trevor for his friendship and his significant contributions to our parallel goals of promoting the extension of knowledge in the field of avian disease research and education. Richard Jones

From Dr Jagoda Ignjatovic, close colleague of many years and Professor Amir Noormohammadi, Associate Editor and close colleague Trevor’s colleagues and friends from the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Melbourne University where Trevor worked over the last 16 years would like to express a deep sadness and a great sense of loss by his untimely death. Trevor’s contribution and the legacy to the academic, teaching and research in the Avian Diseases division of the university has been paramount and long lasting, and his cheery and supportive personality will be greatly missed by all. Jagoda Ignjatovic Amir Noormohammadi

Trevor Bagust--an appreciation.

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